Slim Angel Review


Slim Angel is Gym Angel’s product that’s marketed at women who want a ‘female friendly’ far burner. But does it compete against the unisex supplements?

Claimed to promote:

  • Energy
  • Digestion and less bloating
  • Appetite suppression
  • Fat Loss


We’ve analyzed the company and the product, to help you make your own mind about this product. Take a look:

About the Company

Gym Angel is a supplement company that markets their products for women, from pre-workouts to multivitamins. The question is, do their products, including Slim Angel, pack the same punch as unisex products? We’ve answered that for you below.

The Ingredients and How They Work

When looking at Slim Angel’s list of ingredients, you’re hit with proprietary blends – this isn’t a good sign, but why?

Proprietary blends are a mixture of numerous nutrients hidden under one big doseage, so you’ll never know the exact quantity of each ingredient inside. These blends are usually used to cut costs, as companies can fill the majority of the mixtures with cheap, ineffective nutrients, limiting the useful ones.

The negatives don’t stop there – you might be sensitive to certain ingredient over a specific volume (everyone has a limit on how much caffeine they can digest without any side effects) – so you’re taking a risk by using products made up of proprietary blends.

Another concern is the amount of servings per day – Slim Angel advise that you take this only twice a day. The best fat burners are split into 3-4 servings throughout the day, so your body is always fuelled with a balanced intake of nutrients at all times – this is the best way to experience results.

But among the bad points, there are some good ingredients inside Slim Angel. Take a look for yourself:


DeBloatHer Complex 

  • Dandelion Root Extract – Also know as Taraxacum Officinale, it’s a herb that is traditionally used as medicine. Gym Angel has clearly added this to their fat burner as it’s claimed that Dandelion Root Extract is a diuretic (meaning it helps reduce bloating as your body will get rid of more water through urination).
    However, no studies have proven whether it’s actually effective in delivering these results. The worrying thing is that most of this proprietary blend – the ‘DeBloatHer Complex’ – could be made up of this potentially useless herb.
    It could also impact negatively – there haven’t been enough studies to determine its safety to those pregnant or breastfeeding, and if you’re allergic to ragweed (daisies, marigolds, chrysanthemums), you’re very likely to be affected by this herb.

  • Ginger Root Extract – Ginger is a spice that’s traditionally used in Chinese medicine, there’s no questioning the effectiveness of Ginger in treating such things as nausea, inflammation, and digestion. But again, you’ll never know how much Ginger is actually in the proprietary blend.

  • Clove Stem Powder – This is a herb that’s often used to treat upset stomachs. However, there’s not many benefits that would suit your needs in a fat burner.
    Gym Angel could have replaced this ingredient for a nutrient such as Glucomannan, which is a sugar made from the root of the konjac plant that’s proven to promote weight loss in adults and children.

SlimHer Complex 

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract  – This is created from Green Coffee Beans, and have a high Chlorogenic Acid content, which helps you lose fat and therefore, weight. A key component of a fat burner, you should keep an eye out for this ingredient on your search for a quality product.

  • Rasberry Ketones – This was first used by the perfume industry due to its fruity scent – don’t be fooled by the gimmick that it promotes fat loss.
    It has a similar molecular structure to capsaicin (capsaicin is a useful thermogenic found in chili), but it doesn’t have the same benefits. It’s believed that Raspberry Ketone raises your body’s levels of adiponectin (the hormone that moderates fat, which will lower your overall fat levels), however, here’s where the problems start.
    In all studies relating to Raspberry Ketone and weight loss, all focused on inhibiting weight gain, not losing weight. So this leaves the nutrient with no reliable evidence that it supports fat loss.
    On top of this, although Raspberry Ketones may not have any benefits, it comes with potential side effects – it could raise your blood pressure, and heart rate to an unhealthy speed.
    This is also part of the ‘SlimHer Complex’ proprietary blend – it might be taking up most of the space in the blend, so you might be wasting your money on an ineffective nutrient.

  • Green Tea – You can’t deny that Green Tea supports fat loss, as there have been countless studies proving its effect. The catechins in Green Tea benefits almost every organ in your body.
    We strongly recommend you look for this nutrient when looking for a quality fat burner to experience results. However, Slim Angel could have a minimal amount of Green Tea inside – it’s in a proprietary blend so you’ll never find out.

MoveHer Complex

  • Cayenne Pepper – This is a great addition to a fat burner, as it speeds up your metabolism, which results in fat and weight loss. It’s also been shown to suppress appetite, which will help you to keep your calories down and focused on your fitness goals.
    There’s really no downside to this ingredient, and it’s one of the best things that Slim Angel contains. However, you never know how much Cayenne Pepper is in this product due to it being part of the proprietary blend.

  • Caffeine – This is used in anything from coffee to energy drinks and there’s no arguing against the countless studies that prove its benefits.
    Caffeine is a powerful stimulant that gives you a boost when cutting calories and losing fat. It also improves your strength and endurance, as well as mental focus, so it will supplement your journey when trying to lose weight very effectively.
    However, there’s a problem with Slim Angel – Caffeine is in the ‘MoveHer Complex’ proprietary blend, meaning that if you’re sensitive to it, you could be in danger of experiencing side effects.


Slim Angel is made up of 3 proprietary blends so you’ll never know the exact amounts of each individual ingredient. This means you could be wasting your money on an ineffective product. 

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Side Effects

The Dandelion Root Extract in Slim Angel could pose a risk to those that are allergic to ragweed (daisies, marigold, and chrysanthemums), as well as to those going through pregnancy or breastfeeding. In addition, as you don’t know the quantity of Dandelion Root Extract in this fat burner, there’s the risk of its diuretic effect going over-the-top and becoming severely dehydrated.

Raspberry Ketones also come with possible side effects, such as increased blood pressure and rapid heart rate.

Also, even an ingredient as safe as caffeine can become dangerous when hidden in a proprietary blend – you don’t know the exact quantity of caffeine in Slim Angel, and if you’re sensitive to it, then you’ll suffer from side effects like jitters, insomnia, restlessness and a rapid heartbeat.

Here are the potential side effects from using Slim Angel:

  • Allergic reaction to Dandelion Root Extract (if you’re allergic to ragweed)
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Jitters
  • Insomnia
  • Restlessness

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Pro’s and Con’s


  • A few great ingredients like Caffeine, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Green Tea and Cayenne Pepper


  • Potentially severe side effects
  • All ingredients are hidden in proprietary blends (you’ll never know the exact amount of each individual ingredient)
  • Not great value for money

Slim Angel Review Conclusion

While Slim Angel does have some great ingredients such as Caffeine, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Green Tea and Cayenne Pepper (you should look for these during your search for a quality fat burner), they’re all hidden in proprietary blends with less effective nutrients, so you could be wasting your money on an ineffective product.

Also, the proprietary blend also makes a safe ingredient like Caffeine potentially dangerous – if you’re sensitive to it, you’ll want to know the exact amount of caffeine in the products that you buy, in order to avoid any side effects that will inhibit your fitness goals.

We recommend that you look for a fat burner without any proprietary blends that’s also split up into 3-4 servings per day, so your body is always topped up with optimum levels of each ingredient.

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