BPI Sports Blox Review


Most people who have been hard a work with an intense training program have heard of branched chain amino acids before but now there is a new form of amino acids hitting the market, silk amino acids, which is what Blox is all about.

This product is going to help take muscle protein synthesis one step above and allow for greater progression with your workout program. Since protein synthesis essentially limits the rate in which you are able to build lean muscle mass, the faster it moves along, the faster you will see results occurring.

While branched chain amino acids are beneficial since these are the specific amino acids the muscles use, silk amino acids are going to provide a sustained release formula that will help to increase muscle volume and increase blood flow throughout the workout session.

The more blood flow you have moving throughout the tissues, the better the nutrient delivery and the better your performance will be. Along with improved nutrient delivery, you’ll also get improved fatigue resistance as well, which will help you perform more work in each workout session you do.

In addition to assisting with resistance training, this product can also help to improve your endurance exercise performance as well by preventing the fatigue build-up due to slow delivery of oxygen to the muscle tissues.

Who This Product Is Best Suited For

This product is well suited to anyone doing intense workouts or athletic training and works great in those who may need a boost in their recovery capacity. It will also work great in those who are dieting intensely as the additional amino acids may decrease the risk of suffering from lean muscle mass loss.

As you get leaner and learner, there is a greater chance that you will burn up lean muscle as a fuel source during your workouts, so having the added amino acids there for assurance will help to safeguard against this.

The Ingredient Line-Up

This product is going to consists of an amino acid blend containing alanine, glycine, serine, valine, and threonine in a specially designed matrix for optimal release.

It also contains citric acid, silica, taurine, natural and artificial flavors, along with sucralose, and Acesulfame-K.

This product is also available in a number of different flavors including lemonade, watermelon, orange, blue raspberry, fruit punch, orange, and peach tea making it easy to find one that you will enjoy.

Directions For Use

To get the best results from this supplement, you should take one serving blended into one coup of cold water taken before or during the workout session. Some people will prefer to use it post-workout to speed recovery, but as long as it comes in around the workout period, you will see optimal results.

On days you aren’t training, you can take the product first thing on an empty stomach to speed recovery between sessions.

Pros and Cons


  • Helps to boost protein synthesis and speed muscular recovery.
  • Increases the level of strength gains experienced.
  • Can decrease the level of fatigue experienced during a workout session.
  • Available in a number of different flavors to make consumption easier.


  • Will still be required to consume a high amount of protein in your everyday diet to optimize recovery.
  • Is more pricey than some other products on the market.
  • Some people may experience slight stomach discomfort if taking in the higher dosage level.

BPI Sports Blox Review Conclusion

Overall, this product can be a good aide to your workout program as long as you are eating a proper diet as well. Some people will come to believe that provided they are taking in amino acids the protein in their diet isn’t as important but that isn’t the case at all.

You will still need to consume sufficient protein in addition to these to get the full spectrum of amino acids.

For those who are training intensely, this product will make a difference in your recovery ability so that you can hit the gym harder again sooner after your previous training session. With the flavor variety to choose from, it may hold a higher appeal to many seeking amino acid support compared with the capsule form of amino acids.

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