Final Cutz Weight Management Review


Final Cutz is a new fat burner from the folks at Infinite Labs – and it has one of the biggest ingredient profiles we’ve ever seen.

And that’s not necessarily a good thing.

With all the recent promotion this product is getting, you’ve been asking if it’s really worth the money.

This is the review that finds your answer.

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On the face of it, Final Cutz claims to:

  • Burn Fat
  • Increase Muscle Development
  • Boost Energy Levels
  • Burn Calories

But how effective this product is at achieving these factors is all down to the ingredients and servings in this product – you can find out more about that below.

First, who are Infinite Labs?

About the Company

Infinite Labs is a brand that is sold on both GNC and, owned by Iovate Health Sciences International – the same company that own MuscleTech.

They produce various supplements that cater to all sides of the lifting lifestyle, manufacturing post, pre and intra workout supplements.

They’ve been in the supplement industry a long time. But that doesn’t mean their products are the best. Here’s the low down on Final Cutz:

The Ingredients and how they work

Sadly the servings in Final Cutz aren’t the best out there. With only 2 servings a day of 3 capsules, Final Cutz can’t constantly supply your body with the nutrients it needs to burn fat round the clock.

And the ingredients are pretty intense – made up of three blends, here are the main highlights from each:

infinite-labs-final-cutz-supplement-factsOn the outskirts of Final Cutz, the collection of vitamins and minerals helps towards overall health and promotion of energy levels and metabolism.

Some being more effective than others with ingredients like Vitamin B12 and Zinc doing most of the work by increasing energy levels and spurring on multiple metabolic reactions in your body.

Now for the blends themselves, these are the important ingredients from the ‘LIPOSHRED SYNTHESIS’ blend:

Dandelion Root – Although it doesn’t have any fat burning benefits, dandelion root shows promise as a diuretic and may help with the cutting of water weight.

However, this could lead to problems of dehydration and headaches.

Caffeine – A classic fat burning ingredient and helps promote energy levels and metabolism when on a low cal cutting diet.

Cissus Quadrangularis – Another non-fat burning nutrient that may promote joint health, and prevent injuries when training hard.

Green Tea – A top nutrient. As a caffeinated herb, green tea helps promotes energy levels and metabolism – what’s more the catechins in the tea promote norepinephrine – norepinephrine. It’s a fantastic ingredient.

Synephrine – Known also as Citrus Aurantium, Synephrine can cause numerous side effects when taken with caffeine or any caffeinated herbs – which are unfortunately in this product. You can find the list of side effects associated with synephrine further down.

Grapefruit Extract – Thought to have some fat burning benefits but the results are little to none. There are some improvements when supplemented with caffeine but there’s not a lot of evidence in support of this claim.

Yohimbe – There’s a small and safe amount in Final Cutz – this nutrient can help with appetite suppression.

Now for the ‘METABOLIC SYNTHESIS’ blend:

Creatinol-O-Phosphate – Strangely this nutrient has nothing to do with fat burning and has been used in the past to treat heart disease. What’s more, there’s not a lot of evidence for this nutrient absorbing after oral supplementation.

Coenzyme Q10 – Although it has a critical role for energy production in the body, Q10 has little to no evidence of it working successfully when supplemented. It has been argued that those that do experience something of a placebo effect. Regardless, more research needs to be done into this nutrient.

Banaba Leaf – May help glucose control and regulate blood sugar. This is down to the corosolic acid in the leaf – however, only 1% of this nutrient contains it. Whether it’ll make an impact here is unreliable.

Overall this is a fat burner that has a few good, but mainly bad and ineffective ingredients – some could benefit your cut, and some that could lead to some inconvenient side effects. This is mainly down to the dandelion root and the synephrine – more about that later.

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Side Effects

With the amount of ingredients in this product, there’s a higher chance of some of them not agreeing with you – and the biggest culprits for this are Dandelion Root and Synephrine.

The main issue you’ll run into with dandelion root is if you don’t drink enough water – as it’s a diuretic you’ll lose water weight pretty quickly and that could run you into problems such as dizziness and headaches.

It’ll help you lose weight, but technically you won’t burn any fat.

Synephrine is also an issue, known as Bitter Orange Extract or Citrus Aurantium, this nutrient can cause terrible side effects when mixed with caffeinated herbs (like Green Tea) or caffeine – Both of which are in this product.

The side effects of synephrine include headaches, nausea, increased blood pressure and increased chance of heart attacks and strokes.

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Pros and Cons


  • Contains caffeine and green tea
  • Has other mild benefits in addition to fat burning


  • Higher risk of side effects
  • Ineffective/Unreliable ingredients

Final Cutz Weight Management Review Conclusion

In conclusion, Final Cutz has a lot of ingredients, and with it, a lot of risk.

The first problem with this product is the fact that it only contains 2 daily servings – this stops the supplement from delivering constant thermogenic effect as your body isn’t getting enough regular top-ups from the product.

On top of that the only real fat burning ingredients here are the Green Tea and Caffeine, which you can find in most competing products.

There’s also the problems of side effects, the synephrine and the dandelion root may cause problems – and also not contribute any real fat loss benefits.

All in all I strongly suggest you think twice before ordering this product, and be sure to check out the other supplements we have available over on our Top Fat Burners Page.

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