Super Test Review


Super Test is a testosterone booster supplement marketed by Beast Sports Nutrition. It comes in 45 serving containers at $45.94.

Claimed to promote:

  • Testosterone levels
  • Libido and sex drive
  • Liver and kidney function
  • Muscle gains
  • Strength

This product claims to deliver many benefits, but its up to the ingredient list whether it actually does. We’ve analyzed all of Super Test’s contents, to determine its effectiveness and value for money.

Take a look:


About the Company

Founded in 1995, Beast Sports has grown into a respectable supplements company. They won the 2012 & 2013 Breakout Brand of the Year awards on a leading bodybuilding website.

Beast Sports Nutrition market a range of products, from pre-workout supplements to testosterone boosters.

The Ingredients and How They Work

Straight away from looking at the ingredient list we see a negative – Super Test contains 5 proprietary blends. But you might be thinking, what’s a proprietary blend and why are they bad?

Well, proprietary blends are a mixture of numerous ingredients that’re shown to you as one quantity. This is bad, because you’ll never know the exact amount of each individual ingredient inside – if you’re sensitive to any ingredient in these blends, you’ll be at risk from suffering unwanted side effects.

But there are some positives – Super Test contains some great ingredients such as Fenugreek Seed and Nettle Root Powder.

See for yourself:


Anabolic Testosterone Support Complex

This is the first proprietary blend in Super Test – this means that no-one knows the exact amount of each individual ingredient contained. You’re only shown the overall quantity of the whole blend (1000mg).

We’ll take you through the most important ingredients, only briefly mentioning a few ineffective ingredients to save this from becoming long and pointless.

We’ll get straight to the facts now:

Puncture Vine (Tribulus Terrestris)

We have no idea why Beast Sport Nutrition has labelled Tribulus as “Puncture Vine”, but it’s a plant used traditionally in Indian medicine (Ayurveda).

It’s believed to boost libido, strength, and T-levels – However it’s failed to show this in any studies conducted, meaning Tribulus is an ineffective ingredient in Super Test.

The problem is this – as Tribulus is part of a proprietary blend, it could be filling up most of it, making this whole blend ineffective.


This is a herb used in Ayurveda medicine (traditional Indian medicine), most commonly used to treat anxiety. Beast Sport Nutrition has added Ashwagandha in Super Test as it’s shown to boost strength in a few studies.

However, here’s the problem. There has to be at least 300mg-500mg to be effective, which would mean half of this blend would have to be Ashwagandha – its optimal dose is 2,000mg, so it’s impossible for there to be an optimal amount of this ingredient.

It’s unlikely that half of this blend is filled with Ashwagandha, meaning the amount inside this blend will be ineffective in boosting your strength.

Beast Sports Nutrition should’ve shown the amount inside and dosed Ashwangandha at 500-2,000mg to enhance your strength.

Rhodiola Extract

Also known as Rhiodiola Rosea, this is a great ingredient to have in a product – it boosts mental function (memory, focus, reaction time), as well as strength in the gym.

However, the optimal amount of Rhodiola Rosea is 288mg-680mg – meaning half of this blend would have to be filled with this ingredient, for it to be effective in delivering these benefits.

It’s unlikely that half of this blend is made up of Rhodiola Rosea, as there is so many ingredients inside – so we can assume this is ineffective in Super Test.


This is the best ingredient in Super Test for enhancing testosterone. It’s proven to boost T-levels in numerous studies, as well as libido and suppress appetite – all great features of a gym supplement.

This is how it works; the main compound in Fenugreek, called 4-hydroxyisoleucine, regulates glucose metabolism, which is helpful as it’s shown that a spike in sugar levels can result in a 25% decrease in testosterone.

However, the problem is that Fenugreek is part of a proprietary blend, so you don’t know the exact amount inside. For all you know, there could be a minimal amount of Fenugreek in Super Test, meaning it would be ineffective.

We recommend looking for a testosterone booster that shows you the exact amount of Fenugreek inside.

Nitric Oxide Support Complex

This is the second proprietary blend in Super Test, so you won’t know the quantity of each individual ingredient inside.


In theory, supplementing L-Arginine would be great, as it’s important in raising your nitric oxide levels – which promotes intense muscle pumps during your workout.

However, L-Arginine has a poor absorption rate, meaning it’s actually ineffective in increasing your nitric oxide levels after oral supplementation. This is why Citrulline Malate is a better choice – Citrulline Malate has a great absorption rate, so it helps deliver great muscle pumps.

