Boss Lean Mass Review


Other reviews for Boss Workouts’ Boss Lean Mass online workout program are some of the most glowing we’ve ever seen.

Words like “sophisticated”, “professional”, and “motivating” seem to echo the consensus.

Boss Lean Mass claims to help you:

  • Build lean muscle and maximize results
  • Get bigger as quickly as possible
  • Look in the mirror and know you’re getting closer to your goals by week 4
  • Fine tune your workouts and diet for your needs
  • Ramp up your confidence, focus and drive to succeed
  • Achieve “a chiseled, lean look”

We’ve tried other online workouts before and these left us underwhelmed, to say the least.

But something about the response to Boss Lean Mass suggests this lean-muscle workout plan could be just what we’ve been looking for. This is our Boss Lean Mass review…

Who’s Behind Boss Lean Mass?

Boss Lean Mass was designed by a team of fitness experts. Here are the program’s two key contributors:

Jason Sani

Jason Sani - Boss Workouts

Chief among the Boss Workouts team is Jason Sani – the face of this lean-muscle workout plan. Sani calls himself a “nutritionist, trainer and all-round fitness expert.”

And after a little digging, we see he’s the author of five-star rated recipe book Make Healthy Taste Good.

Over the last 10 years, the Arizona native has helped some of Hollywood’s leading men bulk up fast in time for their work on movies. He also takes part in triathlons and CrossFit competitions, and even does public speaking and TV work. From what we can tell, the trainer’s experience covers almost every aspect of fitness.

In 2017, Sani was the star of Relationshipped, a US reality show on which several attractive women fought it out for his affections.

Lee Bell

Lee Bell - Boss Workouts

Based in the UK, Lee Bell is the man behind the written Boss Lean Mass nutrition and training guides.

Bell claims to have two decades of experience in the fitness industry – a point backed up by his Sports Science masters degree, PhD research, and his status as a university lecturer.

Looking through the Boss Lean Mass guides, Bell appears to have a knack for breaking down complex sports science into simple ideas anyone can understand. We guess his training as a teacher comes in handy here.

Boss Lean Mass Overview

Boss Lean Mass is an in-the-gym training program. The team behind it clearly pulled out all the stops to provide everything you need to “transform your physique.” For just $90, this lean-workout plan gives you:

  • A 93-page training guide
  • Easy-to-use and in-depth iOS and Android app
  • 10 step-by-step videos (90 minutes in total)
  • 73-page nutrition guide
  • 17-page recipe guide
  • Access to an exclusive members’ area
  • Workout progress chart and nutrition calculators
  • Lifetime access

Boss Lean Mass is split into two parts: “Phase 1” and “Phase 2” – you switch between each phase every two weeks. We found every part of each phase easy to understand and follow.

How Does It Work?

Boss Lean Mass overview

Phase 1

In Phase 1, you build up your core strength with the “big three” lifts: deadlifts, presses and squats. These compound, multi-joint exercises are proven to help shred fat and increase mass quickly.

In this first phase, your goal is to get good at each part of the workout, which involves taking your time to ensure you’re doing it right. Sani says all of this gets you ready “to lift more weight going forward.”

Phase 2

Phase 2 is designed to ramp up the “volume and intensity.” You do more reps and sets to promote blood flow, boost testosterone and optimize your muscle gains.

The focus here is hypertrophy – breaking down new muscle fibers to induce pumps and make your muscles grow bigger, faster.

Learn more about Boss Lean Mass at

Is This Course for You?

Boss Lean Mass is a very focused program. It’s about getting big without increasing body fat and not much more – so it isn’t for everyone.

That said, the program provides in-depth information on exercise and nutrition, so there’s plenty of opportunity to learn – if that’s what you want to do.

But while the science behind Boss Lean Mass is complex, the program is very easy to follow. So if you wish, you can ignore the science and go through each phase step by step to achieve that Hollywood body.

Is this lean-muscle workout plan for beginners or experienced lifters?

If you haven’t followed a workout plan before, you may have to adjust your lifestyle to keep up.

As a focused program, Boss Lean Mass doesn’t give you any room for skipping days, or for swapping parts of your routine for cardio or other exercises on those days when you don’t feel like hitting the heavy weights.

You also have to keep a keen eye your diet – if you eat junk food, you won’t get close to the Hollywood bod. Luckily, the program’s nutrition and recipe guides are on hand to help you stay on track.

You’re either in, or you’re out

Due to its rigid format, this course might be more suitable for younger men with the time to embrace the routine, rather than a busy dad and husband, for example.

With this in mind, Boss Workouts offers the Boss Prime course for older men with with less time on their hands. To find out more, check out our Boss Prime review.

