Thermo Speed Extreme Review


Olimp Sport Nutrition are a big name in Germany, but they haven’t really made as much of an impact in other parts of the world. However, we always like to examine which products are popular elsewhere, so it’ll be interesting to see whether Thermo Speed Extreme can compete with the best fat burners in the USA, UK or France.

Claimed to promote:

  • Fat loss
  • Energy

We’re always surprised when companies don’t add any ingredients to help suppress your appetite into their fat burner supplements (we believe this is a key benefit of these types of products). However, we’ll be taking a look at whether Thermo Speed Extreme can live up to its claims later in this review.

Take a look:

About The Company

As we mentioned before, Olimp Sport Nutrition have a great reputation in Germany, but they haven’t really attempted to penetrate other markets around the world.

As a result, while Thermo Speed Extreme is a best selling product in Europe, it’s not as popular in the USA. Anyway, this doesn’t affect the quality of the product – so it’ll be interesting to see whether Olimp Sport Nutrition’s fat burner can beat the best products across the pond.

The Ingredients and How They Work

One thing we’re happy about, is that Olimp Sport Nutrition hasn’t added any proprietary blends into their Thermo Speed Extreme; this means you can see the exact dosages of ingredients inside this product.

We’re also glad that there isn’t an overload of nutrients inside Thermo Speed Extreme. Why? Because so many products contain around 13-15 ingredients for no reason – all that’s needed is between 6-8 proven ingredients in optimal dosages.

As a result, we’ll mainly be checking whether the ingredients are shown to work in studies, and have been dosed correctly in this section.

See for yourself:


Green Tea Extract 

This is a good choice of nutrients to start with, by Olimp Sport Nutrition. Basically, it’s shown to promote fat loss in numerous studies, and has been used in East Asia to improve your general health for decades – perfect benefits for fat burner supplement.

However, there are 2 problems here; only consuming green tea extract once or twice per day won’t ensure that you experience its full benefits (it’s proven that you need constant ‘top ups’ of green tea extract around 3-4 times spread throughout your day).

Not only that, if you choose to only consume 1 capsule per day, then you won’t consuming an effective dosage (although it’s well dosed when you consume 2 capsules).

It’s not a bad start, but Olimp Sport Nutrition should have offered 3-4 capsule daily serving sizes for Thermo Speed Extreme with the optimal dosage of 500mg green tea extract.

Citrus Aurantium Extract 

Right, so this is one ingredient that we seriously avoid. Basically, you might recogize this under the name of synephrine or bitter orange extract, as it’s shown to cause numerous side effects (which is why it’s banned in the UK and Canada).

Although citrus aurantium extract has shown to promote fat loss, it’s not worth suffering from side effects. As a result, we always recommend you to consume safe ingredients that’ve shown to work (with green tea extract being a great example of this).

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Guarana Extract 

Guarana Extract has become increasingly popular, and is a stimulant shown to raise your energy levels (similar to caffeine).

However, the bad news is that it’s hard to regulate the exact caffeine dosage in guarana, so you never know how much caffeine is inside a supplement (as companies even have to provide a rough estimate themselves).

So why is this bad? Answer: large dosages of caffeine can cause jittery feelings and energy crashes.

As a result, we always recommend you to choose a fat burner supplement with caffeine anhydrous as it’s only source of stimulant (as this is proven to be safe and effective).

Caffeine Anhydrous 

We just mentioned that Caffeine Anhydrous has proven to be safe and effective. It’s a very pure form of caffeine, so you know exactly what you’re getting with this stimulant.

Olimp Sport Nutrition has done well here, by only adding 80mg caffeine per capsule; this will keep you safe from side effects like jittery feelings.

However, as it also contains guarana, you never know the exact overall caffeine dosage in Thermo Speed Extreme. If Olimp Sport Nutrition only contained caffeine anhydrous as the only stimulant, then they would have dosed caffeine perfectly in this fat burner.


In case you haven’t seen this on the nutrient profile of a supplement before; bioperine is basically black pepper, the same ingredient used to flavor food.

But you might not know that it can be useful when added into supplements. In a nutshell, black pepper extract has shown to improve the absorption rate of supplements.

Right, so it’s not going to directly promote fat loss, therefore it’s not a key ingredient in Thermo Speed Extreme. But we’d rather have this here than citrus aurantium…


In a nutshell, there’s no need for tyrosine to be in Thermo Speed Extreme…

What is it? Answer: it’s a compound shown to improve your cognition, which is why it’s a great addition to nootropic supplements.

However, as caffeine offers enough of a ‘boost’ to your cognition to help you perform at your best in the gym – we’ll repeat this again, there’s no need for tyrosine here.


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Pros and Cons


  • Green tea extract shown to promote fat loss
  • Caffeine dosed well


  • Missing numerous key fat burner ingredients
  • Citrus aurantium can cause numerous side effects
  • Contains unnecessary nutrients

Side Effects

While having both guarana and caffeine in a supplement can cause jitters, the overall dosage of caffeine isn’t too high – so you should be safe from this.

However, citrus aurantium is a nutrient that you should be worried about; it’s been banned for use in countries after being found to cause dangerous side effects – which is why we recommend you to avoid this ingredient.

See the list of possible side effects you might suffer:

  • High blood pressure
  • Fainting
  • Nausea

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Review Conclusion

This isn’t a bad choice of fat burner supplements. Far from it. However, it’s certainly not the best product on the market either.

Olimp Sport Nutrition have, for the most part, chosen safe and effective nutrients that promote fat loss. However, they’ve made a big mistake by including citrus aurantium, which can cause the side effects shown above.

In a nutshell, we would never recommend a fat burner that carried a risk of side effects – we want you to stay safe and make the most of your money. As a result, we recommend checking out the highest rated fat burners, instead of buying Thermo Speed Extreme.

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