Eat The Bear NaturaLean Review


We’re used to seeing the big brands of the internet around, such as Cellucor and Optimum Nutrition. So we like when lesser known companies release supplements – let’s see whether it can compete with the big guns.

Claimed to promote:

  • Energy
  • Fat loss
  • Appetite control

We always find it interesting when companies advertise that their fat burners are able to offer ‘appetite control’; very rarely do we actually see any nutrients capable of this inside their products. However, we’re hopeful that NaturaLean have done a good job here.

Take a look:

About The Company

As we mentioned, Eat The Bear isn’t one of the giants of the industry. So it’s great to see this company’s products on big retail sites, where we found NaturaLean.

We like that they don’t add any proprietary blends in their supplements, so you can see the exact dosages of ingredients inside; we’re big fans of this, as too many companies hide ingredients in these blends and increase risk of side effects.

We didn’t find out what year this company was founded, but that doesn’t affect the quality of NaturaLean. So let’s see which ingredients have been added in the next section.

The Ingredients and How They Work

One of the best things about NaturaLean is that every ingredient’s dosages can be seen clearly; this is because this company refuses to use proprietary blends, which we’re very happy about.

However, one minor criticism we would make is that NaturaLean contains over 10 ingredients. We usually believe that supplements containing this number of nutrients are usually underdosed.

As a result, we’ll be checking to see whether the nutrients inside NaturaLean have been underdosed or have been clinically dosed. If we were to go through every ingredient, we’d both be here all day, so we’ve chosen the most significant ones in NaturaLean for you.

See for yourself:



L-Carnitine is an ingredient capable of reducing muscular fatigue while improving your focus; these benefits make it a great addition to pre workout supplements.

But it can be slightly useful in fat burners, as its ‘secondary’ function is promoting fat loss. While it’s not as effective as tried-and-tested nutrients such as green coffee bean extract, it can help here.

Caffeine Anhydrous 

Caffeine is a perfect feature in a fat burner, as it helps keep your energy levels high while you cut calories in order to lose fat.

However, you’ll know that consuming too much can lead to jittery side effects. To stay safe from this potential side effect, choose fat burners containing under 100mg caffeine per capsule.

The overall dosage of caffeine in NaturaLean is 250mg, which is split into 3 capsules. This means each capsule contains around 83mg which will keep you safe from jitters – good job by Eat The Bear here.

Green Tea Extract 

Everyone knows that green tea extract is great for your general health. Well, modern research has shown that green tea extract is able to boost your metabolism to help you burn fat faster.

But the same studies show that you need 500mg servings of green tea extract to obtain optimal benefits. Unfortunately, green tea extract only contains 250mg per serving.

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Yohimbe Bark Extract 

This is potentially the worst ingredient inside NaturaLean. Yohimbe bark extract has shown to cause numerous side effects, such as nausea and high blood pressure, which is why we would advise to avoid it.

There’s simply no point risking your health, when there are safe and effective ingredients like green tea extract available. We would have preferred Eat The Bear to have removed yohimbe bark extract and increased the dosage of green tea extract instead.


You might be wondering what this is, but theacrine is another stimulant that’s shown to raise your energy levels too.

We would usually recommend you to avoid supplements containing more than 1 source of stimulants. But as there’s only a small 25mg dosage in NaturaLean, you shouldn’t be at any risk of suffering jitters here.


You might laugh at this at first, but this is simply black pepper. But it’s actually quite beneficial, more so than simply making your food taste better anyway.

Basically, black pepper extract has shown to improve the absorption rate of supplements that it’s added to. As a result, its a useful extra to have alongside key fat burning ingredients like green tea extract.


This is an amino acid that’s able to encourage the production of noradrenaline and dopamine.

What does this do? Answer: leads to improved cognition and reduces stress, which makes it the perfect feature in a nootropic supplement.

An increase in focus isn’t really a necessary benefit of taking a fat burner, but there’s also nothing bad about having it either.


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Pros and Cons


  • Green tea extract helps you burn fat
  • Good dosage of caffeine per capsule
  • L-carnitine has effect on fat loss


  • Yohimbe bark extract can cause side effects
  • Missing key fat burning ingredients like green coffee bean extract
  • Not likely to have much effect on your appetite

Side Effects

The only issue with NaturaLean is the yohimbe bark extract; many people have reported this ingredient to cause side effects, which is why you should stay away from it.

But in all fairness, studies have shown that it has a positive effect on fat loss, so we can see why Eat The Bear has included this in here.

See the possible side effects here:

  • Nausea
  • High blood pressure
  • Rapid heart beat

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Review Conclusion

The majority of NaturaLean’s ingredients have been well-thought out and dosed optimally. We wish that green tea extract would have been dosed higher, but we’re glad to see that it’s been included.

You’ll know from the side effects section that yohimbe bark extract poses a risk, so we do wish that Eat The Bear would have removed this from NaturaLean’s nutrient profile.

But saying that, this is a good effort from a smaller company, and it’s actually better than a few of the big guns we’ve seen. It’s just not able to compete with the highest rated fat burners we’ve tried.

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