Performix ISO SYM Review


Performix have become known for their high-priced supplements, but the question is always – are they worth it? That’s exactly what we’ll find out in this review.

ISO SYM is claimed to promote:

  • Fat loss
  • Metabolism
  • ‘All day recovery’

What seems strange, is that this product is mainly advertised as a fat burner supplement, even though it only contains 1 ingredient aimed at delivering this benefit.

You’ll find out more about this issue further down, after we take a more detailed look at Performix Nutrition.

About The Company

We found Performix’ website quite easily, but after clicking through to their website, we realized that there was no ‘about us’ section; we don’t understand why a company wouldn’t want to tell their potential customers more about themselves to gain your trust etc.

Anyway, we did find that there was a section titled ‘team’, with pictures of athletes they sponsor. And in all fairness, they had quite an impressive list in this regard, with names such as Yanyah Milutinovich and Alex Silver-Fagen.

However, the main things that determine how effective this fat burner will be, are the ingredients inside. So let’s take a look at what’s under the hood.

The Ingredients and How They Work

In total, ISO SYM only contains 3 ingredients; BCAAs, safflower oil powder and l-carnitine. So straight away, alarm bells are ringing about whether this fat burner is even worth the $49.99 asking price.

But that’s not all. We noticed that Performix didn’t add any key thermogenic nutrients when formulating ISO SYM; this means that it’s not going to be as effective as other fat burners containing ingredients like cayenne pepper extract.

But a positive is that l-carnitine has shown to slightly promote fat loss…You’ll find out about each ingredient in our summaries below.

See for yourself:



BCAAs are made up from three ‘branched chain amino acids’ – l-leucine, l-isoleucine and l-valine.

So what do they do? Answer: they’re believed to promote muscle growth, which is why these branched chain amino acids are found in high amounts in protein powders.

There’s a good dosage of BCAAs in ISO SYM, but there’s not really any need for them to be in a fat burner supplement; they’re more useful when consumed separately during your workout, or even immediately afterwards.

Basically, we would have preferred a fat burning ingredient here instead, such as cayenne pepper extract.

Safflower Oil Powder 

This is a cooking oil that you can fry food in, and it’s a high source of CLA (conjugated linoleic acid).

So why has it been added into ISO SYM? Answer: CLA has shown to potentially help preserve muscle mass while you cut body fat, making it a useful addition to a fat burner supplement.

However, it’s not a ‘key’ addition, as it doesn’t directly help you burn fat. As a result, we would also happily replace this ingredient with a thermogenic ingredient like cayenne pepper extract.


This is probably the best ingredient in ISO SYM, but its main benefit isn’t even promoting fat loss…which should help you understand the extent of the problem with Performix’ fat burner here.

Simply put, l-carnitine has shown to reduce damage to your muscles, as well as fatigue during and after your workout. Now, this is beneficial, as it keeps you fresh for your next session, allowing you to perform better.

As a result, we think that l-carnitine is much more useful in pre-workout supplements, where it can be a key addition.

But remember that ISO SYM is a fat burner supplement.

Now, being as fair as we can be, we’ll point out that l-carnitine has shown to have a positive effect on fat loss in studies. However, this effect was very minimal and can’t be considered as one of l-carnitine’s ‘main’ benefits.

So while l-carnitine is the most useful ingredient in ISO SYM, it’s certainly not the best fat burning ingredient you can find in supplements.


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Serving Size

The serving sizes of a supplement is usually something that you might not have considered when choosing a product. However, it’s important to know that it can make a huge difference, especially in fat burners and testosterone boosters.

Why? Answer: have you ever wondered why you’re told to take antibiotics or other medication at certain times? It’s to keep your body fuelled with optimal levels of medication, so it actually works.

Now, imagine if you only took 1 dosage of medicine per day; you would experience the benefit for a few hours, but then be left still unwell the next day.

Well, you’d have the same issue with fat burners. If you only took 1 serving of a fat burner, the ingredients would only stay in your system for 3-4 hours maximum, and for the rest of the day, you wouldn’t be benefited.

The bad news is that ISO SYM only offers 1 serving per day, so it’s not likely to be very effective in general.

What’s the best serving size for fat burners? Answer: 3-4 capsules per day.

Pros and Cons


  • L-carnitine reduces damage and fatigue to muscles
  • Safflower contains CLA, which might help you maintain muscle mass during cut
  • BCAAs can promote muscle growth (but to lose fat, you’d be a calorific deficit, so this doesn’t really matter)


  • L-carnitine’s main benefit isn’t promoting fat loss
  • Doesn’t contain any thermogenic ingredient (eg. cayenne pepper extract)
  • Doesn’t look very likely to help you lose fat

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Side Effects

The good news for Performix, is that the ingredients in ISO SYM aren’t likely to cause any side effects. This means that, while it might not be very effective at helping you lose fat, it’s not going to make you feel terrible either.

So this is indeed a silver lining here.

Review Conclusion

Ultimately, you have to consider the price of this supplement – $49.99, when it’s a product only containing 3 ingredients.

Not only that, the 3 ingredients that have been chosen for this supplement aren’t even the best available when it comes to fat loss.

As a result, ISO SYM doesn’t seem likely to help you shred and get those dream abs. So if you’re looking for realize your fitness goals by losing weight, then you’d be better-off looking elsewhere for a better fat burner supplement.

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