Here’s another problem – muscle pumps aren’t even a key feature of a testosterone booster. There are already top quality pre-workout supplements that provide this benefit, so there’s no need for Beast Sports Nutrition to try and deliver muscle pumps in Super Test.

Other Ingredients

All of the other ingredients are different forms of L-Arginine, meaning they’re all ineffective in raising your nitric oxide levels and delivering muscle pumps (Arginine Malate is a mix of L-Arginine and Malic Acid).

Estrogen Control Factors

This blend is clearly designed to supress your estrogen levels – but this isn’t necessary as no natural testosterone will be strong enough to boost your T-levels so high that your body converts it to estrogen.

Beast Sports Nutrition has attempted to fool you into believing Super Test is equally as strong as steroids. Let’s take a look at the ingredients in this blend.

Japanese Knotweed

It’s strange that this herb is included in a blend that’s aimed at regulating estrogen levels – Japanese Knotweed hasn’t shown to have any effect on estrogen levels in studies.

It’s effective in reducing inflammation and is a source of Resveratrol, which is a molecule also found in wine, that’s falsely believed to increase lifespan.

This is definitely an ineffective ingredient in Super Test.

Diindoylmethane (DIM)

This is a molecule that’s commonly found in broccoli, that can prevent the conversion of testosterone into estrogen in small amounts.

However, taking large amounts of DIM can actually have the reverse effect, increasing estrogen synthesis (conversion of T into Estrogen).

This is a problem – DIM is part of a proprietary blend, so Super Test could contain up to 200mg.

Liver and Kidney Detoxification Support

This is another proprietary blend in Super Test, also part of the gimmick to fool you into believing this product is equally as strong as testosterone.

This is because the ingredients inside (Milk Thistle and Cranberry Extract) are often used by those who are cycling steroids – due to steroids being toxic to your liver and kidneys.

Don’t be fooled – you don’t need to supplement Milk Thistle or Cranberry Extract when taking a natural testosterone booster. While top quality T-boosters will enhance your testosterone levels, they simply can’t compete with steroids.

There’s a reason why steroids can be severely harmful and are illegal.

DHT Control Factors

This blend is also part of the gimmick that’s meant to fool you into thinking Super Test is equally as strong as steroids – steroids negatively affect your cholesterol levels, so users usually consume supplements to combat this.

Nettle Root Extract

This is an effective ingredient in raising your T-levels, as well as being able to reduce symptoms of allergies and inflammation.

However, studies have shown that Nettle Root Extract has no effect on your cholesterol levels.


The majority of ingredients in Super Test are ineffective in raising T-levels. Also, Beast Sports Nutrition has tried to fool you into thinking its equally as strong as steroids with the addition of Milk Thistle. 

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Side Effects

Super Test is mostly side effects free, but as it contains proprietary blends, you’re at risk of experiencing side effects if you’re sensitive to any ingredients inside.

The main concern with this product is that it contains DIM in an unknown quantity – if you consume a large dose of DIM, it can encourage your body to convert testosterone into estrogen – this would result in unwanted side effects like gynecomastia.

Here are the potential side effects of Super Test:

  • Conversion of testosterone into estrogen (DIM).

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Pro’s and Con’s


  • Contains Fenugreek, which is proven to boost T-levels.


  • Proprietary blends.
  • Gimmick trying to trick you into thinking Super Test is as strong as steroids.
  • Mostly ineffective ingredients at raising your T-Levels.
  • Not good value for money.

Super Test Review Conclusion

The only good point about Super Test are that it contains Fenugreek, which is proven to enhance testosterone levels – but even this is ruined by the fact Fenugreek is part of a proprietary blend, meaning there might be enough inside to be effective.

One thing that annoys us, is that Beast Sports Nutrition has tried to trick you into thinking Super Test is as strong as steroids. You can see this with the addition of Milk Thistle and Cranberry Extract, as steroid users often consume these ingredients as steroids are toxic to your organs (especially liver).

After analyzing Super Test’s contents, it seems ineffective in successfully boosting your testosterone levels.

You should look for a T-booster that contains key ingredients, such as Vitamin D3 (technically a hormone, proven to raise T-levels), Aspartic Acid and Asian Red Panax Ginseng – a product that contains these ingredients, not in a proprietary blend, will be effective in boosting your testosterone levels.

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