Instant Knockout Vs Grenade

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Welcome to the battle of two popular fat burners on the market  – Instant Knockout and Grenade.

Both products are well-known in the industry, but they both have different ingredients inside. Ultimately, ingredients can make the difference between an average fat-burner, and a great one.

So we’ve analyzed Instant Knockout and Grenade, to see which one is better.

About the Companies

Instant Knockout is made by premium supplements company, Roar Ambition. They have a great reputation for producing quality products, as well as great customer service – we’ve never had a problem with them before.

Roar Ambition are endorsed by high-level athletes, with Instant Knockout being used by UFC fighter, Diego Sanchez. Diego claims to use this fat burner when cutting weight before a fight.


Grenade Thermo Detonator is made by Grenade, a supplements company that launched in 2010. This fat burner is their best-selling product, being well-known in the industry.

Grenade sponsor various athletes, such as Neville Almeida and Akshay Kolhatkar.

The Ingredients and How They Work

Instant Knockout and Grenade Thermo Detonator are often compared because they’re both reputable products on the market. You’re probably here because you want the best, so we’ll show you where both products shine, and if they have any problems.

Take a look:

Instant Knockout

We’ll go through Instant Knockout’s ingredients first. One thing we like about this fat burner is this – it doesn’t contain any proprietary blends.

This means you know the exact doses of each ingredient inside, keeping you safe from suffering any side effects.

Here’s a quick analysis of Instant Knockout’s key ingredients:

  • Green Tea Extract – This raises your metabolism and encourages your body to use fat as a fuel source. For this reason, it’s a key fat burning ingredient in any fat burner supplement.
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract – Simply unroasted coffee beans, this ingredient can help reduce fat mass, as it’s shown to slow down the digestion of carbs.
  • Cayenne Powder – This is a thermogenic ingredient, meaning it raises your body temperature. You’re body has to work harder to cool itself down, meaning it burns more calories. Ultimately, this results in increased fat loss.
  • Glucomannan – Also known as konjac plant, it absorbs water and expands in your stomach, making you feel fuller for longer. This means you’ll snack less and crave junk food less.
  • Caffeine – A powerful stimulant that’s shown to enhance strength, endurance, and cognition. Definitely a key ingredient here.

Any side effects?

Instant Knockout only contains 100% natural ingredients in sensible doses, so you’ll be glad to read that it doesn’t cause any side effects – unless your allergic to any ingredients inside.

What does it do?

We tried instant knockout, and were really impressed with it. It helped us:

  • Lose fat on the belly, ‘stubborn fat’, and fat around our hips.
  • Gave us steady energy boosts to combat low energy from cutting calories.
  • Reduce cravings for pizza and fried chicken (our favorites). Resulting in lower calorie intake.

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Grenade Thermo Detonator

This contains a lot more ingredients than Instant Knockout – but more isn’t always better.

We hate to criticize this product, but you can’t ignore this: it’s made up completely of one big proprietary blend. Why is this bad? Because you don’t know the exact amount of each ingredient inside, which can increase the risk of side effects.

We’ll take you through Grenade thermo detonator’s key ingredients:

  •  Green Tea Extract – Great start by Grenade. This is a key fat burning ingredient, as it raises metabolism and encourages your fat to be used as fuel. But here’s the problem – there might not be enough in Grenade to make a difference, as it’s part of a proprietary blend.
  • Bitter Orange Extract – This is banned in the UK and Canada, among other countries. Why? Because it’s caused harmful side effects. It might promote fat loss, but it’s not worth risking.
  • Caffeine – It’s great when you know the exact dose of caffeine, but it can cause problems when inside a proprietary blend. You shouldn’t consume over 400mg per day of caffeine – this whole blend is 775mg, so there could be a dose near this amount, which could cause side effects like jitters or energy crashes.
  • Yohimbe Bark Extract – Another ingredient that’s banned in some countries, due to causing worrying side effects (like anxiety and restlessness). We recommend that you avoid this.
  • Raspberry Ketones – This is a gimmick. There’s rumours that Raspberry Ketones magically help you lose fat. But look at the science behind it – it won’t work.
  • DMAE – This has shown to boost cognition. But here’s the problem, it’s potentially teratogenic. What does that mean? It means it can cause defects to unborn infants. For this reason, it’s worth staying away from.

Any Side Effects?

There are a number of ingredients that can cause side effects in Grenade. We’ll put them in a list, to save you time:

  • Jitters (Caffeine in proprietary blend)
  • Energy crashes (Caffeine in proprietary blend)
  • High blood pressure (Bitter Orange Peel)
  • Fainting (Bitter Orange Peel)
  • Nervousness (Yohimbe)
  • Nausea (Yohimbe)
  • Anxiety (Yohimbe)
  • Restlessness (Yohimbe)
  • Birth defects in unborn babies (DMAE)

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Instant Knockout is made by a premium supplements company – and it shows. It’s a quality product that only contains 100% natural ingredients.

The thing we liked the most about Instant Knockout, is it didn’t cause any side effects. This was refreshing, as so many fat burners we’ve tried gave us unwanted side effects.

Grenade Thermo Detonator can’t compete with Instant Knockout. Why? All of it’s ingredients are part of one big proprietary blend, so you don’t know exactly what you’re getting.

This is worrying, as Grenade contains some potentially harmful ingredients (Bitter Orange Peel, Yohimbe, and DMAE) – if there are large amounts inside, your risk of side effects will be higher.

Bottom Line: The quality of a supplement is determined by the effectiveness of its ingredients and doses.

Instant Knockout contains effective ingredients in good doses, while Grenade contains potentially harmful ingredients in unknown quantities.


Winner – Instant Knockout



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