Cellucor COR Performance Whey Review


When it comes to protein supplements, we are spoilt for choice. At times it seems there is a new brand, type or flavor hitting the market every day, all claiming to have an edge over their competitors.

Now, Cellucor have come out with COR Performance Whey, promoting it as being “Here to set the new standard in protein“.

That’s quite a statement to make when you’re rubbing shoulders with heavyweights such as Optimum Nutrition, BSN and others. In this review, we’ll see how COR Performance Whey “Wheys” up to its makers claim.

The Company

Founded in 2002 with the mission statement “To deliver the best results possible while simultaneously improving the customer’s quality of life“, Cellucor have been at the forefront of the supplement industry for some time picking up several industry and peoples choice awards.

The fact that they have reached the highest level and stayed there in such a competitive field is no mean feat, especially when you consider, they don’t flood the market by letting just anyone sell their products.

Instead, they work closely with a few selected retailers and use the best advertising money can’t buy, word of mouth from their satisfied customers.

Previously, Cellucor’s focus was more on pre-workout drinks and fat loss supplements, but they are now breaking into the Whey Protein Market.

The Supplement

COR Performance Whey is a blend of Whey Protein Isolate and Concentrate. The use of two whey proteins is to optimize absorption to give you the greatest benefits.

Whey Isolate (WPI) is quickly absorbed by your body so is an ideal source of protein a little before or immediately after a workout. Whey concentrate (WPC) on the other hand, has a slower absorption rate for better recovery and growth in the hours after a workout.

Added Enzymes

COR, like many of its competitors has 2 added enzymes, in this case Protease and Lactase to assist in digestion and absorption.


Protease works by hydrolyzing (breaking down) the individual peptide bonds of the protein allowing the individual amino acids which make up the protein to be absorbed into the bloodstream and delivered to where they are needed.


Lactase is produced naturally in our body. It’s main function is to break down the sugar Lactose found in all dairy products including WPI and WPC. Lactose needs to be broken down into smaller molecules to be absorbed by the body.

When we supplement with Whey, the addition of lactase helps to reduce bloating, flatulence and diarrhea. People who are lactose intolerant usually don’t produce enough Lactase.


Cellucor have steered away from added amino acids, instead promoting COR Performance Whey as having “Naturally Occurring BCAAs“. There was no data available for COR Performance Whey at the time of writing this review.

However, some of the BCAAs found in milk products such as whey proteins are Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine all of which have proven bodybuilding benefits.

In it’s promotional package, Cellucor state that there is 5.5gm of BCAAs in each serve but this is an estimate only. In this regard, there are other WPI and WPC supplements with a higher tested BCAA profile.

Protein Content

Probably the biggest selling point Cellucor are working, is that each scoop contains more protein than its competitors.

Yes it does. At 25gm of protein per scoop it has between 1- 3 grams more protein than the other major players in the protein market.

Gluten Free? Maybe….maybe not.

Okay, here’s a sticking point for me. The people at Cellucor have made a point of telling us that COR is gluten free. Great news for people suffering from Celiac or other disease, or are simply trying to eliminate gluten from their diet. However, when you read the label, it points out that COR Performance Whey is made using equipment that processes wheat!

News flash Cellucor. Wheat is a big source of gluten.

We may be talking about minimal cross contamination, but there’s nothing minimal about it if you suffer from a gluten allergy.

cellucor cor supp factsNutritional Info (This varies between flavors)

Serving size: 35gm (1 level scoop)
Calories: 120
Calories from fat: 15
Total Fat: 1.5gm
Saturated Fat: 1gm
Protein: 25gm
Carbs: 3gm
Fibre: 2gm
Sugars: 1gm

Taste and Mix-ability

This is where COR comes in top of its class. Cellucor have invested a lot of time and money developing a protein shake where all of the flavors taste great and are not too sweet.

There are 6 flavors to choose from with Cinnamon swirl being the favorite with users on Bodybuilding.com and also yours truly.

COR Performance Whey mixes extremely well without any clumping, or gritty residue for a very smooth texture especially when mixed with low fat or skim milk.

Hats off to the people in the Cellucor taste and texture division for an excellent job.


COR Performance Whey comes in 2lb (26 serves) and 4lb (52 serves) containers for recommended retail prices of $40 and $70 respectively. This means it’s at the medium – high price range.

However as I write this, Bodybuilding.com has a buy 2 (at a discounted price) get 1 free deal on the 2lb size for $60 saving you 50% on the recommended retail.

For the 4lb container their price is $50, so at $0.96 per serve it’s pretty good value.

Pros and Cons


  • 25gm protein per serve is 1-3gm higher than competitors.
  • Added digestive enzymes.
  • Medium price range, with good discounts available.
  • Taste is the best I’ve ever had. Period.
  • Mix-ability is excellent.


  • Gluten free labeling is at best risky, at worst misleading.
  • There are other proteins offering a higher concentration of BCAAs.

Cellucor COR Performance Whey Review Conclusion

Okay, COR Performance Whey does win hands down on protein content, taste and mix-ability. However it is lacking in BCAAs or at least a complete profile to help us balance our supplement regime.

The promotional prices I’ve mentioned make it good value, but when those prices end, it becomes expensive especially if you are using 2-3 scoops per day. I’m also not very impressed with the gluten free labeling.

I recommend this to anyone who wants a great taste and texture above all else, but overall I think there are better products on the market both in quality and price.

Does it “set a new standard in protein”? I’m sorry to say no, not yet. But with further R&D it could.


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