Test Booster 1.0 Review


This is a relatively new testosterone booster from Blade Nutrition.

Aimed at guys who want a little bit more from their workouts this supplement claims to help:

  • Support testosterone
  • Muscle growth and strength
  • Manage estrogen

These are pretty standard features for a T-booster, what’s important is how they’re carried out – with the ingredients and the amount of daily servings being paramount for results.

I’ve heard some pretty mixed reviews about Test Booster 1.0, and I can see why, there are a lot of pros and cons to taking this product.

But find out more about the people who made it:

About the Company

Blade Nutrition was started by former Mr Olympia Dexter Jackson, who is still a full time competitor in the IFBB and is still in fantastic shape. A big name like Dexter attached to this brand is reassuring, as they live the lifestyle themselves – chances are it’s going to be good quality if it’s coming from them.

They only have a short range at the moment, which includes a fat burner, pre-workout, BCAAs and various other supplements that are catered to a lifter’s stack.

As I write this their website isn’t fully put together as the company are fairly new, but you can check them out on Bodybuilding.com.

The Ingredients and how they work

One of the main things that threw me with this supplement was the amount of servings. Test Booster 1.0 has only 2 servings per day of 3 capsules. Although the servings in this product are potent, there is only so much the body can absorb at a time.

Ideally what you want is a T-booster that has servings around 3 – 4 times a day. This ensures that the body is constantly being supplied with what it needs, and minimizes the risk of anything being wasted.

It’s clear the servings need work, however, it’s not a completely lost cause. Depending on the ingredients, Test Booster 1.0 may still be able to deliver some testosterone boosting benefits – and fortunately for us, this product has no proprietary blends. This means we know exactly how much we’re getting in each serving, and how effective it will be:

testboost1factsVitamin D – Vitamin D is a great addition to any T-Booster. We struggle to get enough of it throughout the day due to indoor living and it has proven links to boosting testosterone. However, I am concerned that Test Booster 1.0 has not stated if it is D2 or D3 – Which makes all the difference.

D2 is a lot harder for the body to absorb, and provides far less benefit to bone structure and hormone levels and is a lot less stable than D3.

D3 helps raise blood testosterone a lot easier and has far more clinical trials supporting it’s ability to perform as a supplement.

Zinc – This mineral is very useful for producing testosterone. Zinc is needed for reactions in the brain to create luteinzing hormone (LH) which is the precursor to testosterone and growth hormone. Both vital to the muscle building process.

D-Aspartic Acid – Much like Zinc, this amino acid also helps towards the luteinzing hormone, and by extension more testosterone. It is clinically proven and has seen great results for increasing T levels over short periods of time.

DIM – This nutrient is more commonly found in greens like broccoli and is thought to help manage estrogen by working as an aromatase inhibitor. However, not much has been proven and it may be a while before there is sufficient evidence to support this claim.

DHEA – This is straight up hormone that can turn into either testosterone or estrogen depending on what the body requires. The only problem with DHEA is that it’s hard to supplement and the results are very unreliable and most studies seem to only focus on menopausal women.

Tribulus Terrestris – Unfortunately there have been no studies backing Trib’s effectiveness. It was originally thought to increase testosterone, but recent evidence has proven that is no longer the case. It still holds some merit as a libido booster, but the effects are unreliable.

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Side Effects

There have been no side effects reported for Test Booster 1.0.

Pros and Cons


  • Contains Proven Ingredients
  • Founded by former Mr Olympia Dexter Jackson


  • No confirmation on what type of Vitamin D is being used
  • Servings need to be improved
  • Contains ineffective ingredient Tribulus Terrestris

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Test Booster 1.0 Review Conclusion

After seeing the ingredients and looking at the serving suggestions, Test Booster 1.0 seems to have a lot of potential but is not the best testosterone booster that I’ve seen.

Apart from the tribulus, the ingredient panel seems pretty good. I have some reservations about the type of vitamin D being used, if it is in fact D2 it’s not going to have that much of an effect on T-levels.

There’s also an issue with the servings; there’s only 2 a day. It’s not enough to continuously supply T-levels with the nutrients they need to allow them to continuously rise – or to block estrogen.

If this product was broken up into more servings throughout the day it would be a lot more effective, as for now I suggest you check out my current top testosterone boosters to see what is the best one for you. You can see them all here.


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