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Mind Lab Pro is one of the newer nootropic stacks on the market from the minds of Opti-Nutra.

And I’ve got to say it’s the best that I’ve come across (it’s currently our #1 recommended).

Made up of completely natural ingredients, I notice when I take Mind Lab Pro I have:

  • Improved Productivity – Managed to get more work done in less time
  • Processed Things Easier – Understood difficult concepts quicker and easier
  • Thought Clearer – No ‘mental sluggishness’ later in the day
  • Focused More – Less distracted and could work harder
  • Enhanced My Memory – I could recall conversations

It’s something I’ll definitely be using again.

What makes Mind Lab Pro so effective is how in interacts with your brain, improving its functions in 6 areas, affecting your brain’s:

  • Chemical Balance – Optimizing key neurotransmitters for stronger memory, mood and focus
  • Energy Levels – Increases brain power to promote awareness and quick thinking
  • Growth – Aids brain cell regeneration, increasing overall brain power
  • Circulation – Improved blood flow and the ability to flush out toxins
  • Protection – Contains antioxidants and enzyme blockers that help prevent cognitive decline
  • Waves – Promotes Alpha brain waves which focus productivity

And from what I’ve seen online, quite a few other guys have had similar experiences.

Here’s what we found on the guys behind it:

About the Company

Opti-Nutra is a UK company based in London, who aim for “Purity and Potency”, claiming they only use the best nutrients in their nutraceuticals and that their capsules are 100% vegetarian.

After digging around on the company’s website, you realize Opti-Nutra really knows their stuff; batches are tested before shipping, their facilities are GMP certified and they even have a pretty good guarantee on offer:

source: http://www.optinutra.com
source: Opti-Nutra’s website

They have full confidence in Mind Lab Pro, and with the ingredient profile, I’m not surprised – take a look:

The Ingredients and how they work

How are the servings?

It depends. Mind Lab Pro suggests 1 serving a day of 2 capsules – however it also states that you’re allowed to up this dosage to 4 capsules.

See how you go, but for our money, we recommend doubling up. This ensures that you get a full dosage and all the benefits.

What about the ingredients?

Mind Lab Pro is, for my money, the best natural nootropic on the market at the moment – and the big reason for this is down to the nutrients used in it.

The first thing grabbed me is that there are no proprietary blends in Mind Lab Pro.

All the dosages are made clear, and you can tell a lot of research has gone into this nootropic to create such an effective and focused natural stack – everything seems to measured in at an effective amount.

The second thing is the selection of nootropics. In our Top 3 Nootropics  Page, we list the 5 best nutrients on the market for your brain – and Mind Lab Pro has got them all, and then some.

And to top it all off, it’s put together in a cGMP approved facility. Everything is as pure as they claim it to be.

Take a look:mindlabpro-supp-facts

The Main Ingredients

Citicolin (Cognizin) – Daily dosage: 500mg – Effective Amount

One of the best known natural nootropics out there, with the main focus being memory and cognition. It’s been seen to help with your attention span and preventing overall cognitive decline.

Studies have shown you need anywhere from 500 – 2000mg per daily servings for the best results, so this is perfect.

Bacopa Monnieri – Daily dosage: 300mg – Effective Amount

Another one of the top brain boosters I’ve come across. Bacopa is great for lots of things but mainly it helps with two things – learning and anxiety.

It gives you that cool head you need when under pressure, and allows you to retain more information. If you’re in college, or need to recall a lot of information this is the nootropic for you.

Lion’s Mane Mushroom – Daily dosage: 1000mg – Effective Amount

This nutrient promotes overall brain health, and it does it very well. Lion’s Mane Mushroom has been linked to promoting Nerve Growth Factor Synthesis which helps with further growth of brain cells.

It’s also good for the older crowd, as studies have shown daily use of Lion’s Mane over a 16 week period has been linked to the reduction of cognitive decline from those aged 50 – 80.

Rhodiola Rosea – Daily dosage: 100mg – Effective Amount

Arguably one of the best natural noots for cognition, Rhodiola has been seen in numerous instances to support mood, energy and cognition.

This is your quick thinking nootropic, helping fight fatigue and keep you mentally sharp throughout the day.

Huperzine-A – Daily dosage: 200mcg – Effective Amount

A powerful nootropic that’s so potent it’s currently being researched for treating Alzheimer’s Disease.

What makes it so effective is how it effects your brain’s neurotransmitters, it helps builds connections and gives your learning and memory functions a boost.

Studies have shown memory improvements with as little as 100mcg of Huperzine-A daily over a 4 week period.

L-Theanine – Daily dosage: 250mg – Effective Amount

An amino acid that helps boost your attention span and concentration levels. It does this by having an impact on your alpha waves, studies have shown regular doses of L-Theanine help optimize your brain waves and get you in that productive mindset.

