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It’s a fact of life that we age, and it’s also a fact that our testosterone levels drop as we do so. Shockingly, on average your testosterone levels will drop by 10% every decade.

This means less energy, lower mood and worst of all for fitness fanatics, reduced muscle gains in the gym. Which is where products like Roar Ambition’s TestoFuel step in.

A good testosterone booster has the right mix of natural ingredients to raise testosterone and help build muscle, and we’re interested to see if TestoFuel is up to scratch.

TestoFuel says that it has a “unique, winning formula” that helps you:

  • Boost muscle gains – achieve larger, harder muscles.
  • Enhance strength – lift more weight and make more gains.
  • Reduce body fat – get leaner and carve out a V-shaped torso.
  • Lift your mood – gain more energy and drive.
  • Improve your sexual performance – increase your sex drive and sperm count.

According to the product website, TestoFuel does all this by performing three key processes in the body:

  • Supports testosterone production – increases the Luteinizing hormone to stimulate release of more of the male hormone
  • Promotes free testosterone – makes more testosterone available in your system
  • Blocks estrogen – suppresses the female hormone to enhance your dominant male traits

TestoFuel boasts good reviews on many fitness sites and forums, with users experiencing clear results. And now we’re itching to see whether it lives up to the hype…

The company

Roar Ambition is a specialist supplement company based in the UK.

It claims to work with nutritional experts, scientists and athletes to produce “clinically-researched supplements.” In addition to TestoFuel, Roar Ambition products include Instant Knockout (fat burner) and 4 Gauge (pre-workout).

A little research tells me the company boasts tens of thousands of customers in 178 customers across the world – and TestoFuel is its best-selling product.

Roar Ambition also says it makes all products in cGMP- and FDA approved facilities to ensure they stay safe and natural.

testofuel review

“Buy direct to make sure you get the best”

Roar Ambition products are only available direct from Roar Ambition – you can buy it at TestoFuel.com.

As a bargain hunters, we usually like to shop around for the best price, so it was a little disappointing to see limited availability at first. But a member of the customer service team explained, the company sells direct to maintain quality control.

In other words, there are no outdated versions of TestoFuel sitting around on the web or on dusty sports store shelves. This ensures that whenever you buy TestoFuel, you can be sure you’re getting “the most up-to-date formula on the market.”

In addition, Roar Ambition ships worldwide from its depots in the USA and UK to ensure fast delivery wherever you are in the world.

Used by a four-time Mr Universe

One of the stars of Pumping Iron (1977) alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robby Robinson is a bodybuilding legend.

Now in his seventies, “The Black Prince” is still in better shape than many lifters half his age. And he says TestoFuel plays a big role in his success…

Read more about Robby Robinson’s experience with TestoFuel at: www.testofuel.com/our-testimonials/

Ingredients and how they work

The directions on the TestoFuel label say you should take just one capsule four times a day, with no need to cycle on and off.

The four daily servings are enough to give your body a consistent supply of nutrients that raise and maintain testosterone.

There are no proprietary blends in TestoFuel, which means you know exactly what you’re getting for your money.


D-aspartic acid (D-AA)

This amino acid reacts in the brain to stimulate the release of Luteinizing hormone, which is a precursor to testosterone.

Studies have shown that taking D-AA over a period of 12 or more days can increase testosterone levels by just under 50% [1].

Vitamin D3

Actually more of a hormone than a vitamin, D3 is an essential nutrient that’s synthesized in the skin via sunlight.

In most cases, we don’t get a lot of Vitamin D3 due to working indoors or living in naturally overcast countries. Vitamin D deficiency reduces free testosterone, but research show D3 supplementation reverses this trend.

In one study, D3 increased testosterone in men by an average of 25% of the course of one year [2].

Oyster extract

As well as being a potent source of zinc – 10 times the amount of than you would find in a steak – oyster extract is rich in all 59 trace elements needed by the body. These include amino acids, vitamins and other nutrients to support the body.

The zinc in oyster extract helps your brain produce more of the Luteinizing Hormone, a main testosterone precursor [3].

All of these nutrients come together to make oyster extract a powerful aphrodisiac and test booster. You won’t often see oyster extract in testosterone boosters – ingredients like this really set TestoFuel apart.


This herb helps testosterone flow freely in your bloodstream.

It achieves this by lowering blood sugar levels in your body, which then inhibits the Sex-Hormone Binding Globulin (SHBG) [4].

SHBG is your enemy because it robs testosterone of its anabolic effects [5]. Fenugreek reverses this process to help boost muscle mass.

Read more about TestoFuel’s ingredients at: 



Magnesium deficiency can cause muscle fatigue, cramps, soreness and tension [6].

By contrast, getting more of the mineral in your diet boosts both free and total testosterone levels in athletes and sedentary individuals [7]. It also contributes to muscle growth AND faster recovery after a tough workout.


Research shows strong links between zinc deficiency and low testosterone [8]. When the body’s zinc levels are too low, this inhibits androgen receptors, lowers testosterone and suppresses the effects of any of the male hormone left in your system.

On the other hand, one study showed subjects who supplemented their diets with zinc raised testosterone by up to 84% [9].

Asian red Panax ginseng

Panax ginseng is shown to increase sex hormones which stimulate the growth of testosterone [10]

Research also shows ginseng boosts energy and reduces muscle damage [11] to help your muscles grow bigger – faster.

In addition, Panax ginseng boosts mental and physical performance under stress [12]. This makes it great for increasing your strength and drive in the weight room.

Vitamin B6

B6 is a vital nutrient that helps reduce levels of estrogen (the female hormone) in your body [13].

This is great news as too much estrogen can stop your body making testosterone. As a result, getting more B6 in your diet helps you gain muscle, ramps up your energy, and stop you developing the dreaded man-boobs (a symptom of high estrogen).

