Best Pre Workout Ingredients for Muscle Pump

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One of the best feelings you can get while lifting weights, is experiencing intense muscle pumps.

There’s a reason why Arnold Schwarzenegger compared muscle pumps to an orgasm – you feel great with huge arms, and look even better.

But muscle pumps also come with other benefits, such as:

  • Enhanced muscle gains – get bigger arms, faster.
  • Increased endurance – perform at your best for longer in the gym.
  • Strength boosts – lift bigger weights and smash your PB’s.
  • Reduced fatigue – make better progress by staying fresh throughout your week.

In this article, we’ll take you through the best ingredients for muscle pumps, and the science behind why you experience them in the gym.

Best Muscle Pump Ingredients

Citrulline Malate

This is a mixture of L-Citrulline and Malic Acid – the Malic Acid helps raise energy levels, by encouraging the Krebs cycle (your body using carbs, proteins, and fats as energy)[1]. L-Citrulline is sourced from watermelons, so it’s a 100% natural ingredient.

But what does L-Citrulline do? It turns into L-Arginine when orally supplemented, boosting your nitric oxide levels, leading to vasodilation (your blood vessels dilating, increasing blood flow). Ultimately, this results in enhanced muscle pumps while you lift weights[2].

Why is Citrulline Malate better than L-Arginine? Well, L-Arginine has a poor absorption rate when orally supplemented, so it’s actually ineffective in supplements.

On the other hand, Citrulline Malate has a great absorption rates, meaning your body will make full use of them – ensuring you experience intense muscle pumps in the gym.

The Science Behind It

A study by Perez-Guisado J et al.,[3] looked at the effects of Citrulline Malate in 41 participants – half were given Citrulline Malate, while the other half were given a placebo.

The participants all performed barbell bench presses, and the results were recorded.

The results: The study showed that the participants who’d taken Citrulline Malate experienced boosts in strength and endurance, as well as a reduction in fatigue.

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Red Beetroot Extract

Sourced from the Beet Plant, most commonly used to make juice, smoothie, salads, and oven beetroot chips. Beetroot Extract has a high nitrate content (the precursor to nitric oxide).

When orally supplemented, it promotes muscle pumps by raising your nitric oxide levels.

The Science Behind It

In a study by Jones AM [4] the use of Beetroot Extract as a sports nutrition supplement was examined. The study showed that your body converts Beetroot Extract into nitric oxide, leading to increased blood flow and vasodilation (dilation of blood vessels)

The results: Beetroot Extract was very reliable at delivering muscle pumps – leading to benefits, such as improved strength, endurance, and reduced fatigue.

How Can I Consume These Ingredients?

Citrulline Malate and Beetroot Extract are both natural ingredients – they are sourced from watermelons and the Beet Plant, respectively.

But it’s hard to consume enough through these sources, to make a difference to your gym sessions – the flesh of a watermelon only conyains 250mg L-Citrulline, while you need 6,000mg-8,000mg to experience its benefits.

The solution: Pre Workout Supplements 

Citrulline Malate and Beetroot Extract are both key ingredients that can boost your gym session – top quality pre workout supplements will contain these two in optimal amounts, so you’ll experience:

  • Intense muscle pumps
  • Increased strength
  • Improved endurance
  • Fatigue reduction
  • Enhanced muscle protein synthesis (increases muscle gains)

Bonus: The best pre workout supplements will also contain cognitive boosting ingredients like Rhodiola Rosea and Acetyl L-Carnitine – so you feel stronger mind-muscle-connection, making the most of every rep and more progress on your physique.

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