Instant Knockout Cut Review


Considering the number of glowing reviews online, there’s no surprise Instant Knockout Cut is one of best-selling fat burners on the market.

Are you looking to get ripped over the next few months? Because if the claims on the Instant Knockout Cut website are right, this product could be for you. Here’s what it promises:

  • Shredded abs – cut fat around your torso
  • A sculpted frame – maintain your muscle mass while losing body fat
  • Better workouts – stay motivated to train on a cut

The  manufacturer also claims this fat burner’s ingredients enable:

  • Faster fat burning – shed pounds quicker
  • Increased energy – train harder for longer
  • Reduced appetite – crave less food between meals

Sounds great! But does it stand up to scrutiny? I look at everything from the ingredients, to the company background and customer service to help you make the right buying choice…

The company

Roar Ambition is a specialist UK-based sports supplements company which also produces Hourglass Fit and Hunter Evolve.

It claims to stay at the “forefront of nutritional research” and “develop products for fitness enthusiasts, gym warriors, amateur and professional athletes that require the most effective and well researched formulas.”

The company says it produces supplements in GMP-certified and FDA-approved facilities to ensure a higher-quality product. It also ships from the USA and the UK for fast delivery wherever you are in the world.


Direct selling “ensures better quality”

At first, I was a little perturbed to find we could only buy Instant Knockout direct from Roar Ambition – I’m a bit of a bargain hunter. But a member of the customer service team tells me selling direct allows the company to regularly update its products.

This ensures that whenever you buy Instant Knockout, you get the best and most-up-to-date formula on the market.

Used by MMA fighters

Top UFC fighters Diego Sanchez and John Dodson currently use this fat burner to help them cut fat before a fight – without losing muscle or strength.


You can read more about Sanchez and others who endorse this product at:

Ingredients and how they work

Its clear from the Instant Knockout label that it contains some of the best ingredients in any fat burner. For example, glucomannan is a proven appetite suppressant – and it’s the only one approved by the FDA [1].

Instant Knockout also contains 300mg of caffeine – which is great for boosting energy on a low-calorie diet. Split into four doses throughout the day, it’s likely to give you a good energy boost without causing jittery feelings.

You can also clearly see how much you are getting because Instant Knockout doesn’t use proprietary blends.

Take a look:



Green tea Extract

A popular ingredient in a lot of fat burners – and for good reason.

When you start cutting calories, your metabolism can slow down to a crawl and make it harder to burn fat. But Green Tea speeds up your metabolism to keep your diet on track.

Green Tea is rich in catechins. These natural phenols induce lipid oxidation and block the fatty acid synthase enzyme to speed up the fat-burning process [2].

Cayenne powder

A powerful weapon in the fat-burning arsenal. This red hot chili pepper is rich in capsaicin [3] – a compound which adds the spicy flavor and fat-burning fire.

As a thermogenic, it heats up your body and forces it to burn more calories to cool down.

Some studies have also shown that it can suppress appetite [4].


The number-one reason most diets fail: Hunger.

And this is why we love glucomannan.

Found in the root of the konjac plant, this fiber swells in the stomach to help you feel fuller and crush food cravings [5].

As we mentioned earlier, glucomannan is the only appetite suppressant approved by the FDA. We used glucomannan before trying Instant Knockout and got great results – so we’re pleased to see it again here.

Caffeine anhydrous

Caffeine is a popular stimulant – in fact 90% of Americans use it in some form every day.

When you cut down calories, this can sap your energy and make you feel weak, irritable and tired. This in turn can kill your motivation to cut fat or lose weight.

But caffeine replaces the energy you lose to help you power through your day [6].

Caffeine also has thermogenic properties – meaning it helps boost your metabolism for faster fat burning [7].

Vitamin B6

An essential nutrient, vitamin B6 – or pyridoxine – helps speed up the body’s metabolism, while it also increases the pancreatic fluids to break down fats in food [8]. Research shows B6 even helps you control your appetite [9].

Vitamin B12

B12 fuels your metabolism by breaking down fats and proteins in food to use as energy [10].

Discover more about Instant Knockout Cut’s ingredients at:


An essential mineral, zinc helps the body process carbs, fats and proteins as fuel to sustain energy levels [11]. It also helps improve mood [12].

GTF chromium

By helping to control blood sugar levels, chromium is shown to reduce carb cravings and help keep your diet on track [13].

