Beverly International Lean Out Fat Burner Review


The marketing blurb for Beverly International’s Lean Out calls it a “unique formula” that’s a “must-have if you’re on a fat-loss or cutting diet.”

Claims to promote:

  • Fat loss
  • Wellness
  • A “healthy weight-loss plan”
  • Safe and jitter-free cutting routines
  • The “retention of muscle tissue while dieting”

This product has some good reviews online, so we’re interested to see whether it’s a hit or yet another miss. Here’s our Lean Out review…

About The Company

On its website, Beverly International claims to “set the standards for quality and performance in the industry.”

In addition to what it calls its “world-class supplements”, the company says it provides “training”, “education” and a “personal support system” that are “unmatched in this industry.”

While the company claims to have been around since 1967, it is not as well-known as many newer brands out there.

The Ingredients and How They Work

Beverly International speaks our language when it says it “uses only premium ingredients” and that it “doesn’t follow trends.”

But right away, we notice at least a few ingredients we’d prefer not to see in a fat burner.

See for yourself:

Lean Out fat burner ingredients


Inositol (also known as Myo-Inositol) is found at high levels in citrus fruit and whole grains.

Lean Out’s marketing claims this stereoisomer boosts metabolism.

And some research suggests Inositol may help women with Obese Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) lose weight.

However, there is no proof of its ability to help men and otherwise healthy women lose weight or cut fat.

Choline Bitartrate

Man with bad breath repels woman

Choline is found in high amounts in eggs (particularly the yolk), as well as liver, rice and pasta.

There is some evidence this molecule can help reduce the buildup of fat in the liver. However, more proof is needed to justify its use in a fat burner.

Besides, we always advise avoiding Choline because it can cause your breath and body odor to smell like rotten fish.


DL-Methionine is an amino acid commonly found in dog and cat food.

Many marketers in the nutrition industry also claim Methionine is useful for treating a range of liver disorders. Sure enough, Beverly International includes it in Lean Out for its supposed ability to “mobilize fat from the liver.”

Here’s why we’re surprised to see DL-Methionine in a fat burner…

There is not enough proof of its efficacy for most of its long list of supposed uses. At best, Methionine may prevent liver damage caused by Tylenol poisoning.

But does it work as a fat burner?

Beverly International appears to be the only company claiming this amino acid aids fat loss – but the science doesn’t back this up.

As a result, such claims are starting to cast doubt on the company’s claim that it only uses ingredients “proven to be the most effective.”

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We usually love L-Carnitine. Found in avocados, beef, fish, chicken and cheese, it has the power to reduce fatigue and muscle soreness, and to increase focus.

But this is another ingredient we’re shocked to find in a fat burner.


Because while this amino shows some promise as a fat burner in elderly people, there is not enough evidence that it helps younger and otherwise healthy people to shed the spare tire.

So while we’re always pleased to see L-Carnitine in a pre-workout, it’s probably wasted in this fat loss supp.

Betaine HCI

Man with body odor

Along with Choline, Betaine is the second ingredient in Lean Out on our list of ingredients to avoid.

This is because in supp form, Betaine can cause fishy breath and body odor. It really baffles us why anyone would want to include two ingredients known to cause such unpleasant side effects in so many users.

But unlike Choline, Betaine has no significant effects on fat mass or weight – as a result, it has no place in a fat burner.

Coenzyme Q10

Also known as Vitamin Q10 and Ubiquinone, Coenzyme Q10 plays a vital role in your body’s ability to produce energy.

The belief the compound helps people lose weight comes from correlations between fat mass and Q10; as Q10 levels go up in the body, fat mass goes down.

However, more research is needed to provide concrete proof that Q10 supplementation can aid weight loss or fat loss.

For this reason, we recommend looking for proven alternatives.


Lean Out bottle

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Side Effects

The best thing we can say about Lean Out is that it’s safe to use. However, Betaine and Choline may cause fishy breath and body odor.

Pros and Cons


  • Less expensive than some fat burners
  • Doesn’t contain any dangerous ingredients
  • Inositol may help women with PCOS lose weight


  • Betaine and Choline may make your breath and body odor smell like rotten fish
  • No evidence DL-Methionine affects weight or fat loss
  • Betaine has no notable impact on fat mass or weight
  • More research needed to prove Coenzyme Q10 can help lose weight
  • L-Carnitine would be more use in a pre-workout
  • No proof Inositol helps men or otherwise healthy women shed fat
  • Not available in the UK

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Review Conclusion

As we often say, too many products use ingredients that MIGHT work, rather than those which DO work.

And Beverly International’s Lean Out is no exception.

While we love L-Carnitine in our favorite pre-workouts, it may be wasted in a fat burner because there just isn’t enough evidence it works for this purpose in otherwise healthy people.

Likewise, Coenzyme Q10 needs more research to justify its use in a fat-loss supp.

But it gets worse…

There’s zero evidence to show DL-Methionine can help people lose weight, while Betaine is proven to have NO significant effects on weight loss.

Want to smell like rotten fish? 

While studies suggest Choline reduces fatty liver buildup, it can – along with Betaine – make your breath and body odor smell like rotten fish.

So even if Choline did help you shed fat, what difference would this make when you run the risk of smelling so bad no-one wants to go near you? These possible side effects surely outweigh any benefits you might experience.

So while Beverly International says it uses only the best ingredients, this claim doesn’t stand up to scrutiny.

With all of this in mind, we recommend you pass on Lean Out and choose a fat burner with only the highest-quality, proven ingredients.

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