Alphamine Review

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Alphamine reminds us of the original pre workouts, which all came in the same tubs, but with different labels and brands.

However, the ‘old’ pre workouts gained a reputation for being ‘too strong’ and dangerous, so it’ll be interesting to see how safe and effective Alphamine is.

Claimed to promote:

  • Energy
  • Fat loss

What’s interesting about Alphamine, is that it comes with a serving size of 1 scoop per serving; this is more associated with pre workout supplements, as fat burners usually come in 2-4 capsule serving sizes.

So it looks like a pre workout and its serving size is better suited for the purposes of a pre workout too…

In this review, we’ll be keeping a close eye on whether it’s simply marketed as a fat burner hybrid supplement, or whether it actually contains the right nutrients for it to work.

Take a look:

About The Company

We didn’t learn a great deal about PEScience on their website, as they don’t have a page telling you about the year they were founded etc.

However, we did learn that they take pride in their products that’re made in a cGMP certified facility, which we can get behind.

Since they first hit the market, PEScience have since released numerous products, including pre workouts and multivitamins. But you’re here to learn more about Alphamine, so let’s get started with this review.

The Ingredients and How They Work

Immediately after looking at the nutrient profile for melon berry twist, you can’t avoid that PEScience has added each ingredient inside Alphamine into a proprietary blend; this means you can’t see the dosages of ingredients inside, as you’re only shown the overall amount (1,590mg).

Why is this a problem? Answer: without seeing the exact dosages of ingredients inside Alphamine, it’s hard to know exactly how safe and effective this fat burner/pre workout really is.

But one good thing is that they haven’t made the further mistake of adding caffiene into the proprietary blend; it’s never wise to consue caffeine in unknown quantities, as it can cause jitters and energy crashes.

Not only that, we’re pleased to say that caffeine anhydrous has been added in a sensible dosage too, so at least you’ll be safe from jitters with Alphamine.

We’ll expand on this, and more throughout this section. See for yourself:



L-Leucine is considered to be the ‘main’ branched chain amino acid that stimulates muscle growth; so it’s no surprise that it’s found in protein powders and BCAA supplements.

However, as it doesn’t have any effect on fat loss, there’s no need for it in Alphamine (as this is marketed as a fat burner supplement).

We prefer consuming l-leucine during our workout, but you should be consuming high-protein meals throughout the day, where you’ll be in-taking enough l-leucine anyway.

As a result, we believe that l-leucine isn’t a necessary ingredient in Alphamine.


In terms of fat burning, l-carnitine is the best addition to Alphamine; it’s actually the only ingredient inside this supplement that’s shown to have any effect on fat loss at all.

But saying that, promoting fat loss isn’t l-carnitine’s main benefit.

So what is it mainly for? Answer: l-carnitine is most commonly supplement for its ability to reduce muscular fatigue, allowing you to stay fresh for your next workout.

As a result, l-carnitine is a very useful ingredient in pre-workout supplements. But it’s not going to be as effective as tried-and-tested thermogenics such as green tea extract or cayenne pepper extract.

Choline Bitartrate 

If you’re familiar with pre workout supplements, then you’ve probably seen this in numerous different products before.

But we’re never sure why companies add this into their supplements.

Why? Answer: choline hasn’t shown to offer any useful benefits to improve your gym session.

And that’s not even the worst part…choline is known for causing you to smell fishy while training in the gym.

The worrying thing is that it’s part of the proprietary blend in Alphamine, so it might actually be filling most of it, making the majority of Alphamine useless…

Ultimately, this is a great example of why you should avoid these blends when choosing a supplement.

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We’re even more confused now, as l-theanine is a key addition to a pre workout supplement. So this shows that PEScience did do some research while formulating Alphamine.

The question is, why did they add choline bitrartrate if they did their research on it?…anyway, we’re talking about l-theanine now.

Basically, l-theanine helps enhance the effects of caffeine in smaller dosages – keeping you safe from jiters while improving your focus in the gym.

This allows you to concentrate more on reach rep, and make the most of your time in the gym (to make more gains). But the problem is, l-theanine has only shown to work when consumed in larger dosages than caffeine.

As you’re not shown the dosage of l-theanine inside Alphamine, you can’t see for sure whether it’s been optimally dosed or not.

Ferula Asafoetida

Also known as ‘food of the gods’, feurla asafoetida is believed to improve your cognition. But we’re not sure why this has been added in Alphamine, as this is marketed as a fat burning supplement.

To be honest, as we look deeper into Alphamine’s nutrient profile, it looks more designed to be a pre workout supplement, rather than have any fat burning properties at all.

In fact, it seems like PEScience created a normal pre workout, and added ‘fat burning’ to their advertising as an extra selling point…

Anyway, all you need to know about ferula asafoetida, is that it’s not going to help you shift any unwanted body fat.

Caffeine Anhydrous 

You already know that caffeine anhydrous is the only ingredient that hasn’t been added into their ‘Alphamine Proprietary Blend’.

This makes us think that PEScience actually know the negatives of adding ingredients to proprietary blends; it seems as if they’ve saved Alphamine from inevitably causing side effects by clearly showing you the dosage inside.

But the good news is that it’s been dosed very sensibly in Alphamine at 125mg per serving. Here at SupplementTester, we always recommend that you consume less than 200mg caffeine per serving with pre workouts, so we’re happy with this dosage in Alphamine.

And as caffeine links-up with l-theanine, this would have been great if PEScience had shown you the exact dosage of that nutrient inside this product.

But unfortunately, we can’t say for sure whether these 2 ingredients would work in synergy for this reason.


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Pros and Cons


  • Sensible dosage of caffeine
  • L-carnitine reduces muscular fatigue


  • All ingredients inside proprietary blends.
  • Choline causes fishy breath
  • None of the ingredients in blends are guaranteed to work

Side Effects

As you know, the good news is that caffeine has been dosed sensibly, so there’s no risk of jitters with Alphamine here.

However, as this pre workout contains choline, your breath might smell like salmon after taking this supplement; we’re not sure how bad this will affect you, as the exact dosage of choline has been hidden in a proprietary blend.

Ultimately, you should get the point about why proprietary blends are useless in supplements by now.

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Review Conclusion

We’re still confused about what this supplement really is; it comes presented in a typical pre workout container with a serving size of 1 scoop.

However, on the advertising for Alphamine, it focuses on the fact that it’s designed to help you burn fat. So if we’re judging Alphamine as a fat burner, it’s not going to be very effective at helping you shred the pounds.

The only great thing about Alphamine, is that it’s contains a sensible dosage of caffeine. But while it contains some great ingredients, they’re hidden in proprietary blends, so you can’t see whether they’ve been dosed effectively or not.

Ultimately, you always take a risk by choosing a supplement containing a proprietary blend; it’s much better to know the exact amount of ingredients added by companies – to ensure you receive both a safe and effective product.

As a result, we can’t recommend Alphamine to you, and believe you would be better looking elsewhere for more reliable options.

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