ThermoVate Review


ThermoVate is a fat burner released by Applied Nutriceuticals with a difference: Dissolving tablets.

Unlike regular fat burners relying on capsules or powder, Applied Nutriceuticals aims to change the direction of the market and make a much more convenient way to take weight loss supplements.

However, this idea is not all good news. We’ll get to my concerns in a moment. What’s important to understand first though is that it’s not just delivery gimmicks that make a product. It’s a strict serving schedule, a correct dosages and most importantly the ingredients used. The delivery system can be as effective as an I.V. system, but if the ingredients aren’t up to scratch the product’s still not worth your time – especially for $29.99 ( prices).

Without being distracted by any quirky innovations. Let’s look at Applied Nutriceuticals themselves:

About the Company

On their website, AN don’t seem to say a lot about themselves. Just more about their products and where you can buy them.

In terms of what they actually sell, AN have a limited range of supplements. Most of these products are aimed at weight loss or fat burning, although they do also have a pre-workout and a testosterone booster.

Their products are sold in a huge number of stores both online and offline – so locating the cheapest price may be difficult.

The Ingredients and how they work

But first – ThermoVate’s servings and dissolving tablets:

ThermoVate requires 1 serving a day of 1-2 tablets, as these are dissolving tablets, they are to be placed in 8oz of water for ingestion. The suggest amount is 2 tablets, leaving you with a 30 day supply per tub.

I have a real problem with this number of servings. 1 per day is just not enough to get the effects of an effective fat burner. 3-4 servings a day is the optimal amount, this keeps the metabolism raised and the thermogenic benefits constantly at a high. This allows the body the biggest window of time to burn the most calories.

The dissolving tablets in water may seem like a good idea, but again, I have a few concerns. If you’ve ever used dissolving tablets or powders before, you’ll notice that there’s usually some remainder at the bottom of the glass or bottle. To ensure this doesn’t happen, a lot of water must be used and this can be time consuming and annoying.

How long it takes you to drink this product may also have an effect. Slower drinkers may experience less benefits as their body is processing weaker amounts at a time – capsules seem like a far more convenient solution.

Back to the ingredients. One of the main things that threw me about ThermoVate is it’s overuse of proprietary blends. The only thing in this product that we can measure are the vitamin and mineral amounts. This only makes up around a third of the nutrients, leaving the other two thirds unable to be fully analyzed. And the final kicker is that there are no dedicated thermogenics in this product to help burn more calories.

Let’s have a look at the damage:



Vitamin C – A general vitamin, more of a supporting presence in this product. Linked to promoting healthy metabolism of fat.

Folate – Part of the Vitamin B family, and often supplemented along B12 to stop it masking the symptoms of any anemia deficiencies.

Vitamin B12 – Commonly associated with energy production. B12 is good at bringing long fatty chains together for metabolic reactions and energy production.

Zinc – If combined with vitamin B6, Zinc can help the pancreatic enzymes promote the breakdown of fatty foods. However, there’s no B6 in this mix.

Thermogenic Optimizer (1,350mg)

L-Carnitine Complex – Not mentioning which type of carnitine they use can be problematic in this instance as we don’t how much of the amino acid is going in. That said, L-carnitine is good for energy and can help boost metabolism. But the effective dosage is between 500-2000mg – It’s unlikely there’s that much in a 1350mg blend, especially when split between 3 other ingredients.

Taurine – An organic acid that contains sulfur. Taurine has been seen to raise blood flow and to help with the oxidation of fat. Commonly used in energy drinks, taurine is good for attaining that additional boost in the gym.

Rosemary leaf –  We’re more interested in the 50% Ursolic Acid. Although nothing has been proven, ursolic acid could be used to increase muscle mass and decrease fat levels. Before you get excited, this nutrient may also promote anti-fertility. The suggested use is 1.6-6.4mg/kg body weight. This is such a wide range as the results are still unreliable.

San-qi Ginseng – Known also as Panax Notoginseng, a while ago this product was thought to reduce blood pressure. This would’ve helped with any high stimulant potency in this product, however, San-qi Ginseng has been proven to be ineffective.

Astragalus Membranaceous – Maybe this can help the immune system in very high doses, but it won’t make much of a difference here. One of the major problems (or benefits depending on your view) is that it works as a diuretic (sheds water weight) which without preparation, can leave you dehydrated with raging headaches.

Performance Matrix (240mg)

Caffeine Anhydrous – Probably one of the most recognized stimulants in the industry – and with good reason. Caffeine Anhydrous is great at boosting energy levels and metabolism. This should keep your energy levels up during hardships like low calorie diets and intense workouts. However, it sharing 240mg worth of space with 3 other ingredients doesn’t hold out a lot of hope for it’s true effectiveness.

Bitter Orange Extract (Synephrine) – Has sometime been seen to promote energy levels, and was for a time, believed to help with fat loss. In fact, Synephrine is quite an unreliable ingredient and has been seen to rarely boost energy, have no proven link to fat burning and causes a range of side effects when mixed with other stimulants like caffeine. Not a wise choice for this product.

Caffeine-pTeroPure Co-Crystal – Thought to improve the time between caffeine being ingested and it reaching the bloodstream. The first test has shown it to be 30% more efficient with regular caffeine. But getting the same amount of effectiveness in ThermoVate due to an unseen dosage is uncertain.

Norcoclaurine – Also known as Higenamine. The belief is that this product works in similar ways to Ephedrine – however, no concrete evidence of this has ever come forward.

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Side Effects

There are two main ingredients to worry about in this product: Synephrine and Astralgus.

Synephrine when mixed with caffeinated substances has been known to cause problems like headaches, and the increased risks of heart attacks, strokes and high blood pressure.

Astragalus diuretic abilities may help lose water weight, but if you’re not drinking enough throughout the day it can have negative effects such as dehydration and headaches.

Pros and Cons


  • This product contains caffeine
  • Good amounts of Vitamin C and B12


  • Proprietary Blends
  • Side effects from Synephrine & Astragalus
  • Not enough servings per day
  • Dissolving tablets may cause issues
  • No thermogenics?

ThermoVate Review Conclusion

After considering all that ThermoVate has to offer, it is clear that this is not a suitable fat burner. The ingredients in this product are very hit and miss, some being outdated and ineffective. Another major factor is the serving requirements; one serving a day is not enough to keep the metabolism high for maximum calorie usage throughout the day.

I’d like to point out that despite being named ThermoVate, there are no Thermogenics in this product. They really didn’t help themselves on this one.

The dissolvable tablets also seem like a problem due to their dose being weakened by parts going undissolved in water.

I do not recommend you buy ThermoVate.

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