APE Dark Night Review

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From Athletic Edge comes APE Dark Night, the natural testosterone booster with a difference – it may also work as a fat burner.

I’m not so sure this is a good idea, as to achieve both goals a lot of ingredients are needed to have a decent effect. Splitting both these big jobs over just one supplement is a job that would be very hard to pull off.

I’m not holding out too much hope.

But what specifically does APE Dark Night claim to do?

According to Athletic Edge, APE Dark Night is capable of producing 3 main benefits:

  • Increased Natural Testosterone Production
  • Non-Stimulant powered fat loss
  • Supporting healthy sleep

In the company’s write up for the product, it also seems that they tend to focus on the fat burning benefits more than the T-Boosting side. Which made me think the product was going to be more in favor of weight loss than it was for increasing strength and muscle gains.

However, the only real answer here would be in the ingredients.

About the Company

Athletic Edge was first founded in 2005. They claim their products to be “cleaner, smarter and more advanced in every way”. To back up this claim, Athletic Edge offer a 30 day guarantee with every order and will refund your purchase if you are not happy with the product.

In terms of what they sell, Athletic Edge deal in a range of Testosterone Boosters, creatine, fat burners and pre-workouts, and seem to mainly appeal to a male market.

The Ingredients and how they work

The serving recommendations for Dark Night is to take 3 capsules just before bedtime. It is a one serving per day supplement.

In my experience, 1 serving per day can lead to very little results. Both with fat burners and testosterone boosters, there needs to be a constant supply of nutrients to the body to ensure that T-levels are constantly on the rise (or that thermogenesis is in full effect) failure with either will lead to a brief peak in levels and then a drop back down to their usual.

Forgiving that issue, can the product actually work as advertised?

Let’s have a look at the ingredient profile:

Main T-Boosting Ingredients:

Vitamin D3 – More of a vitamin than it is a hormone. D3 has been closely linked to testosterone production. We usually absorb D3 from the Sun – however, indoor lifestyles and overcast skies have diminished our intake. Many nutritionists believe supplementing D3 is necessary for good bone density, optimum testosterone and a healthy lifestyle.

Magnesium – This mineral helps promote free testosterone, however Dark Night only contains 90mg. Effective supplementation is only recorded around the 200-400mg area – it will be a struggle for Dark Night to make any significant changes.

Zinc – At 6mg the Zinc follows a similar problem. Usually responsible for helping with T-level production, however, considering the dosage, it would be hard to tell if this product will really be making that much of a difference.

Fenugreek – Fortunately Dark Night contains 500mg of Fenugreek – it isn’t much of a testosterone booster but it does have some libido promoting qualities.

Main Fat Burner Ingredients:

Green Tea – This is a great component for fat burning – although it is caffeinated, which could damage sleep. The catechins in the green tea helps promotes norepinephrine (the body’s fat burning hormone) which also provides you with a thermogenic boost.

Green Coffee Bean Extract – This on the other hand helps with the breakdown of glucose in the liver. With glucose levels reduced, the body looks elsewhere for energy which makes it next target fat cells.

Vitamin B6 – This is a solid metabolism booster. Vitamin B6 is known for it’s ability to turn the body’s glycogen into glucose which reduces craving more glucose from foods that are rich in carbs.

Sleep Aid Ingredients

Melatonin – This should help as a regulatory sleep aid. Effective doses have been seen from 0.5 – 5mg, however it is worth noting that some people require 3 – 5mg for melatonin to have any effect – the 2mg in Dark Night may not aid everyone.

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Side Effects

Having researched APE Dark Night, we have found no side effects reported.

Pros and Cons


  • Can help both boost Testosterone and burn fat
  • No proprietary blends or side effects
  • May help sleep


  • Some ingredients under-dosed
  • Not enough ingredients to help both causes
  • Only one serving per day

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APE Dark Night Review Conclusion

In conclusion, I have very mixed feelings about Dark Knight. Although you can argue that it handles both fat burning and testosterone boosting- you have to consider to what extent it accomplishes this.

It lacks too many key ingredients to function as a proper fat burner, and doesn’t discourage the user from snacking throughout the day, or motivate them with stimulants through a gym session.

On the T-Boosting side of things, needed ingredients like D3, Zinc and Magnesium are there, but there is a lot of under-dosing. It may not help full help to raise testosterone.

Add on the poor serving schedule and APE Dark Night doesn’t seem that promising at all.

In my opinion I would recommend you save your money.

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