Transparent Labs Physique Series Fat Burner Review


From Transparent Labs comes their Physique Series Fat Burner.

As an overview there are three things this product claims it can do:

  • Boost Fat Burning
  • Prevent Hunger
  • “Create an Enjoyable Weight Loss Lifestyle”

Surely Transparent Labs are aware fat burning and weight loss are 2 entirely separate things?

One makes you leaner, the other makes you lighter.

This was definitely a surprising review. Take a look at what we found:

About Transparent Labs

Transparent Labs is a fairly new addition to the supplement industry that claims to keep things ‘Transparent’ letting us know exactly what goes into each of their supplements and how much.

However this doesn’t sure a good product – it just ensures an honest one.

This is great. As we can easily find out how effective their range can be – and how safe or dangerous it is.

With a wide range of supplements catering to various aspects of the lifting lifestyle, I was interested to see what TL’s Fat Burner had to offer:

The Ingredients and How They Work

The Servings

The delivery of this fat burner isn’t great.

With only 2 servings a day. This doesn’t sure round-the-clock fat loss. In fact, with the ingredients in this supplement, it can actually work against you.

One the main things you can expect are energy crashes as the doses are too spaced out to ensure steady energy levels.

But what about the ingredients?

The Ingredients

The great thing about Transparent Labs is that they’re genuinely transparent. You can see exactly what went into this Physique Series Fat Burner and how good it actually is.

Unfortunately, there is an issue.

It’s a good thing that TL have decided to show the dosages, because this product seems more dangerous than it does good.

Check it out:transparent-labs-physique-series-fat-burner-supp-facts

Forslean (Forskolin)

Also known as Coleus Forskohlii. This is a herb that has been thought increase fat loss.

However, we’re skeptical this. Mainly because there’s only one study out there that supports this claim – and it was performed on obese and overweight men which made the mass easier to move.

Green Tea

This herb on the other hand is great.

A potent thermogenic that promotes fat loss, the catechins in the green tea help promote the hormone norepinephrine in the bloodstream – the fat burning hormone.


The precursor to serotonin. Essentially this nutrient promotes stress relief.

This may help with any jitters you may get from the caffeine – although it doesn’t do anything to lessen fat loss.


Another anti-stress nutrient, which is definitely a sign that the caffeine dosage in this product is far too potent (and it is, but we’ll cover that in moment).

This is another ingredient that does nothing to promote fat loss.


The third anti-anxiety/anti-stress ingredient to go into this product.

It doesn’t help with the fat loss process and just strengthens the theory that even Transparent Labs think there’s too much caffeine in this product.

Caffeine – 480mg a day!

This is the biggest problem with this product.

Although there is merit to using caffeine in a fat burner, as it increases energy and metabolism levels – there’s far too much here.

The Journal of Food and Science advised at maximum 400mg of caffeine a day – this is nearly 25% more!

Despite the anti-stress nutrients in this product, you’re likely to experience serious side effects if you decide to use this product.

Find out what they are in the Side Effects section below.

Salicin (White Willow) Bark Extract

Yet another ingredient put into this product to mask the dangerous potency of the caffeine level in the Physique Series Fat Burner.

Salicin is a herbal remedy to help with migraines – one of the many side effects you may experience when taking too much caffeine.

Cayenne Pepper

Another strong thermogenic. Cayenne Pepper is one of the better fat burners out there by how it works after absorption.

Being a ‘hot’ chili, the cayenne heats up your body’s core temperature – this starts a cool down process that helps you burn more calories than you would normally.

Synephrine HCl

Possibly one of the worst fat burning ingredients out there.

Also known as Bitter Orange Extract, this nutrient has been known to cause a range of side effects when combined with nutrients such as caffeine and green tea – both of which this product has.

As far as the ingredients go, there are 2 main nutrients that have sunk this product and made it more dangerous than it is effective.

Namely the Caffeine and the Synephrine HCl.

Which in these doses cause side effects both on their own and together.

A clear indication to stay away from this fat burner.

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Side Effects

As we’ve covered there are side effects to worry about here both from the Caffeine and the Syneprhine.

Too Much Caffeine Side Effects:

There are a crazy amount of risks associated with taking too much caffeine such as:

  • Insomnia
  • Nervousness
  • Restlessness
  • Irritability
  • Stomach Cramps
  • Elevated Heart Rate
  • Muscle Tremors

And this fat burner goes way over the Tolerable Upper Limit. Be careful!

Synephrine Side Effects:

When combined with nutrients like Caffeine and Green Tea (both of which this supplement has) the following side effects have been reported:

  • Increased Blood Pressure
  • Headaches
  • Nausea
  • Dizziness
  • Light Headed-ness

Essentially everything you wouldn’t want while you’re working out.

They’re big problems, and it’s a shame because all that really needs to be done here is a cut in caffeine and the removal of synephrine and the product would be a lot safer.

Pros and Cons


  • Contains Green Tea
  • Contains ‘calming’ nutrients


  • Poor Serving Schedule
  • Overdosed Caffeine
  • Dangerous Ingredients
  • Side Effects

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Physique Series Fat Burner Review

Overall this fat burner is a pretty risky option.

It has more caffeine than most pre-workouts.

It contains a lot more of the stimulant per day than what some boards recommend as the tolerable upper limits for human consumption – which is crazy.

On top of this the supplement also contains synephrine, a compound that’s known to cause a range of side effects when mixed with caffeinated herbs like Green Tea or caffeine itself for that matter.

And all of this is delivered in just two massive doses throughout the day – no doubt with hard energy crashes at the end of both of them.

If you’re looking at Transparent Labs for your fat burning journey, I strongly suggest that you reconsider.

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These are the safest and most efficient I’ve found on the market at the moment,  with the best ingredients and optimum servings:

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