T-Bomb 3xtreme Review


As the amount of testosterone boosters on the market rise to all try to meet the needs of gym-goers trying to build muscle, one in particular has grabbed my attention.

The product: T-Bomb 3xtreme. The reason: It claims to increase free testosterone by 32% without increasing estrogen.

It’s certainly an interesting claim to make – and given that this was a study they performed specifically on the T-Bomb 3xtreme’s predecessor, we can’t rule out that the study was produced to be self-serving.

It’s definitely something that needs investigating, and considering it’s status in the market at the moment, it’s ripe for analysis.


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About the Company

I’ve reviewed MHP, or ‘Maximum Human Performance’ products before, specifically Dren. It did not live up to expectations, mainly because it consisted entirely of a proprietary blend.

They tend to do this a lot in their products and it really seems to drive down the trust between the manufacturer and the consumer.

However, they do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all their products as long as it’s purchased directly from the MHP website. Keep that in mind if something they produce ever takes your fancy.

The Ingredients and they work

T-Bomb 3xtreme requires two servings a day, in 3 capsule doses. This equates to ingesting 6 pills a day.

This is a lot to ask for, however these large doses should, if the product works, keep testosterone levels elevated throughout the day and in the long run serve as a benefit.

Now, unfortunately, we have to get to the ingredients. Why unfortunately? Because:

t-bomb extreme supfacts

Have you ever seen so many proprietary blends in your entire life? Not one proprietary blend, but two! I can’t promise to review every component, otherwise this short review will become a budding novel. I’ll try to concentrate more on the important ones.

First we’re going to discuss the ingredients that we know the dosages of, and take it from there:

Magnesium – This is a good ingredient to have in a testosterone booster. It directly affects the amount of free testosterone in the body and negates away from fatigue and cramp.

Zinc – Key to many processes the body needs to release testosterone. It helps release the luteinzing hormone which promotes free testosterone in the body. Zinc is also a powerful aromatase inhibitor which decreases the amount of estrogen the body produces.

Copper – Has been seen to increase the luteinzing hormone when directly injected into rats. There’s not a lot of information of copper and testosterone’s relationship, however Zinc has been known to decrease copper levels in the body and seeing that T-Bomb uses 167% of the daily dosage of zinc. It’s probably a good reason it’s there.

Now the one’s we don’t know the dosages of. Starting with Optimone-5, or should I say Proprietary Blend number 1.

Tribulus Terrestris – From the plant Ayurveda, traditionally used for virility and libido enhancing, TT appears to enhance sex drive but not much else. It’s effects on testosterone are still unproven.

Fenugreek – It has been shown to increase libido and sex drive in men. But it more aimed at keeping T levels stable than improving them.

LongJack – There is no evidence that proves LongJack is a testosterone boosting agent, however it has been seen to be a pro-erectile element and helps towards lowering estrogen levels.

Stinging Nettle – Used mainly to help with urinary tract problems, and used to reduce the size of the prostate. It reduces joint pain and inflammation caused by osteoarthritis.

Saw Palmetto – Seen to be a popular aphrodisiac, Saw Palmetto has been used largely for conditions with the prostate and promoting health of the organ. There is insufficient evidence for it actually helping to raise testosterone.

Moving on to the second proprietary blend, the Hormone Amplifiers:

Flaxseed – It may be fill of omega-3’s but you should incredibly wary of flaxseed. One of the main causes of estrogen production is phytoestrogens in food, most commonly this is found in soy. Flax has three times the amount that soy does. Putting it in a testosterone booster was not a wise move.

Cordyceps Extract – A fungi used in traditional Chinese medicine. It has been linked to the regulation of testosterone production.

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Side Effects

The problem with this product is that there is too much of it pressed into a proprietary blend. We don’t know any of the ingredient dosages in this product apart from three of the minor ones.

This could lead to a whole range of problems but one of the first ones I’m going to pick up on is the inclusion of flaxseed in this product. Being a pro-estrogen food, I’m rather curious to hear the reasoning behind it’s inclusion in this product, and if the omega three benefits are enough to justify it.

Another thing I’ve noticed in this product is the sheer range of libido enhancing ingredients present in T-Bomb. It seems to be more focused on provided sexual gains rather than actually delivering testosterone.


Pros and Cons


  • T-Bomb requires recommends more than one serving a day
  • Some of the ingredients included are proven to be effective


  • This product is nearly all proprietary blends
  • A lot of the ingredients in this product are unproven
  • One ingredient is full of phytoestrogens – a promoter of estrogen

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T-Bomb 3xtreme Review Conclusion

Having originally seen the results of MHP, I was impressed, but also slightly suspicious. It takes a lot for a study to be done on a specific product purely to gauge it’s effectiveness, and usually they don’t come cheap. It may be possible that MHP paid for these results to come out the way they did.

Forgetting all that for now, the main thing to concentrate on is the ingredients, and seeing as T bomb is packed full of ingredients come from proprietary blends, the main concern is the safety of the product – and of top of that the effectiveness. Neither of which we can can fully measure until this ingredients list is revised.

Always be wary of proprietary blends.

I do not recommend you buy this product.

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