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This is Performix’s Nootropic supplement. TCP stands for ‘Timed Cognitive Priming’ and is supposed to ‘time-release’ nutrients into your body over the course of your day.

However, the first negative is that we prefer consuming 3-4 capsules spread throughout the day, which ensures that nutrients are being delivered at certain times – instead of relying on ‘time-release’ liquid technology (that’s not been proven to work).

Anyway, Performix TCP is claimed to promote:

  • Sharper Mental Clarity
  • Focus Retention and Mental Energy
  • Sustains Memory Performance

Let’s see whether the ingredients can back up Performix’s claims.

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About The Company

Performix are considered to be a premium supplements company that heavily market their TERRA Beads Time Release technology (which is supposed to release nutrients slowly into your body throughout your day).

However, there must be a reason why other companies haven’t attempted to jump on this ‘bandwagon’ – maybe because it’s not as effective as Performix say it is. Think about it, when the iPhone hit the market, every company rushed to create touchscreen smartphones.

The Ingredients and How They Work

Immediately after looking at Performix TCP’s ingredient list, we see a problem – all of it’s ingredients are part of 2 proprietary blends, and as usual, they have fancy names to make them seem better than they are.

Proprietary blends? 

These are basically a bunch of ingredients that are mixed together in a mysterious ‘formula’ that’s given fancy names (companies try to fool you into thinking they’re better than they actually are).

This is shown on the ingredient list of Performix TCP (which we’ll post a picture of underneath), as the lends are titled ‘Performix TERRA Pod Time-Release Cognitive Matrix’ and ‘Brain Focus Matrix’.

See for yourself:

Performix TCP's ingredient list detailing the ingredients inside.

Performix TERRA Pod Time-Release Cognitive Matrix 

This is the proprietary blend in Performix TCP – the overall dosage of this blend is 1,165mg, but you’ll never find out the amount of the individual ingredients inside (except for the Caffeine dosage which they’ve provided).

Anyway, we’ll take you through the individual ingredients inside anyway:

Medium Chain Triglycerides 

This is composed of three fatty acids and are seen in Coconut Oil and Palm Kernal Oil. It’s believed to have a positive effect on your cognition, and there’s been a few studies that’ve backed this up.

However, as this is part of a proprietary blend, no-one knows how much is inside – there might only be a minimal amount in Performix TCP, making it ineffective.


This can be a great ingredient to boost your energy levels and improve your focus.

We enjoy Caffeine in pre-workouts and fat burner supplements, but it’s not really needed in a Nootropic – there are many other ingredients that specifically boost your focus, such as L-Tyrosine which is perfectly suited to a Nootropic.


Theanine is a relaxing agent and is great when paired with Caffeine – these two nutrients form a ‘smart-caffeine’ which is able to enhance the benefits of Caffeine, while keeping you away from jitters.

However, Theanine works in a Nootropic just as well on it’s own – keeping you calm and focused on your studies or work.


This is a stimulant that delivers similar benefits to Caffeine, but it’s supposed to be better.

Basically, early studies suggest that humans don’t build a tolerance to Theacrine, which would make it more effective than Caffeine in long-term usage (but this means that there’s an overload of stimulants in Performix TCP as it contains both Caffeine and Theacrine).

Huperzine A 

Huperzine A is extracted from a Chinese Club Moss plant, which is a herb of the huperziceae family.

While it’s safe when consumed in safe dosages (200mg or under), it has the potential to cause problems when consumed in large dosages.

Ultimately, as Huperzine A is part of a proprietary blend, you don’t know the exact dosage of it inside Performix TCP. So it’s important to check for safe dosages of this ingredient (200mg or under) before consuming it.

Brain Focus Matrix


This is a great ingredient in a pre-workout or testosterone booster, as it’s shown to improve your strength, keep anxiety away, and even has anti-cancer properties.

However, there’s not shown to have any effect on your cognition (as this is marketed as a Nootropic supplement, this isn’t a good ingredient in Performix TCP).

Mucuna Pruriens 

Again, this is another ingredient that’s great in a testosterone booster – it’s proven to raise both T and HGH levels in numerous studies. But this hasn’t shown to improve your cognition much either.

Cognizin Citicoline

Also known as CDP-Choline, finally this is a great ingredient to have in a Nootropic. It converts into uridine in your body, which is able to improve your cognition.

However, you need at least 250mg for it to work; as Citicoline’s inside a proprietary blend, no-one knows whether its contained in an optimal dosage in Performix TCP.

Bacopa Monniera Extract

Another great ingredient in a Nootropic, Bacopa Monniera has shown to reduce anxiety and improve your cognition – perfect benefits for a Nootropic.

However, this is also part of a proprietary blend; meaning no-one knows whether it’s in an effective dosage here, so it might not work.


This is a cholinergic compound that’s believed to improve cognition. However, while it’s shown to reduce cognitive deline in older men and women, it’s not shown to improve cognition in younger people.

Not only that, Alpha-GPC has proven to cause numerous side effects in supplements – and this is why we try to avoid this ingredient in supplements.

Performix tcp pill

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Side Effects

Unfortunately, Performix TCP contains 2 ingredients that’ve consistently been reported to cause side effects – Huperzine A and Alpha-GPC.

As a general rule here at SupplementTester, we try to avoid any supplements that could cause you unnecessary side effects – no-one wants to have a bad time when they’ve spent money on these products.

Anyway, here’s what you could suffer from with Performix TCP:

  • Heartburn
  • Headache
  • Insomnia
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Diarrhea
  • Nausea

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It’s a shame that Performix have hidden all of the ingredients in TCP inside proprietary blends – it actually contains some good ingredients, but we can’t see whether it’s contained in optimal dosages (so we can’t say for sure whether they work).

We prefer supplements that are transparent and give you all the info you need; this shows that a company is confident and proud of their product.

As a result, we can’t recommend this Nootropic, as it’s not the best we’ve seen on the market.

5 thoughts on “Performix TCP Review”

  1. Your “article” is terribly biased and your reasoning for not liking a product is because its a PB. There is a reason that companies makes blends…SO NO OTHER COMPANY CAN STEAL THEIR FORMULA.

    • We’ve given it a 3 star rating, so we haven’t been too critical.

      Also, this isn’t the colonel’s mix of 11 spices. Let’s be honest, no-one manages to create a successful copy of a product with the exact same ingredients and dosages, so there’s simply no need for proprietary blends.

      This is why many companies have stopped using PB’s in their products now.

  2. I’ve been taking this TCP for several days now and have noticed some positive improvement. I do also however dislike the fact that I can not find the dosages of each herb anywhere on the product or online. It’s a bit. Nerve-Wracking. To swallow a pill and hope for the best. Lol. Overall. Not a bad product. I’m going to try optimind though.

    Rating: 4
    • Hi Shane,

      This is exactly why we try not to recommend supplements containing proprietary blends 🙂 We prefer knowing exactly what we’re putting into our bodies in the exact amounts!

      Let us know how you get on with optimind, we might try it for ourselves too!

  3. This is a great article. I tried the product and it sucks. You can tell that the optimal doses for ingredients are not there. It’s an over priced time release caffeine pill. I have severe attention deficit and this only made it worse. It was more of a pre-workout. I felt like jumping up and going for a run, not sitting on my computer doing work.

    Rating: 1

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