Fat Burning Foods That Speed Up Metabolism


Your metabolism – how your body uses what you consume into energy – is very important when aiming to lose fat. Simply put, the higher your metabolic rate, the more calories you burn, resulting in increased fat loss.

Some benefits of having a high metabolism include:

  • Increased weight loss – your body requires more energy to fuel itself, resulting in elevated fat loss.
  • Feel great – high metabolism helps your automatic nervous system function, meaning less stress and anxiety.
  • Energy boost – be more energetic due to the reduction of fatigue and tiredness.
  • Cleanse your body of waste and toxins – a higher metabolism encourages your body to detox by ridding itself of toxic substances.

We’ll take you through which foods help boost your metabolism, to experience these benefits for yourself.

Take a look:

Cayenne Pepper


About Cayenne Pepper

This is a quality choice of chili pepper to include in a fat burner – it contains capsaicin, a molecule responsible for spice levels and increasing your body temperature quickly (thermogenesis).

Thermogenesis is the process of converting energy into heat, meaning your body will burn more calories by regulating its body temperature, resulting in increased fat loss. Ultimately, this raises your metabolic rate.

The benefits:

By consuming Cayenne Pepper, you’ll experience benefits such as:

  • Increased fat loss – cayenne pepper positively affects the proteins that help break down fat.
  • Elevated body temperature – increases thermogenesis, meaning your body will convert more energy into heat, resulting in more calories burned.

Where You Can Find It

  • Indian Food – Cayenne peppers can be found in curries and other Indian dishes, helping to raise spice levels.
  • Supermarkets – You’ll find ground cayenne pepper or cayenne peppers in their full form in any supermarkets.
  • Fat Burners – It’s a great addition to quality fat burner supplements and will be contained in the most effective products.

Green Tea


About Green Tea

Green tea is one of the most popular choices when it comes to fat burning foods. This is because it contains a high amount catechins – water soluble polyphenols which are extracted from the leaves. These catechins benefit every organ in the body and promote a higher metabolism.

It’s been proven through countless studies to work, and can even lead you to burn up to 70 calories a day.

Why You’ll Like It

  • Increased fat loss – The catechins in Green Tea raise your metabolic rate, meaning you’ll burn more calories throughout your day and lose more fat.
  • Raises your body temperature – Green tea increases thermogenesis, meaning your body will use more calories to raise and regulate its temperature.
  • Benefits every organ in your body – This plant is cardioprotective, neuroprotective, anti-obesity, anti-diabetic, anti-atherogenic, liver protective and beneficial for blood vessel health.

Where You Can Find It

  • Asian Food – Green tea can be found in many asian dishes, such as green tea ice cream and other desserts.
  • Tea – This plant is most commonly consumed as a tea around the world.
  • Supplements – Green Tea is a great ingredient in a quality fat burner in doses of 400mg-500mg per serving.



About Glucomannan

This is a sugar that’s made from the root of the Konjac plant. It’s often used in foods as a thickening agent and to treat constipation, weight loss, diabetes and high cholesterol.

However, it benefits your weight loss goals by helping you feel full for longer – resulting in a reduced calorie intake and more fat lost.

Why You’ll Like It

  • Helps you feel full for longer – Glucammanon expands in your stomach, meaning you’ll experience less hunger cravings and reduce your calorie intake.
  • Promotes fat loss – This ingredient improves your blood sugar and lipid profile, encouraging fat loss.

Where You Can Find It

  • Japanese Food – Often found in the form of Shirataki noodles, Japan makes full use of Glucomannan in their dishes.
  • Supplements – This ingredient can help make the difference between an average fat burner and a top quality fat burner. It helps you feel full for longer, meaning you’ll snack less and lose more fat.

Green Coffee Bean


About Green Coffee Bean

A coffee bean is classed as “green” when it hasn’t been roasted and contains no caffeine. It’s been proven to provide numerous health benefits due to providing antioxidants and chlorogenic acid.

The chlorogenic is important as it cuts down the glucose levels in your liver, encouraging your body to burn body fat as an energy source. Ultimately, this results in increased fat loss and reduced hunger cravings.

Why You’ll Like It

  • You’ll snack less – The chlorogenic acid reduces your hunger cravings, meaning your calorie intake will decrease and result in increased fat loss.
  • Boosts body temperature – Green Coffee Bean is a thermogenic that boosts your metabolism by raising and regulating your body temperature. This process raises your metabolic rate, meaning you’ll burn more calories throughout your day, resulting in increased fat loss.
  • Promotes overall heart health – This ingredient has shown to improve your vascular function and blood pressure, boosting your overall heart health.

Where You Can Find It

  • Supplements – As Green Coffee Bean’s haven’t been roasted, they can’t be used to create coffee. However, this ingredient can be found in supplements and fat burners due to its ability to promote fat loss and increase your metabolism.

Black Pepper


About Black Pepper

Everyone knows what Black Pepper is, as it’s used daily around the world to season food in almost every culture. However, as well as improving the taste of food, this ingredient benefits your health as well.

Black Pepper is rich in numerous vitamins and minerals (Vitamin C & K, Magnesium, Potassium, and Iron), and also improves the absorption rate of the other ingredients that it’s consumed with.

This means that ingredients such as Cayenne Pepper and Green Tea will be absorpted better in your body, enhancing their fat burning benefits.

Why You’ll Like It

  • Enhances the benefits of other ingredients – Black Pepper improves the absorption rate of every ingredient it’s consumed with, meaning you’ll experience more benefits from such ingredients as Green Tea and Cayenne Pepper.

Where You Can Find It

  • Supermarkets – This is a popular place to find Black Pepper, as it’s used to season food around the world.
  • Supplements – Black Pepper can be found in top quality fat burners and other gym supplements, as it improves the overall effectiveness of them.

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