Test X180 Ignite Review


This is one of the more unique testosterone boosters on the market from the guys at Force Factor.

Test X180 Ignite differs from most testosterone boosters on the market as it claims to enhance:

  • Muscle
  • Sex Drive
  • Physical Performance

Purely by boosting free testosterone, however, this product’s ingredients tell a different story – with Ignite behaving more like a fat burner than an actual T-Booster.

If you’re considering Test X180 Ignite as a Test Booster, I strongly suggest reading this review or checking out the our Top Testosterone Boosters on the market for a better option.

About the Company

Force Factor is a relatively new company in the supplements industry that was founded in 2009.

It focuses on muscle building supplements and caters more to bodybuilders in the male market.

Force Factor sell world wide with the majority of its product being sold online by big names such as GNC.

However that doesn’t mean their product quality is instantly good – we need to look at the facts before we make any decisions.

The Ingredients and how they work

In terms of servings Ignite only has 2 a day, each consisting of 2 capsules.

On workout days it’s recommended you take one serving with breakfast and another 30 minutes before a workout.

Whereas on other days you should take the first serving with breakfast and the second serving with lunch.

This isn’t the best serving schedule out there, as it doesn’t constantly supply your body with the nutrients it needs throughout the day to effectively boost testosterone.

The ingredients weren’t so great either, with 2 overarching proprietary blends it’s difficult to see how much of each ingredient is used – and if it is an effective dose.

See it below:


First we’ll look at the T-Boosting side of things: The ‘Manliness Ignition Matrix’ – the first proprietary blend.

Fenugreek – Traditionally used in Indian cuisine like curries, Fenugreek is actually a surprising supporter of free testosterone.

Through it’s ability to help with blood sugar regulation, Fenugreek lowers the amount of insulin in the body which is known to interfere and diminish testosterone levels, which allows your T levels to soar.

Green Tea Leaf – We’re not sure why this has been grouped in with the T-boosting ingredients, as it’s a potent thermogenic and helps with fat loss – and the polyphenols will make very little difference to T-levels.

The catechins in the green tea will help with fat loss by promoting the hormone norepinephrine in your body which burns fat, you should also get a lift in energy from the caffeine in the herb.

Avena Sativa – A component found in oats that may help promote testosterone, however, little evidence of it having an effective impact is yet to be found.

Horny Goat Weed – Contrary to what is believed, Horny Goat Weed doesn’t help towards boosting testosterone, however it does offer some benefits when it comes to boosting libido.

In terms of T-Boosting, the only ingredient worth it’s salt here is Fenugreek, and given that this is a proprietary blend, we’re unable to gauge how much of this is actually in the product.

This makes us question how effective Test X180 Ignite actually is.

Now for the ‘Fat Incineration Complex’ – another proprietary blend.

Green Tea Leaf – Covered above.

Caffeine Anhydrous – A powerful natural stimulant that helps raise both energy levels and metabolism. It can add energy to your sessions and more power output, depending on the dose.

Green Coffee Bean Extract – Another thermogenic. One of the main components in this type of coffee is known as chlorogenic acid, this helps cut down the amount of glucose in the liver and turns your body onto its fat stores for more energy.

White Tea Extract – Unlike Green Tea, this herb is more of a relaxant and can heighten your brains levels of GABA. This could help counteract any jitters you may experience from the stimulants in this product.

Overall the only ingredients worth concerning ourselves with here is the fenugreek and the horny goat weed. This’ll at least give your free testosterone and libido some benefit.

The rest don’t have much effect when it comes to raising testosterone, however, the green tea, caffeine and green coffee bean can help with thermogenic fat loss.

Side Effects

This product has no reported side effects

Pros and Cons


  • Contains fenugreek
  • May help promote energy and fat loss


  • Poor serving schedule
  • Not an effective T-booster
  • Proprietary blends – values for ingredients not stated.

Test X180 Ignite Review Conclusion

Interestingly this a testosterone booster that works better as a fat burner, given the ingredients.

From a T-boosting point of view, the only benefits you’re going to get here step from the Fenugreek, and the libido boosting properties of the Horny Goat Weed.

Overall it’s not going to have that much of an impact on your testosterone levels.

That said, the fat burning side of this product may work differently with core ingredients like green tea, caffeine and green coffee bean – it may have some good thermogenic effect.

However the fact that these are both in proprietary blends makes it difficult to establish just how effective this will be.

On top of this, with only 2 servings a day, your body isn’t receiving the optimum amount of times per day to keep your testosterone levels on the rise, and your gains at full capacity.

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