Six Star Testosterone Booster Elite Series Review


Starting out the search for a testosterone booster can be tough. Which ones work? Which ones don’t? Which one is too expensive and which one is just right?

There are a lot of questions that need answering, and if you’re interested in the Elite Series Testosterone Booster from Six Star we may have some answers for you.

Unlike most testosterone boosters, the Elite Series was once in a powder rather than a capsule. This can be frustrating if you need to take any when out and about, and I would advise against it if you come across any of the powder versions online from the remaining stock.

In terms of ability, the Elite Series T booster claims to do the following:

  • Boost active (free) testosterone
  • Maintains peak testosterone to cortisol ratio (manages stress chemicals)
  • Enhances training performance

I find the cortisol ratio particularly interesting here, as this stress hormone can interfere with testosterone levels and lower them significantly. So it’s great that Six Star have put some thought into managing this.

About the Company

A product of the MuscleTech, Six Star is a company founded on good value supplements priced to suit all athletes – for example this product is just $10 for 60 capsules on

Six Star sell a range of products and are well established as a brand dealing with multiple variations of protein powders, pre-workouts, creatines and more. They don’t talk a lot about themselves on their website, but with the value they offer we can’t really expect them to provide us with a money back guarantee.

The Ingredients and how they work

The Elite Series requires one serving of two capsules twice a day. It specifies not to exceed this dosage within a 24 hour period, which could mean they’re very potent.

This could also have something to do with it’s ‘training performance’ qualities which suggests some energy boosting stimulants, which could cause unpleasant side effects when overused.

Let’s see for ourselves, shall we?

six star supp factsCalcium – Seen to cause higher testosterone levels in active males. However, in that study the subjects were given 35mg/kg of their body weight. Not just 45mg flat out. It will make very little, if any difference.

Rhodiola Extract – Has been clinically proven to reduce fatigue in humans. This should also reduce stress cortisol levels in the body and let more T grow.

Gingko Extract – Has been hit and miss in individuals for dealing cognitive enhancement. However an effective dose of Gingko is anywhere from 120-240mg not 2.7mg.

Boron – This is a really good ingredient for testosterone boosting qualities. Boron lowers the body’s count of the sex hormone globulin. Globulin binds to free testosterone and makes up to 60% of the testosterone in men’s body’s unusable. Using Boron less globulin is produced and more testosterone can move freely.

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Side Effects

Well unlike it’s powdered version predecessor, this Testosterone Booster of the Elite Series contains far less ingredients than most testosterone boosters.

I don’t think you’ll have any problems with side effects here. Also I don’t think you’ll feel many effects at all. Really all this product has going for it is a firm supply of boron.

Seeing as there’s only 4 ingredients I’ll summarize rather quickly where I think the downfalls are:

Calcium: A good idea, but not enough is used here to make that much of an effect.

Rhodiola: Lowering fatigue is one thing, but reducing stress is another. I know there’s a connection between the two, but until hard evidence emerges for Rhodiola on stress leves this is a poor ingredients.

Gingko: There is nowhere near enough of this product used here to make an effective difference. A reported effective dose is still around 50x larger than what there is in the Elite Series.

Boron: The optimum dose is unknown, but good results have been seen with anything over 3mg of active boron. This product has 5mg. It is the saving grace of this testosterone booster.

Pros and Cons


  • Contains Boron
  • Possibly the cheapest of it’s kind on the market
  • More than one dose a day


  • Not enough ingredients
  • Poorly dosed ingredients
  • Unproven Ingredients

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Six Star Testosterone Booster Elite Series Review Conclusion

After fully examining what little there was of the Elite Series Ingredients – they’re not actually that bad. Sure, I’ve slated them to death in this review, as 75% of it’s ingredients are all over the place.

But $10 for a pretty steady boron supply? That’s actually really good value.

I wouldn’t recommend this for someone who is serious about raising their testosterone, but someone who is tight on cash and just needs the tiniest boost to break a plateau? There’s not a lot to lose here, have at it.

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