Green coffee extract

This ingredient comes from unroasted coffee beans, which are rich in chlorogenic acid.

This bioactive compound inhibits the enzyme glucose-6-phosphatase to lower blood sugar and reduce food cravings, which in turn aids fat loss [14].

Black pepper extract

Also known as piperine, black pepper extract helps your body absorb other key nutrients faster [15].


To find out more about what goes into Instant Knockout, go to

What’s missing?

Honestly? Nothing. Instant Knockout contains nine of the best fat-burning ingredients we’ve ever seen. It might change in the future, but right now this is our number-one fat burner.

Side effects

Instant Knockout contains natural, safe ingredients – so you’re unlikely to experience side effects – although too much caffeine can have an impact. Around 300-400mg of caffeine a day is considered safe, so it’s good to see Instant Knockout within that range.

As a result, I don’t recommend taking it with other products that contain caffeine or stimulants, or taking your last capsule no later than five hours before bed.

Pros and cons


  • Suppresses hunger – glucomannan is the only appetite suppressant approved by the FDA.
  • Helps you get cut quickly – we started noticing the pounds dropping off after just a few weeks.
  • Boosts energy without energy crashes – 300mg caffeine is split into four daily doses to help you stay strong and alert all day.
  • Made to strict standards – Instant Knockout is manufactured in cGMP and FDA-approved facilities in the UK and USA.
  • Ships worldwide – you get next-day delivery on all orders before 2pm EST or 2pm GMT.


  • Premium price – At $59, Instant Knockout costs more than some other fat burners.
  • Includes caffeine – Not suitable for everyone
  • Only available from the official website:

What it’s done for other guys

While researching Instant Knockout, you find more than a few success stories.

Guys in forums, YouTube and various websites all have promising things to say about Instant Knockout. And we can see why – just look at the transformations on some of these guys:


And this guy Kevin looks like a totally different person:


There’s loads more of these too – you can see them all on the supplement’s testimonial page:

Review conclusion

Instant Knockout Cut packs a punch. It has a superb ingredients and the right doses to not only burn fat, but to suppress hunger at the same time.

Though it does mean you shouldn’t really take any of the capsules just before bed if you want a good night’s sleep.

If you look around then you will find plenty of positive reviews from users, which is an encouraging sign and it is used by Pro MMA fighters and recommend by the number one MMA coach in the world, Greg Jackson.

I highly recommend Instant Knockout Cut as our top fat burner. It will help you to get the results you are looking for, faster.

Buy Instant Knockout Cut here

My personal results

What did I buy?

Instant Knockout 3 Month Supply – includes 3 Boxes of Instant Knockout + 1 Free Box 

Energy 5/5

The first thing you’re going to feel when you take Instant Knockout is the caffeine – it’s just enough to get you energized without giving you jitters or an ‘energy crash’. I liked it a lot.

It offers similar effects to a pre-workout, except it helps you burn fat in the process – it’s incredibly useful if you’re looking for extra energy while you’re cutting and taking in fewer calories.

Fat loss 5/5

The next thing you’re going to feel is the ‘whole body burn’ – this supp is a potent thermogenic, and is great for making the burning away the fat.

The best way to describe it is that you feel warmer than usual, for me it felt like the fat was melting off. If you do a lot of cardio you’ll notice that you sweat more. This is down to the green tea, green coffee bean and cayenne pepper all working together.

It’s incredibly effective.

Appetite suppression 5/5

When cutting, I always find the hunger to be the worst part. But when using Instant Knockout, I didn’t notice hunger as much.

The fibrous complex in this fat burner really fills you up if taken between meals and helps you stay on track with your diet.

My results 5/5

Using Instant Knockout Cut I went from 16–17% body fat to just under 9%. I maintained a similar weight and was the most sculpted I’ve been in a long time.

My adonis belt pops out of my hips and I’m a lot more vascular than when I started Instant Knockout Cut.

If you’re looking to shred down and maintain the most amount of muscle, I strongly suggest you consider this fat burner.

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41 thoughts on “Instant Knockout Cut Review”

  1. Hello. Is it safe to take Instant Knock Out and drink coffee. I drink black coffee on daily regular basis. Many thanks in advance

      • Hi Percival, yes Instant Knockout should be safe to take with high blood pressure. However, we advise consulting your doctor before taking any supplement.

    • Hi Rana, thanks for getting in touch!
      Try it without coffee to assess your tolerance first, see how you feel, and take it from there. I saw great results from using it, so looking forward to seeing it work for you!


