D-Fine8 Zero Sugar Review


Taking a different approach than most fat burning supplements, D-Fine8 Zero from Muscleworks not only boasts a sugar-free workout, it also comes in shake form.

Could this be the future of fat burners?

Turning its back on the traditional pill form. This fat burner apparently gives a high-octane sugar-free workout without the worry. Losing weight has never tasted so sweet… or so they claim.

About the Company

When they’re not being a dyslexic’s nightmare, Musclewerks/Hans Drake Int’l Corporation are a supplement corporation that bring you “fitness workout products & supplements that deliver outstanding results and only use the finest ingredients available”.

With a mission statement like that, and a zero-sugar fat burner in their arsenal, Musclewerks appears to be doing everything right, however, the product doesn’t seem to be taking as they planned. In fact, the zero sugar range in particular has a plethora of mixed reviews, ranging from heavenly highs, to Luciferic lows.

To settle the squabble, I’ve decided to take a look at D-Fine8 Zero sugar for myself and give it an honest judgement.

Ingredients and how they work

Compared to some of the fat burners I’ve covered, what struck me here is that D-Fin8 Zero only requires a meager half-scoop twice a day. This is interesting considering known effective fat burners, typically require more dosages per day to maintain a constant, high metabolic rate.

Nevertheless, let’s examine the ingredients:


Niacin – Essentially Vitamin B3, can be used to better cholesterol levels and lower cardiovascular risks.

Vitamin B6 – Hugely beneficial to the body, B6 helps blood and the brain, from contributing to cell formation to hormone regulation.

Vitamin B12 – The metabolism vitamin, involved in the metabolic rate of cells, fatty acids and amino acids. Keeping the metabolism high, and your weight low.

Pathothenic Acid – Also known as Vitamin B5, Pathothenic Acid is thought to may have the properties to reduce lactic acid during exercise.

Proprietary Body Defining Blend – This is where it gets interesting. Not only is this ‘blend’ a worry as it doesn’t stipulate the dosage of each ingredient, the weight of the blend greatly outweighs every other ingredient on the fact-sheet. Needless to say, there’s a lot of factors going into this blend, so I’ve selected the most notable ingredients to discuss:

CLA Complex (Conjugated Lionleic Acid) – The CLA in D-Fine8 Zero claims to play a huge role in its fat burning properties. Increase in metabolism, muscle growth and immune system, while decreasing insulin resistance, cholesterol and food-related allergic reactions.

Green Tea Extract (leaf) – A key player in any fat loss project. Full of catechins that release more of the fat burning hormone norepinephrine. Green Tea is incredible, it takes top rank in Fat Burner Ingredients That Work.

Synephrine (from Bitter Orange Extract) – There has been controversy over Synephrine as it has been in the past, said to cause weight gain. In contrast to this, Synephrine has also been said to cause weight loss. The fact that opinion states it can do both, hints that it can do neither. It can however run someone a risk for high blood pressure when taken with caffeinated herbs (Like the Green tea above) and has been reported to trigger headaches in some users.

Guarana Extract – Another rich caffeine source, great for energy in your workouts, but potentially dangerous when mixed with Synephrine.

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D-Fine8 Zero Sugar Pros and Cons


  • Zero Sugar
  • Good source of Vitamin B
  • Uses Green Tea Extract, fantastic for thermogenic processes


  • Lower measurements and dosages than most fat burners
  • Mixing ingredients like Guarana and Green Tea with Synephrine could be dangerous
  • Powdered form is inconvenient, and difficult

Side Effects

As mentioned previously, D-Fine8 Zero’s ingredients can raise the potential for high blood pressure, and for some users D-Fine8 headaches. This is purely down to the Synephrine, which hasn’t been proven to yield any benefits to the human body.

Removing Synephrine from the product would greatly lessen the risks involved and give way to a much safer product.

D-Fine8 Zero Sugar Review Conclusion

D-Fine8’s mixed reception that we spoke of earlier, makes far more sense after weighing up the facts. The low doses that D-Fine8 gives per serving, and the fact that it’s a powder, may not agree with every user’s lifestyle. Combined with the literal headache of Synephrine, it’s understandable that it is polling poorly.

The main redeeming benefit from this supplement is the Green Tea Extract, and that only counts for a minor part of it, and this doesn’t set it apart from other fat burners. The best use of Green Tea I’ve seen in a supplement is in the Instant Knockout Review I did earlier in the year.

Overall, D-Fine8 Zero seems like a strong product on the face of it. That said, it has taken unnecessary risks, hopefully at some point Musclewerks will make an amendment to the recipe.

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