Honorable Mentions

  • Phosphatidylserine – An amino acid linked to improved cognition and memory function, may also lower stress
  • Pterostilbene – Found in blueberries, an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory which promotes cognition, may help with anxiety
  • N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine – Increases Neurotransmitter production, improving memory and focus
  • Vinpocetine – Extract from the Periwinkle plant, has been shown to enhance circulation in the brain and may improve memory

You can find out a lot more about the ingredients of Mind Lab Pro over on their website: https://www.mindlabpro.com/ingredients/

Side Effects

No side effects have been reported with Mind Lab Pro, I’ve been using it myself and I can confirm that I’ve also not noticed any negative effects.

Pros and Cons


  • One of the best pre-made nootropics stacks on the market
  • Good dosages
  • Supports several areas of brain function:
    • Memory
    • Cognition
    • Protection
    • Focus
    • Mood
    • Attention and Learning Ability
  • Made in cGMP approved facility
  • Satisfaction Guarantee
  • No side effects


  • Can only be bought on Mind Lab Pro website
  • It contains Pterostilbene, which may not be as effective as reveratrol for helping anxiety (however, many other ingredients in Mind Lab Pro are)

My Experience

What I bought

I purchased the three-month supply which came with an extra month’s supply, and free worldwide shipping. It was $195.00 and I knew the satisfaction guarantee would cover me if things didn’t work out.3month-mind-lab-pro

My Personal Mind Lab Pro Experience

In the first month of Mind Lab Pro, I didn’t notice much for about a week. Maybe I felt slightly sharper, but it’s hard to say given the natural placebo effect you experience when taking anything new.

It was about halfway through the first month when I began to notice the changes. The natural sluggishness and brain fog I usually get in the afternoon stopped being so noticeable.

It was only at the end of the month when I realized my work output had dramatically increased.

It’s definitely a great choice for productivity. It was around the two month mark that I started taking 4 capsules a day instead of 2 – and things just got better and better. It was a real snowball effect.

The best way I could describe Mind Lab Pro, is like a calmed laser focus; I could work accurately for hours without distraction, or an overwhelming ‘tunnel-vision intensity’ (if you’ve taken modafinil before, you’ll know what I’m talking about).

The only drawback was taking 4 capsules a day meant I would run out of my lot sooner – I saved this for days that I work longer hours. The extra bottle in the 3 month deal really helped out here.

By the end of the third month, I noticed a clear difference in my work. I had a lot more energy and mental clarity throughout the day, and found it easier to get things done.

If you’re looking for a natural nootropic stack that’ll really kick you into gear, this is what you want.

Review Conclusion

Overall this is the best tailor-made nootropic stacks out there.

It contains all the top performing nutrients in natural nootropics and is generously dosed enough to give your brain exactly what it needs to operate on that ‘higher level’.

Mind Lab Pro combines all the benefits we look for in a nootropic into one easy serving. The only drawback with it is the temptation to have 4 capsules instead of 2. It enhances the effects, but you run out a lot quicker.

The way I got around this was with the 3 month supply. You get an extra bottle in that deal and you can save that for the days that you want to get a crazy amount of work done.

I’ve been so productive, and been able to higher a lot higher workloads. If you struggle from time to time with your work and looking for that added ‘mental edge’, there’s no better option than Mind Lab Pro.

In closing, I’m definitely reordering, and I look forward to whatever Opti-Nutra has got in store for us in the future.

If you want to learn more about Mind Lab Pro you can view their website here: www.mindlabpro.com

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  1. The price on this seems close to twice what most of the other good ones cost. What would be your second choice?

    • Hi Michelle, thanks for getting in touch!

      It might be quite expensive, but remember that this is a premium product. We’ve tested and reviewed hundreds of products on this website, and we found that it’s worth paying extra for a higher quality supplement.

      To be very honest with you, we don’t have a second favorite – if you check the ingredient list of other nootropics, you can see why they’re cheaper (our experts don’t believe that they’ll work).

      Which other Nootropics have you gained an interest in? We’ll take a look for you 🙂


  2. Hi, one question? How do I know that your review hasn’t been paid for Mind Lab Pro? Seems like you advertising the product.

    • Hi Cynthia, we don’t accept payment to promote any supplements on this website. This is a hobby and we try to offer our readers honest opinions – although naturally, we all have our favorite products (If you say McDonalds is your favorite fast-food restaurant, then would you assume someone’s getting paid for it? Probably not.)

      If you can provide us with better alternatives to Mind Lab Pro – with scientific evidence that it will be more effective, then we’ll accept your opinion and take a look for you 🙂

      Thanks for getting in touch!


    • Hi Angela, thanks for reaching out!

      This product won’t affect whether you put on weight – it’s a zero calorie supplement 🙂 Ultimately, it’s your diet that will determine whether you put on or lose weight, so it’s best to plan ahead!

      I hope this answers your question!


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