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There are a lot of testosterone boosters with the name ‘testo’ – in fact, our favorite testosterone booster also contains this term. Anyway, after that pointless bit of information, we shall go ahead and review AI Sport Nutrition’s popular TestoPRO.

Claimed to promote:

  • Test levels
  • Strength

We found this product on, but it’s marketing page wasn’t great – it didn’t give us much information about the product (if we couldn’t get all of our information from its ingredient list, we would have been helpless here).

Let’s find out more about AI Sports Nutrition.

About The Company

When we tried to find out more about AI Sports Nutrition (by clicking a link to their ‘about us’ section), we were taken to a page that didn’t work…looks like this company don’t want people to know much about them!

Anyway, we’ll state the obvious to fill the gaps; AI Sports Nutrition are clearly a supplements company, and they market numerous testostereone booster supplements, as well as pre workouts and ‘anti-estrogen’ products.

We’ll analyze what we can – TestoPRO’s ingredient list. Take a look:

The Ingredients and How They Work

Looking at the ingredient list, we see something we don’t like – a proprietary blend. If you’re unsure of what these are, and why they’re bad, we’ll take you through it below.

In a nutshell, proprietary blends are bad, because you’re not shown the individual dosages of ingredients inside them; ultimately, this means you don’t know how effective they are – or whether they work.

We believe proprietary blends are used by companies to make more money (and reduce costs). If they can add ineffective dosages without you knowing, then they’re making a bigger profit while keeping the price high. As a result, we only recommend supplements that show you the exact dosages of each ingredient.

Anyway, check out our analysis of the ingredients inside TestoPro:



Fenugreek is a herb that’s been used in traditional Indian medicine for decades – and can even be found as part of foods such as curries.

However, as you won’t get enough of this in foods, it’s beneficial to consume fenugreek in testosterone boosters; in a nutshell, this has shown to enhance your T levels in numerous studies.

Not only that, studies have shown that fenugreek also raises your libido. Your wife will be happy, and so will you after seeing your testosterone levels peak again.

There’s no need to add a patented form of fenugreek – this simply increases the price of this product. AI Sports Nutrition could have cut costs by adding a normal form of fenugreek, which is just as effective (although they probably wouldn’t have decreased the price anyway…)

TestoPRO Complex

We mentioned that there was a proprietary blend in TestPRO. Well, here it is.

Remember that you’re not shown the individual dosages of ingredients inside this blend – which means you won’t know how effective they are. But 600mg in total makes this a small blend; to put this into perspective, an optimal dosage of an ingredient such as D-Aspartic Acid (which isn’t inside TestoPRO), is 2,300mg.

Anyway, here’s what’s inside this proprietary blend:


This bioflavanoid has shown to be beneficial when consumed along with green tea extract or resveratrol. However, it hasn’t shown to affect your testosterone levels (making it ineffective in TestoPRO).

It doesn’t cause any side effects, but the worrying thing is that Quercetin could be filling up most of this blend – which would make the entire blend useless. This is reason why we hate proprietary blends.

3.4-Divanillyl tetrahydrofuran

Good effort by AI Sports Nutrition; they’ve tried to make this ingredient sound very complex, but it’s simply stinging nettle.

Saying that, this has shown to positively affect your testosterone levels in numerous studies – so there was no need to put this on the ingredient list under its complex chemical name. Ultimately, this just proves that AI Sports Nutrition have tried to make a mostly ineffective ingredient sound better than it is – to keep the price high and charge you more (a classic marketing strategy in the supplements industry, and something to watch out for).


More commonly known as Diindolymethane (DIM), this has shown to be able to stop testosterone from converting into estrogen in small dosages (100mg per serving).

However, it can have the opposite effect in dosages bigger than 100mg – meaning it can raise your estrogen levels (which isn’t good for men). This can lead to side effects such as gynecomastia (man boobs)…

The worrying thing is this: DIM is part of a proprietary blend, so you don’t know the exact dosage of this inside. It’s possible for there to be a dosage bigger than 100mg here, meaning you might be in danger of causing side effects.

Not only that, DIM isn’t needed in any natural testosterone booster – only steroids are strong enough to boost your T enough for your body to begin converting it into estrogen.


This is more commonly known as black pepper – the same stuff you put on your food to make it taste better. Anyway, it can improve your digestion and absorption rate of supplements it’s inside.

However, it’s only a bonus ingredient – it doesn’t make enough difference for it to be considered as a main ingredient. It’s worrying that this is part of a proprietary blend though; AI Sports Nutrition could’ve filled this blend with black pepper without you knowing…


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Pros and Cons


  • Fenugreek proven to boost testosterone
  • Black pepper extract can improve digestion and absorption rate


  • Contains numerous ineffective ingredients
  • Most ingredients part of proprietary blend
  • Not good value for money
  • Can cause side effect

Side Effects

As we’ve mentioned, DIM (Indole-3-Carbinol) can cause your estrogen levels to rise when consumed in dosages over 100mg. As it’s part of a proprietary blend, no-one knows how much is inside TestoPRO.

This puts you at direct risk of suffering from side effects related to high estrogen levels:

  • Gynecomastia
  • Increased fat around hip, waist and belly
  • Loss of muscle mass

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Review Conclusion

After analyzing the ingredients inside TestoPRO, we’re not very impressed; it only contains 1 effective ingredient shown to boost testosterone (Fenugreek). As a result, you’d save money by buying a individual fenugreek supplement.

However, the reason why the best testosterone boosters are better than buying individual ingredients is this: they offer good value for money, containing numerous effective ingredients that don’t cause side effects.

In a nutshell, TestoPRO is missing numerous key testosterone boosting ingredients – instead, AI Sports Nutrition has chosen to add ineffective nutrients that aren’t proven to work. They’ve mixed them in a proprietary blend, to make it look and sound better than it is.

As you can see, TestoPRO doesn’t fit into the description of ‘best testosterone boosters’ – so we can’t recommend that you try this product. You simply can’t compare this to our favorite test boosters this year.

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