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Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, has broken onto the supplement market in recent years, promising therapeutic benefits from calmed anxiety and better sleep, through to relief from pain and inflammation. But, can ShredCBD deliver the fat loss effects enthusiasts claim? This review will reference current research to find out.

ShredCBD is a new cannabidiol product that promises enhanced fat loss alongside additional therapeutic benefits. It’s website also claims it’s a premium CBD supplement for pure athletes – allowing them to train harder, recover faster, stay lean, and keep focused.

According to it’s creators, ShredCBD is also the product of choice for both amateur and professional athletes. They say their supplement allows athletes to:

  • Recover from workouts faster than ever: Smash PR’s, take home 1st, and tick off your goals.
  • Sleep better. Ensure you get a good night, every night.
  • Reduce inflammation and perform at your peak
  • Hammer down cortisol levels. Less stress, more focus. Leading to an enhanced athletic performance.
  • Stay lean and on target weight.

Shred CBD is said to do this by supplying users with three specific ingredients, The main player is CBD isolate, which is then backed by Green Tea and Garnica Cambogia, two natural fat loss aids.

All three ingredients will be inspected in more detail later. But first, we’ll look at the brand behind ShredCBD and their credentials.

The company

PFX Labs from the UK are the minds behind ShredCBD, yet, their product is produced in the US. It’s first created in Utah before being delivered to California for distribution.

The company itself is very young and does not currently have a deep catalogue to reference. Therefore, we cannot make a complete fair assessment on the reputation of PFX Labs as of yet.

What can be used is the fact that ShredCBD is created according to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), alongside it being made in Registered Facilities inside the US. This should somewhat add to the legitimacy and quality that PFX Labs operates to. Another key point is that GMP manufacturing significantly lowers the risk of cross contamination.

Ingredients and how they work

PFX Labs say their ShredCBD contains 100% natural ingredients inside its fast acting formula. They also claim that the capsules are free from stimulants, meaning it shouldn’t cause crashes or jitters like some other fat loss products.


A very important point to consider is that ShredCBD contains a minuscule amount of THC (under 0.1%). As a result, you won’t get any psychoactive effects from taking this product, such as the high often associated with cannabis. Because it is in fact THC that causes these mind altering effects – not CBD.

CBD Hemp Powder (Isolate) – 20 mg

Animal trials have shown that CBD manipulates weight by antagonizing the CB1 and CB2 receptors found in the brains lymphoid tissue. Experts say these two receptors play a role in monitoring food intake, while also influencing metabolism [2] [3]. It should be noted that the current evidence for CBD supporting fat loss is limited, although it is promising.

Another test tube study also revealed that CBD promoted fat browning – by encouraging white fat to turn into brown fat. This is important for overall health, as white fat is commonly associated with chronic illnesses, while brown fat is considered healthier [4].

Besides aiding fat loss, CBD also seems to possess many benefits for active and athletic people. According to recent research, cannabidiol can relieve chronic pain and reduce inflammation by interacting with cannabinoid receptors and influencing their activity [5]. This may aid exercise recovery, and blunting the uncomfortable effects of injuries.

CBD is shown shown to improve sleep and offer anxiety relief [6]. Firstly, better sleep may aid athletes in many things from hormonal balance to exercise performance and building muscle [7]. And secondly, reduced anxiety could help athletes perform better [8].

Poor sleep quality can also lead to obesity in adults according to this study [12]. Which links fatigue and tiredness to an increase in appetite and reduced mobility. As such, ShredCBD’s potential to improve sleep, could be an indirect factor to help you fight fat gain and reduce your appetite..

Weight Loss Blend (Green Tea 50% EGCG, Garnica Cambogia 65% HCA) – 50 mg

Both ingredients inside this blend are common additions to fat burners and are shown help weight loss in scientific studies [9] [10]. Among their many properties is the ability to help increase the metabolism and aid fat oxidation.

According to one of these studies, green tea may not only help users lose weight, but maintain their fat loss too [11]. However, the 50 mg blend may not have as much of a potent effect on weight loss as other, more aggressive fat burners. The blend appears to be more of a beneficial add-on to CBD’s other fat burning, weight loss properties.

ShredCBD Pros and Cons


  • High CBD content
  • Low THC content
  • Hemp origins
  • Could help curb appetite
  • Potential benefits for athletic performance
  • Should aid recovery
  • Manufactured to good practices
  • Free from proprietary blends
  • Made in the US
  • May help fat loss


  • Only available direct from manufacturer
  • Premium price
  • Not many human studies for CBD
  • Green Tea content could be higher

What people are saying about ShredCBD

The CBD industry as a whole is a new market, with ShredCBD being one of its most recent products. Therefore, there aren’t that many reviews for it online. There are however a number of testimonials found on their official website:

Shred CBD testimonials


Online reviewers who have managed to test ShredCBD are impressed too. This is what Testosterone Junkie and Evolution of Bodybuilding thinks about the weight-loss supplement:

“A great natural, legal and safe product that can help promote fat loss while providing lots of other proven health benefits. It is a bit expensive because it is CBD isolate which is the purest form.” –

“I’m sure thanks to ShredCBD, my body looks better, I feel stronger and I feel way more ready to rip the throat out of each day and smash it.” –

One thing to note is that all reviews mention the price of ShredCBD, which is £53/$67.00 a bottle (60 capsules).

As Testosterone Junkie points out, this may be because the CBD is in isolate form, and is manufactured in the US for high-quality standards.

Review conclusion

ShredCBD is one of the newer, more innovative CBD products. Not only does it offer a number of potential benefits for athletic performance and recovery, but fat loss too. It’s for this reason we recommend it to people from all walks of life who want to lose weight.

Given it’s GMP manufacturing process and Hemp derived CBD this product should be safe. The potential for side effects are minimal, and the servings should not be too powerful for the average person. Furthermore, all three has ingredients has substantial research behind them, which helps solidify it’s potential effectiveness.

ShredCBD could be a good option for people sensitive to stimulants found in many fat burners. It also offers a more all-round approach to the body, by not only helping improve fat oxidation, but also helping to manage hunger, stress and anxiety as well. These are all things people trying to burn body fat can face on a daily basis.

In closing, we should point out that ShredCBD isn’t the cheapest product. Yet, the research team at Supplement Tester see this as a reflection on quality. We suggest choosing this product over lower-quality alternatives if your budget allows it.


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