SD Pharmaceuticals ACACETIN 99 Review



ACACETIN is a marketed as a ‘healthy testosterone and estrogen balance’ supplement by SD Pharmaceuticals. As you can see from the bottle and company name, they play on the gimmick that they’re a science based company – even calling their products ‘pharmaceutical grade’.

Claimed to promote:

  • Testosterone Levels
  • Estrogen Balance

About The Company

SD Pharmaceuticals consider themselves as the ‘single ingredients specialists’, as they only sell single ingredient supplements (like ACACETIN 99 and others such as Citrulline Malate 2000.

SD Pharmaceuticals claim that their founder is ‘recognized as one of the best researchers and product formulators in the dietary supplements industry’. However, we can’t confirm whether this is true or not – and he can’t be that good if they’ve not made any ground-breaking supplements (they simply product single ingredient products).

Anyway, let’s see whether ACACETIN 99 is worth buying or not.

The Ingredients and How They Work

This will be a quick review, as this is literally one ingredient (as SD Pharmaceuticals are the ‘single ingredient specialists’). But we’ll find some scientific studies to see how reliable and effective this product is.

See for yourself:


What Is Acacetin?

Also known as ‘4-methoxy-5-7-dihydroxyflavone’, this is a O-0methylated flavone that’s sourced from plants (such as the Robinia pseudoacacia & Turnera diffusa). 

In a nutshell, it’s believed to have anti-estrogen effects (which should slightly increase the free testosterone available in your body). For this reason, it’s considered to be useful during a ‘cycle’ or during ‘post cycle therapy’ (to stop you developing gynecomastia).

However, as a natural testosterone booster, it can’t compete with others on the market that contain a mixture of proven ingredients that’ll raise your T-Levels (remember that SD Pharmaceutical’s product is literally 1 ingredient).

Is It Worth Buying? 

The simple answer to this question, is NO. $35.69 for one ingredient is a MASSIVE price tag – especially as Acacetin is still not proven to work (as there hasn’t been many studies conducted on this ingredient).

It seems like SD Pharmaceuticals’ Acecetin 99 is aimed at ‘steroid users’ who need to rely on anti-aromatase – to prevent themselves from developing gynecomastia (man boobs). However, if you’re one of these, then don’t get too excited just yet.

As we’ve mentioned, there’s not many studies that prove that it’s reliable for this.


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Side Effects 

Another negative about ingredients that haven’t been proven to work, is that it’s unknown whether they cause side effects. We can only assume that Acacetin 99 doesn’t cause any side effects from the studies available.

However, DIM is another anti-estrogen ingredient, but this comes with a worrying side effect – in large dosages, DIM actually encourages your body to convert testosterone into estrogen (significantly increasing your risk of developing gynecomastia). There isn’t enough research completed on Acacetin 99 to prove that it doesn’t come with this side effect.

For now, we advise you to avoid this ingredient – especially if you’re simply looking for a testosterone booster supplement.

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Review Conclusion

Simply put, Acacetin 99 isn’t worth your money. SD Pharmaceuticals has produced this in a scientific looking white bottle, and labelled it as ‘pharmaceutical grade’ to fool you into thinking it’s better than it is – but if you do your research on the single ingredient that makes this product, then you won’t be very impressed.

We found Acacetin 99 on under the ‘natural testosterone booster’ category, but we have no idea why SD Pharmaceuticals are trying to market this as a T-Boosting supplement – as it’s not shown to have any effect on your test levels.

The worst thing about Acacetin 99 is the price – $35.65 for 1 ingredient is a very bad price, and you could get the best testosterone booster on the market for a very similar price (which contains numerous key testosterone boosting ingredients that’re proven to work).

As a result, we can’t recommend that you spend your cash on SD Pharmaceuticals’ product.

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