    • Hi Preston, thanks for reaching out and getting in touch!

      From our experience, Instant Knockout didn’t cause us to sweat without exercising, so you don’t have to worry about that.

      It won’t cause jitters or shaking, as it only contains 75mg Caffeine per capsule – that’s no more than cup of green tea.

      I hope this answers your question. Let us know if you need any further enquiries!


    • Hi Tami,

      Thanks for reaching out to us!

      Instant Knockout is designed to be used by both male and female – so it is indeed safe for women too!

      I hope this answers your question!


  2. I know most supplements cause a rise in blood pressure. So with my high blood pressure would this be a good choice? Or is there another option for me ?

    • Hi Matt,

      The fat burners containing Yohimbe and Synephrine are the ones that put you in danger of high blood pressure. Instant Knockout doesn’t contain any potentially harmful ingredients, so you won’t suffer from raised blood pressure.

      I hope this answers your question!

  3. I have a semi active life style meaning I don’t go to the gym everyday but I do do a lot of moving. Would this product be useful for me?

    • Hi Trenton,

      Instant Knockout would benefit you, as it’ll raise your metabolism so you’re always burning as much fat as possible.

      However, it would be very beneficial to follow a clean diet and workout as much as you can in the gym – while taking this fat burner, to see the best results.

      I hope this answers your question!


  4. Would you recommend this product as a great combination with a healthy diet and exercise purely to loose excessive weight rather than “cutting”?

    • Hi Kyle,

      Yes, we would indeed. We were happy with the results from this fat burner, and believe it will help you lose unwanted and stubborn body fat alongisde a clean diet and exercise routine.


    • Hi Eddy,

      Instant Knockout contains a sensible dosage of caffeine, so you shouldn’t suffer from anxiety or panic attacks. None of the ingredients in this fat burner can cause the side effects mentioned, so you’ll be safe.

  5. How well would it work for a middle aged man with shoulder and knee problems that hinder working out in a gym? What would you recommend for that?

    • Hi Thomas,

      You don’t have to work out in the gym to lose weight. You can follow a clean diet and stay as active as possible, and this fat burner will still raise your metabolism to help you out.

    • Hi Jude, we recommend checking with a medical professional as we can’t offer general advice about this.

      However, Instant Knockout doesn’t contain any nutrients that should raise your blood pressure or cholesterol. But again, please ask your doctor.

  6. is this product safe to use with a pre workout drink and nitric oxide amplifier? i lift 4 days a week and just want to loose a little on lower belly.

    • Hi Ray,

      You can indeed use Instant Knockout with a pre workout and nitric oxide amplifier (many pre workout supplements offer enhanced nitric oxide levels as one of their benefits).

      But if you’re taking both supplements, we recommend lowering your coffee or tea intake throughout the day.

    • Hi Candice,

      We are quite sensitive to caffeine too, and we didn’t have any trouble with Instant Knockout 🙂 It contains 75mg caffeine per capsule, which is almost half of what other fat burners contain.

      But as with any caffeinated product, we wouldn’t recommend taking it late in the evening.

  7. Let’s say you sue it for months and lose the weight you need. Does your body become dependent on it? Meaning does your metabolism just tank when you stop taking it?

    • Hi Josh, your metabolism shouldn’t tank when you come off any fat burner. It might not be as high as when you were taking the fat burner though.

      Your body shouldn’t become dependant on Instant Knockout. But of course we can’t offer any medical advice if that’s what you’re after.

  8. A very good day ,

    I would like to order products , can you please send me the details on how and where to order.


    Rating: 5
  9. Hi,

    Would Instant Knockout give me both fat burning capability and pre workout energy?

    Would it make sense to take Instant Knockout with 4Gauge for pre workout boost or would it be an overkill?


    • Hi Ramon,

      Instant Knockout contains Caffeine so it would give you energy AND help you burn fat. But for the best results, we do recommend stacking 4 Gauge and Instant Knockout together. We’ve tried doing this and it works great.

  10. If I’m 17 and 1/2 can I still take this? Would that be close enough…i just want to look a little more lean, especially around the abdominal area. I’m a football player and I play outside linebacker. I’m 5 foot 8 and weigh 191.

    • Hi Isaiah. The Instant Knockout website doesn’t recommend taking it if you’re under 18. We’d advise look for other ways to lose weight until you turn 18.


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