Superset Nutrition Redburn Hardcore Review


Superset Nutrition are a supplements company that are very popular in France – although they haven’t managed to penetrate other markets as well. So we’re seeing whether a top-rated fat burner in France can compete with the best we have to offer in the USA.

Claimed to promote:

  • Fat loss
  • Boost in metabolism

After a quick glance at Redburn Hardcore’s nutrient profile, we’re actually pretty impressed, so we’re looking forward to analyzing them in detail. But first, let’s find out more about Superset Nutrition

About The Company

This is the first time this has happened; we clicked on the ‘our story’ page of Superset Nutrition’s website, and their store was actually closed for maintenance too (so we’re guessing they rely on other eCommerce stores to sell their products for them.

Anyway, since we didn’t find any more information about them, let’s move swiftly onto our next section.

The Ingredients and How They Work

We had a bit of a nightmare trying to learn more about Superset Nutrition on their website. But one thing everyone can see is the ingredient list for their fat burner, Redburn Hardcore.

We mentioned at the start of this review that we were impressed with the nutrient profile of this product. Well, this is because it contains 3 of our favorite thermogenic ingredients – Green Tea Extract, Cayenne Pepper Extract and Chromium.

On quick glance, it looks like a great product. So let’s take a deeper look and see whether there’s anything wrong.

See for yourself:


Green Tea Extract 

This is one of our favorite fat burning nutrients for one reason – it works.

Countless studies have shown that this ingredient is able to boost your metabolism and promote fat loss. We like that Superset Nutrition has made this the main ingredient in Redburn, adding a massive 1000mg dosage of green tea extract here.

Although studies have shown you only need 500mg for it to work, there’s no harm in having more (as it’s not been reported to cause any side effects.

Great start by Superset nutrition here.

Cayenne Pepper Extract 

Another key fat burning ingredient, cayenne pepper extract has shown to be one of the most effective thermogenic nutrients available. And if you’ve ever eaten a hot curry, you’ll know why.

In a nutshell, cayenne pepper extract raises your body temperature, which forces your body to work harder in order to cool itself down (raising your metabolism in the process).

Superset Nutrition has dosed this well, so there’s no problems there.

Ceylon Cinnamon Extract

Listen, we all love cinnamon buns and know how tasty this ingredient can be. It’s believed to stop you from suffering big insulin spikes, which would keep your metabolism and testosterone levels fully maintained, even after a high-carb meal.

However, while it can be beneficial to add it to your foods and diet, it can be risky consuming it through a supplement; cinnamon has shown to be toxic in large amounts.

For this reason, we’ll continue treating ourselves to some cinnamon buns – but we’ll stay away from supplementing this in products like Redburn.

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White Willow Bark Extract 

Often described as ‘nature’s aspirin’, white willow bark extract is believed to treat chronic headaches and back pain. However, it can interfere with certain medications – so you should stay away from this ingredient if you’re taking medication (especially blood thinners or beta-blockers).

We’re not actually sure why Superset Nutrition has added this into their fat burner, Redburn Extreme. But it’s definitely not a key ingredient in any supplement.


This amino acid is proven to boost your cognition. However, you don’t buy fat burners to help improve your memory – you buy these supplements because you want to lose body fat, and fortunately l-tyrosine won’t help you do this.

In a nutshell, while l-tyrosine can improve your focus, it won’t have any affect on your fat burning mission.


We mentioned this ingredient at the start of our review; it’s a great nutrient that’s shown to boost your metabolism, and is found naturally in foods such as brocolli and kale, and has shown to help regulate blood sugar levels.

Although it’s not a key ingredient, chromium is definitely proven to be a useful addition to a fat burner supplement.


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Pros and Cons


  • Green tea extract promotes fat loss
  • Cayenne pepper extract boosts metabolism


  • Cinnamon extract can be toxic in large amounts
  • Missing caffeine (no ingredients to boost your energy levels)
  • No ingredients to suppress your appetite

Side Effects

Here’s the good news you might have been waiting for – there are no nutrients inside Redburn Extreme that have shown to cause any side effects.

However, we will warn you that consuming cinnamon can be toxic in large amounts (6g). So if you enjoy adding cinnamon to your foods or drinks, then we recommend staying away from supplements containing cinnamon.

Review Conclusion

Superset Nutrition is actually quite an impressive fat burner; it contains some great ingredients proven to promote fat loss, in effective dosages.

However, it can’t quite keep up with the best fat burners on the market as it doesn’t contain any ingredients to suppress your appetite or keep your energy levels raised (which we believe are 2 key benefits that all fat burners should provide).

Which ingredients are the best for suppressing your appetite and raising energy levels? Answer: glucommannan and caffeine anhydrous, have shown to be the most effective nutrients available.

But saying this, Redburn Extreme is much better than many fat burners on the market, and we believe it would do well if released in the USA.

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