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Cellucor have built a strong reputation for their pre workout supplements (mainly their C4 series). So when they release a new product, you have to take notice – so we’re reviewing NO3 Ultimate for you here.

Claimed to promote:

  • Muscle pumps

After checking the advertising for NO3 Ultimate, we couldn’t find any other benefits apart from enhanced muscle pumps. While this is good, we’d always want increased energy and endurance when taking pre workouts too.

Anyway, let’s get stuck into this review – and show you whether this pre-workout really is worth trying out.

About The Company

We’ve already mentioned that Cellucor are well-known in the industry. However, we had to look on their wikipedia page for more info (as their website didn’t tell us much).

Cellucor are based in Texas (USA) and although they make a range of products, from whey protein to creatine – their biggest products are their C4 pre-workout range.

As they have a good reputation, Cellucor has manged to sponsor some respected athletes, such as Calum Von Moger and Jen Jewell.

However, we’re only interested in whether the ingredients inside NO3 Ultimate prove themselves to be safe and effective. Let’s see in the next section below.

The Ingredients and How They Work

The main thing we noticed about NO3 Ultimate, was that this pre-workout only contains ingredients aimed to enhance your muscle pumps.

But this isn’t great; our favorite pre-workouts deliver boosts in energy, strength, endurance – as well as muscle pumps. So Cellucor’s NO3 Ultimate doesn’t seem like good value for money.

However, it might be good for those only wanting improved muscle pumps, so we’ll leave you to make your own mind up.

See for yourself:



Cellucor have only set one benefit for this product, but it’s a good start. L-Citrulline has shown to promote blood flow, which in turn improved your muscle pumps in the gym.


It’s been dosed well here; L-Citrulline is effective in dosages from 3,000mg. Cellucor has shown their experience by dosing this ingredient well here.

Inositol-Stabilized Arginine Silicate

This is a form of arginine that’s believed to improve your blood flow. However, when orally supplemented directly, arginine has a poor absorption rate (meaning it’s doesn’t when in supplements).

Not only that, we couldn’t find any unbias studies (any studies not conducted with Nitrisigine, which is a patented form).

In a nutshell, you have to be slightly concerned about studies conducted with patented forms of ingredients (as they might only show you what they want you to see). For this reason, we’re left thinking that Inositol-Arginine-Silicate is unreliable.

Arginine Alpha-Ketoglutarate 

More commonly known as AAKG, this is the salt extracted from arginine. We’ve already told you that arginine has a poor absorption rate; well, anything taken from it does too.

As a result, AAKG isn’t likely to be effective in supplements either.

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Arginine Nitrate 

This is simply a mixture of arginine and nitrate. On paper, this is a great ingredient for muscle pumps – as arginine and nitrate both increase blood flow in your body.

However, remember that arginine has a poor absorption rate when orally supplemented (meaning it’s not likely to be effective here either).

Grape Seed Extract 

You must have eaten some grapes at some point in your life. Well, this is simply the seeds from the fruit, but it’s more beneficial than you think.

Basically, grape seed extract is believed to have anti-estrogenic effects and improve blood flow. However, it’s also shown to have a poor bioavailability (meaning your body doesn’t use most of it).

As a result, grape seed extract isn’t the best option when aiming to improve your muscle pumps.


Resveratrol is the molecule found in red wine – that’s believed to enhance your lifespan. Unfortauntely for red wine lovers, this hasn’t shown to actually deliver this benefit.

But one thing it has shown promising signs of doing, is improving your blood flow. However, there’s only been 1 study that’s shown promising results – meaning it’s not reliable.

We’ll be keeping an eye on future research, but for now; Resveratrol is an unreliable ingredient in this pre-workout.


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Pros and Cons


  • L-Citrulline shown to improve muscle pumps
  • Resveratrol might enhance blood flow


  • Most ingredients are ineffective
  • Only designed to deliver 1 benefit

Side Effects

One good thing about NO3 Ultimate, is that none of the ingredients inside have been reported to cause any side effects. As a result, it’s not likely to cause side effects.

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Review Conclusion

We were never too impressed with this pre workout supplement from the start. But after examining the nutrients inside NO3 Ultimate, we’re even more sure that it’s not Cellucor’s best product.

In a nutshell, NO3 Ultimate is only designed to offer 1 benefit (muscle pumps). But only 1 of its nutrients are actually proven to deliver on its claims (L-Citrulline).

Basically, most of the ingredients inside this pre workout are ineffective. And Cellucor hasn’t even attempted to deliver other key benefits (such as enhanced endurance and energy levels).

As a result, we really don’t think NO3 Ultimate can contend with the highest rated pre workouts available.

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  1. If you are looking for great pump without the stim, this is the deal. Not bad I am on day 3 and my pump is pretty stolid. Looking forward to gainibg strength n burning off some fat…. libido on fleek with this stuff.

    Rating: 4

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