Iridium Series Super Male Ti Review


Iridium Series Super Male Ti is a premium testosterone booster from Performix, aimed to deliver an increase in testosterone and promote mental toughness.

But this product won’t be to everyone’s taste – it’s one of the most expensive supplements we’ve ever seen. But is it worth your money?

We’ll take you through this testosterone booster, and the company that makes it, to let you decide for yourself.

Claimed to Boost:

  • Libido and Sexual Health
  • Strength
  • Sports Performance
  • Cognitive Ability


About the Company

Performix is a premium supplements brand with the goal to “out perform, out last and out do” every other company with their “Terra Intelligent Dosing Technology”.

Performix markets top-end products, which is evident from the price of Iridium Series Super Male Ti. They provide a variety of different supplements ranging from Pre-Workouts to BCAA’s.

The Ingredients and How They Work

Although the company and packaging of the Iridium Series Super Male Ti are clearly geared to impress, you’re immediately hit with the price tag – $169.99.

This is extremely expensive – you can get the same type of product for less than a quarter of this fee, and they are just as effective (if not more) in boosting your testosterone.

But there’s another issue. You’re recommended to only take 1 serving of this product per day – the optimal amount of servings are 3-4, so your body will be digesting balanced doses throughout your day. You won’t see all of the benefits of the ingredients included in Iridium Series Super Male Ti with only 1 serving, meaning that you could be effectively wasting nearly $200.

But you can’t ignore some of the great nutrients inside this testosterone booster. It’s up to you whether you believe it’s worth the price tag.

Take a look:


Vitamin D3 

Performix has started strong with this nutrient. It’s critical for human survival and can be found in such foods as fish and eggs.

More importantly in a testosterone booster, it’s been proven to raise your testosterone and energy levels – but here’s where the problem lies with Iridium Series Super Male Ti. To actually experience the benefits of Vitamin D3, you need at least 3,332 IU daily, and this product doesn’t even give you half of that dose.

This company have obviously done their research into what makes a great fat burner and rightly included this nutrient. However, we recommend that you search for a product that delivers a total dose of around 5000 IU’s spread out in 3-4 servings – this will ensure you’re provided with optimum levels of Vitamin D3 throughout your day to give you the full benefits of this ingredient.

Vitamin B6 

There’s a reason why this nutrient is in most products – it works. Vitamin B6 has been proven to increase your testosterone levels and decrease your estrogen levels, meaning you’ll make faster muscle gains while storing less fat in your body.

It’s a great nutrient that provides you the benefits you’re looking for in a testosterone booster.


Zinc is another great ingredient included in Iridium Series Super Male Ti – it’s been proven to lower your blood glucose levels and raise testosterone levels.

Zinc promotes the release of luteinizing hormone (LH) which stimulates the testes to deliver more testosterone. LH is the precursor to both growth hormone and testosterone, so an increase of it will definitely benefit you.


Selenium is a mineral found in soil and naturally appears in water and some foods. There’s not been a lot of research into this ingredient, but it’s shown minor decreases to your risk of prostate cancer and acne.

However, in the same studies, the men involved took 200mcg a day to experience these benefits – this product offers 70mcg per serving, so you’re not even guaranteed to see the same advantages from taking this product.


Now, let’s take a look at the proprietary blend in this product:

Performix Iridium Super TiMale Performance Complex 

Don’t let the long, fancy name of this proprietary blend fool you. You’ll never know the exact amounts of each ingredient included, and companies can use these blends to reduce the production costs.

That being said, there are a few great nutrients involved in this blend. But they may not offer you the main benefits that you’re looking for in a testosterone booster:

  • Ashwagandha has been proven to increase your power output in the gym, but is most commonly used to treat cancer patients and reduce anxiety – while this is good, is this the main benefits you’re looking to get from a testosterone booster?
  • Eurycoma extract is thought to boost your sexual function, but does it boost your testosterone? It hasn’t been proven to do so. At most, it may just help to raise libido.
  • Maca has been proven to increase your libido, but again, no evidence of any increases in testosterone.
  • Cordyceps is a fungus that lives on specific caterpillars in the mountains of China. It’s most commonly used to treat coughs, chronic bronchitis, and kidney disorders – but is this what you want in this product? Cordyceps hasn’t been proven to increase your testosterone is any studies.
  • Horny Goat Weed has increased the testosterone in rodents, but there haven’t been any human studies conducted – these benefits in rats were seen with doses that are equivalent to at least 900mg for humans. The whole proprietary blend is not far off that dosage, so there’s most likely not enough Horny Goat Weed to even benefit you. There is very limited evidence to prove that.
  • Fenugreek and DIM (Diindolylmethane) – there is very limited evidence to prove whether these nutrients will boost your testosterone, and again, these could be taking up most of the space in the blend. This means that you could be wasting your money on nutrients that may not even give you any of the benefits you’re looking for in a testosterone booster.

It’s worrying that this proprietary blend takes up a bulk of such a highly priced product – you should know exactly whats in a product that you’ll use and the exact amounts of the nutrients, or you risk putting yourself at harm and losing your hard-earned cash.


This is an extremely expensive product, and after analyzing its content, we’re not convinced it’s worth the price tag. You can find better Testosterone Boosters for less than a quarter of the price. 

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Side Effects

The Ingredients that Iridium Series Super Male Ti has listed are for the most part, side effects free. However, you should be concerned about the proprietary blend that takes up most of this testosterone booster.

Without knowing the quantities of each nutrient, you never know what you might be sensitive to. For example, caffeine is a very safe nutrient and is used in countless quality products – but some people may be caffeine sensitive and would need to know the exact amount inside a product before using it without incurring any side effects.

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Pro’s and Con’s


  • There’s a number of great ingredients in this product like Vitamin D3, Vitamin B6, Zinc


  • Most of this product is made up of a proprietary blend, and most ingredients inside this blend aren’t proven to offer you testosterone boosting benefits.
  • It’s an extremely expensive product ($169.99), and you can’t find testosterone boosters that are better for much less.
  • Only one serving per day – you need balanced doses throughout the day, preferably spread out in 3-4 servings, to experience the full benefits of each ingredient and the product.

Iridium Series Super Male Ti Review Conclusion

This testosterone booster seems like it would provide you with some testosterone boosting benefits. However, when you’re spending $169.99 per bottle of this product, you’d really expect it to be the best in the market.

We strongly recommend that you keep the majority of your money in your pocket, and look for a product that’s around the $50-70 margin.

Also, the proprietary blend is cause for concern – you’ll never know the exact amounts of what you’re body’s digesting, and at the end of the day, this blend could be Performix’s way of cutting costs and increasing their profits. For such a highly priced testosterone booster, you’d expect to know the exact amounts of all the ingredients inside this product.

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