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If you are looking to get in shape. you are probably well aware of the many benefits offered by fat burners.

And with so many supplement companies vying for your business, it can be difficult to choose which fat burner to opt for. However Pharma Freak’s Ripped Freak is one that certainly catches the eye.

With a bold design, a catchy name – well the aim of the game is to get ripped after all – and a claim that one capsule is all you will need, it is difficult to miss it.

But delve a little deeper and you will find there is more to Ripped Freak than just marketing gimmicks, with some impressive ingredients and a collection of encouraging reviews.

The benefits of Ripped Freak include…

  • Supports healthy fat loss
  • Increases thermogenesis
  • Helps maximise intensity and strength

The company

Pharma Freak was founded by Alex Savva and Don Gauvreau in 2008 and is now one of the leading sports supplements companies.

Pharma Freak claims it “is dedicated to researching, developing and creating the world’s strongest supplements made with novel, clinically-proven ingredients and the highest level GMP quality control standards”.

They produce a number different supplements – from pre-workout to testosterone boosters – which can be bought in selected stores or online.

Ingredients and how they work

Unfortunately Ripped Freak is made up of proprietary blends, however it still contains a number of the leading fat-burning ingredients.

Proprietary Ripped Freak Complex (Caffeine, Green Tea Leaf Extract, Olive Leaf Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract) – Caffeine boosts energy and stimulates the body’s metabolism, while green tea increases the levels of the fat-burning hormone norepinephrine. Olive Leaf extract also enhances the body’s metabolism, while the chlorogenic acid that is found in green coffee bean helps cut down on the formation of glucose in your liver.

CH-19 Sweet Red Pepper Extract – Capsicum works in two ways. It gives the body a natural thermogenic boost, while it forces the body to burn calories in order to cool down. It has also been shown to help suppress appetite.

Raspberry Ketone Complex (Raspberry Ketone, Gallic Acid) – There is much debate into the effectiveness of raspberry ketone as a standalone fat burner, although there have been some positive results when included alongside other ingredients. Gallic acid assists the catechins in the green tea.

For the best ingredients to look out for in fat burners, read our in-depth guide.

Ripped Freak pros and cons


  • Some of our favourite fat burner ingredients – Green tea, caffeine and capsicum
  • Great reviews
  • One capsule is all you need
  • Can be used as a pre-workout


  • Not fans of raspberry ketone
  • Need to cycle (either eight weeks on, two weeks off or 12 weeks on four weeks off)
  • Proprietary blends

Ripped Freak side effects

As with other companies, Ripped Freak recommends consulting with “a physician before starting any exercises, nutrition and supplementation program” or if you have a “medical condition, if you require surgery, or if you are taking prescription or over-the-counter medication”. Given Ripped Freak contains caffeine – which can cause side effects (such as nervousness, irritability, etc) in large doses – it is best not to take alongside other stimulants or caffeine-based products.

Ripped Freak review conclusions

Ripped Freak has received some really good reviews and we can see why.

There are fat-burning gems in the ingredients list that have evidence to back up their inclusion (although the proprietary blend is annoying), while you only need one capsule a day.

You can, however, take two if you want to get really ripped. The evidence behind raspberry ketone is not great, though.

Overall, Ripped Freak has gained a loyal following which proves that it works well.

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10 thoughts on “Ripped Freak Review”

    • Hi Josiah,

      Your dizziness can be from a number of things. Caffeine is part of a proprietary blend in Ripped Freak, so there could be an overdose of this stimulant inside, which is causing you side effects.

      This is a great example of why we don’t recommend supplements containing proprietary blends. Check our top 3 fat burners that don’t contain proprietary blends here:

    • Hi Kagal,

      If you’re experiencing negative side effects from this product, then we would recommend stopping to take it.

  1. Good day

    How long before you will loose weight?

    I have been using it almost 3 weeks and havent really lost much


  2. Today is the first day, I took Ripped Freak and I had only had water no other caffeine supplements or coffee/teas. I am feeling nauseous, is this a a side effect of a sensitive stomach?

    • Hi Trishal,

      That’s possible, but it’s hard to say as we’re not doctors. If you carry on feeling nauseous, maybe you should stop taking it.

  3. Hi there, I find it interesting that you recommend ripped freak hybrid fat burner as one of your top 3. If you did a little research online you’d see a great deal of people having troubles with mood swings, depression, anxiety and nausea. These side effects all point to more than just caffeine stimulation. I have also been effected by these side effects.

    Rating: 1

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