Pre Workout Ingredients For Focus


Being focused in the gym is extremely important. Looking at Facebook or texting your friends will inhibit your progress, and waste valuable time you could be making gains.

This is one of the reasons why pre workouts can help take your training to the next level. The best products on the market will contain key ingredients, allowing you to stay concentrated on your fitness goals – and reach them more efficiently.

In this article, you’ll find out:

  • Best Pre Workout Ingredients For Focus
  • The Science Behind It
  • Best Pre Workout Supplements
  • Conclusion

Best Pre Workout Ingredients For Focus

A supplement’s ingredients are its most important features – Simply put, they determine how effect a product will be.

For this reason, it’s important to know which ingredients work, and which ones don’t. We’ve covered a range of pre workout ingredients, which you can access here.

But you’re here to learn which ingredients are the most beneficial to boost focus. We’ll take you through the best nutrients available below:

‘Smart-Caffeine’ Combo (Caffeine & L-Theanine)

The combination of Caffeine and L-Theanine is known as the ‘smart-caffeine’ combo in the brain-boosting community.

What does it do?

Answer: Because L-Theanine enhances the benefits of Caffeine, while keeping you away from jitters and energy crashes (you usually experience these side effects with higher dosages of caffeine).

Everyone knows that Caffeine is one of the best stimulants available, but not many know that it works in synergy with L-Theanine. This combo’s a dream team that’ll not only boost your focus in the gym, but strength and endurance too.

Bottom Line: L-Theanine makes Caffeine more effective in smaller dosages, while delivering it’s own benefits; reducing stress levels, anxiety, and promoting a sense of controlled focus.

Rhodiola Rosea

Let’s start by explaining what this is – Rhodiola Rosea is a flowering plant that’s found in Europe, Asia, and North America.

It’s been used in traditional medicine for centuries for good reason – it works.

What does it do?

Well, it’s main benefit it to reduce fatigue, but it’s also a very effective as a cognitive booster – meaning it improves your focus, as well as memory, alertness, and reaction time.

Bottom Line: Rhodiola Rosea is a great addition to any pre workout supplement, as it improves your focus, and reduces fatigue – keeping you fresh for your next workout.


L-Carnitine is a compound found in high amounts in red meat, among other foods. For this reason, it’s a 100& natural ingredient in supplements and hasn’t been reported to cause any side effects.

What does it do? 

Basically, L-Carnitine offers similar benefits to Rhodiola Rosea – enhanced focus, & reduced fatigue and muscle damage. As a result, it’s perfectly suited to improve your workouts.

Bottom Line: L-Carnitine offers numerous benefits that’ll help you work towards your fitness goals.

The Science Behind It

These ingredients are proven to work in numerous studies – but we know that just telling you this, isn’t enough to convince you.

For this reason, we’ve given you the actual studies that show these ingredients work. Take a look:

For ‘Smart-Caffeine’

A study by Gail N. Owen [1] aimed to prove whether L-Theanine & Caffeine delivered on its claims when consumed together. For this study to work, they gave 27 participants either dosages of ‘Smart-Caffeine’, or a placebo – keeping a close eye on their cognitive performance through a series of tests.

Bottom Line: The participants who were given dosages of L-Theanine & Caffeine performed better in the cognitive tests – proving that these nutrients work in synergy to benefit you.

For Rhodiola Rosea

One study by Edwards D et al.,[2] measured the effects of Rhodiola Rosea in 100 healthy participants. They were given dosages of this nutrient twice per day, and were given tests to analyze its effects.

Bottom Line: The participants experienced an increase in cognition, as well as a reduction in stress levels, after being given dosages of Rhodiola Rosea.

For L-Carnitine

A study by Malaguarnera M [3] set out to find out whether L-Carnitine had any effect on cognition. To do this, they split 96 subjects into 2 groups – giving them either dosages of L-Carnitine, or a placebo.

Bottom Line: Ultimately, the results showed that the participants who were given dosages of L-Carnitine not only improved their cognition levels, but also saw a reduction in fatigue too.

Best Pre Workout Supplements

We believe that focus plays an important role in your gym progress – many often forget about the significance of the mental state, only concerning themselves about the physical aspects of training.

Simply put, if you’re not focused on your goals, then you’ll begin slacking during your workouts – we’ve all been guilty of checking our mobiles and talking to friends in the gym.

This will hinder your results, but you can avoid this by choosing the right supplements. Pre workouts are definitely the best products to improve your workout – almost immediately (usually after 20-30 minutes of consuming).

So which pre workout should you choose?

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Taking 100% natural ingredients are a great way to help take you to the next level. If you could improve the quality of your workouts, and get to your end goal – why wouldn’t you?

For this reason, we believe that pre workout supplements are the best way to deliver numerous benefits to get you shredded or huge – depending on your aim.

Key Point:

Not all pre workouts are made equal. Some are better than others, because they contain better ingredients  – as you should know from this article, choosing nutrients are proven to work is your best option.

We’ve reviewed hundreds of products on the market, and have years of experience in the industry – we know a thing or two about supplements. If you’re interested, check out which pre workouts we believe are the best here.


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