But as long as you have the time, focus and drive to train for mass (and get results fast), this bulking/lean body workout may be perfect for you.

How Does Boss Lean Mass Compare to the Competition?

Jason Sani Boss Lean Mass to camera

In-the-gym course

The vast majority of lean-body workout plans we’ve tried (or seen) focus on exercising at home. And while Boss Lean Mass isn’t the only in-the-gym program out there, it’s by far the most comprehensive.

Some other reviews list this course’s in-the-gym nature as a disadvantage. But we can’t work out why this is. After all, there are so many home-based workouts out there that we don’t need yet another one.

High-production values

Most of the other 12-week bodybuilding programs we’ve tried online employ poor production values.

They often make big promises and convince you to pay, only to give you a few badly-produced and hard-to-follow videos with a cheap-looking PDF thrown in as an afterthought.

By contrast, Sani, Bell and the Boss Workouts team take a no-nonsense approach, and use the latest techniques to help you make big changes in just three months.

Everything from the in-depth content, to the high-quality videos and eBooks impresses us.

Transform your body with the latest lean-mass training techniques

Old ‘wisdom’ decrees you need to target single muscle groups in isolation on different days. And you’ll find most muscle-building workout plans still try to palm you off with the same old hat.

But unlike these more traditional methods, Boss Lean Mass teaches you – or helps you fine-tune your – compound lifts to target many different muscles and joints at once. This allows you to safely use heavy weights and speeds up your progress.

The result? You not only bulk up and cut fat; you also get stronger and fitter faster.

Value for money

At $90, Boss Lean Mass costs more outright than some 12-week muscle-building workout plans. Others we’ve seen make you pay a monthly fee, or charge you a lower fixed price.

However, Boss Lean Mass gives you the benefit of so much research and expert advice that it provides much better value for money.

We saw one rival company offering access to a home workout for $9.84 per month. So if you subscribe for 10 months, you pay $98.40.

On the other hand, $90 gives you lifetime access to the Boss Lean Mass course. That’s a bargain, in our book.

Pros and Cons


  • Genuine in-the-gym program
  • Teaches you the training secrets of Hollywood stars
  • Based on the latest science and training techniques
  • Learn as much – or as little – science as you want
  • Achieve faster results and transform your body in three months
  • Great value for money – you pay just once for lifetime access
  • Suitable for driven beginners or seasoned lifters
  • Hones your workout AND diet for the best results
  • Buy in US dollars, British pounds, Euros and Australian dollars
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use website and smartphone app (iOS/Android)


  • Costs more outright than some rival products
  • Not for wimps – this is a tough program that tests your drive to succeed
  • You need the time to make room for the routine
  • You’ll need to watch your diet (esp. macros)

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Boss Lean Mass Review: Results After 12 Weeks

In the Boss Lean Mass intro video, Sani says up front that it takes a lot of time, effort and dedication to see and feel results – and he isn’t wrong!

As we mention earlier in this Boss Lean Mass review, we’ve tried other online courses before. We’ve also hired a few personal trainers in our time. But Boss Lean Mass has to be the toughest of any lean muscle-building workout plans we’ve tried.

But by the time we got halfway through Phase 1, we were completely immersed in it.

After following the Boss Lean Mass plan for 12 weeks, here are our results:


Starting weight: 198lb (89.8kg)
End weight: 203lb (92.1kg)

Starting body fat: 21%
End body fat: 18%

Workout performance

Bench press: Before – 195lb (88.5kg) / After – 270lb (122.5kg)
Squat: Before – 205lb (93kg) / After – 260lb (117.9kg)
Deadlift: Before – 255lb (115.7kg) / After – 315lb (142.9kg)

Boss Lean Mass Review Conclusion

Not for wimps

Boss Lean Mass has to be the best lean muscle-building workout plan for men – or certainly for those with enough drive and time on their hands.

This course ain’t easy, but the Boss Workouts guys tell you this upfront. Right from the off, trainer Jason Sani lets you know there’s no room to shirk on your commitment.

If you miss a day or don’t follow the workout to the letter, then you’re unlikely to achieve the results you want. So in this sense, it’s all on you.

Educational, yet easy to digest

That aside, the Boss Lean Mass workout plan is so easy to follow that it would suit either motivated beginners or weight-room veterans looking to hone their routines. You can also access the extensive content at any time via your computer or smart device.

Modern-training techniques

Many other online lean-workout plans try to brush you off with outmoded science and training techniques, or cheap and sketchy instructions. But Sani, Bell and the rest of the Boss Workouts team do just the opposite.

With its high-def videos, awesome smartphone apps and step-by-step written guides (for both your workout and diet), Boss Lean Mass is a complete package that helps you look AND feel stronger – fast.

Get your lifetime access to Boss Lean Mass at

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