Vitamin K2

One of testosterone’s unsung heroes, Vitamin K2 is shown to increase testosterone in the blood plasma and testes [14].

This vitamin is a worthy addition to any testosterone booster in its own right.

But K2 really comes into its own when paired with Vitamin D3…

The mix of K2 and D3 prevents calcification (the buildup of calcium in your arteries) [15]. This not only helps keep your heart healthy, but also leaves D3 free to flow around your body and stimulate more testosterone.


Read more about TestoFuel’s ingredients at: 


What’s missing?

Nothing – and that’s what I love about TestoFuel. A glance at the label tells me this product contains nine of my favorite testosterone-boosting ingredients. But then I tried it and got great results. As it stands, this is my favorite testosterone booster.

TestoFuel side effects

As TestoFuel contains all-natural and safe ingredients, it’s unlikely you’ll experience side effects, unless you have allergies to any part of the formula.

There are no banned substances in TestoFuel either, so you’ll have no problems passing a drugs test.

TestoFuel pros and cons


  • Increases muscle growth and recovery – key ingredients like vitamin D3 and D-aspartic acid are proven to boost T.
  • Ramps up your strength, sex drive and self-esteem – transform your body and feel amazing.
  • Safe and natural – side effects are highly unlikely.
  • No proprietary blends – clear dosage info shows you exactly what you’re paying for.
  • Worldwide shipping – fast, next-day shipping from centers in USA and UK.
  • Discreet packaging – TestoFuel ships in a plain wrapper to keep your purchase private.
  • Risk-free purchase – try TestoFuel for 90 days or more. And if you’re not happy with your results, you can claim a refund.


  • Not suitable for vegans or vegetarians
  • Only available direct from Roar Ambition: www.TestoFuel.com
  • You have to buy three month’s supply to qualify for the 90-day money-back guarantee

What people are saying about TestoFuel

I did some research on TestoFuel and found a lot of guys on forums and on YouTube love this product. These two guys really bring home the benefits:

Tons of people on YouTube, forums and other websites all have great things to say about TestoFuel.

Discover what other users have to say about TestoFuel here: www.TestoFuel.com/our-testimonials

Review conclusion

TestoFuel is by far the best testosterone booster available on the market today.

It is frustrating that you can only buy TestoFuel in one place, while to qualify for the 90-day money-back guarantee you do have to buy three months’ supply first.

That said, I understand direct selling allows Roar Ambition to regularly update TestoFuel and to keep the quality high – and that’s fine by me!

This formula also holds an impressive number of proven ingredients at the right doses. For example, it contains a healthy 2300mg of D-aspartic acid per serving.

I also love the fact you can see exactly what you’re getting, rather than a whole list of ingredients hidden in a proprietary blend.

TestoFuel is a great testosterone booster.

To find out more or to buy, visit www.TestoFuel.com

My personal TestoFuel results

What did I buy?

For this review, I bought the three-month package from the TestoFuel website. It came with an extra month’s worth of TestoFuel, a free T-Shirt and two workout guides.

My experience

When I first started taking TestoFuel, the main thing I noticed was a surge in motivation.

I felt more energetic and was actually excited when it came to getting ready for a workout.

After a month is when you’ll start seeing a difference in your lifts. For me, I was more aggressive in tackling weights – I was upping the weights every session and recovering a lot faster – and this effect seemed to snowball over time.

By the third month, I was going the gym 6 times a week and looked the best I had in years.

At the end of month 4, I had more energy, strength and  muscle mass. I had even broken my PR for bench press which I set in my early 20s, and felt more confident and better in myself.

If you’re in a slump, and looking for motivation and faster gains, I strongly suggest taking TestoFuel for a few months.

TestoFuel is one of our top-three testosterone boosters. Find out more here.


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  1. I can’t always have food on me as I’m in sales in the road a lot! Why can’t I take TestoFuel or Prime Male 1 pill 4xday at the same time I take my Instant Knockout without food on an empty stomach? All the ingredients will still get absorbed properly right? I took Prime Male for 2 months & liked it except for a few times I had random abdominal pains that went away after using the restroom after taking with food. Now I’m trying 2 months of TestoFuel to compare! I’m 40 & although my natural T is declining, I still make my own T, it’s not completely all gone!

    Thanks for your help,


    Rating: 5
    • Hi Tad, thanks for reaching out!

      You can take TestoFuel or Prime Male with Instant Knockout safely, so don’t worry about that. In fact, we’ve tried all of these products ourselves and it didn’t cause any side effects.

      Basically, none of the ingredients in either products clash with each other; the only thing to watch out when taking Instant Knockout is the Caffeine dosage of other supplements or products – as TestoFuel and Prime Male don’t contain any Caffeine, you’ll be completely safe and will reap the benefits of both supplements.

      If you have any further questions, please let us know!


    • Hi Jake,

      You don’t have to take any post cycle, or on-cycle products while taking TestoFuel. It’s a completely natural test booster supplement, so there’s no risk of liver damage or other side effects here with this product.

    • Hi Artur,

      We recommend speaking to your doctor if you have any concerns about your health. However, TestoFuel doesn’t contain any ingredients likely to cause any side effects.

  2. Hi
    I think 3-4 does per day of testoful can make over dose of vit d3
    It means you’ll consume 20000iu per day which is too high & can lead to serious problems

    • Hi Bedo,

      The overall Vitamin D3 daily dosage is 5,000IU (not per capsule). So you don’t have to worry about over-dosing on this nutrient, and even then, studies have shown that it’s safe to consume up to 40,000IU Vitamin D3 per day.


    • Hi Alex, we don’t have anything to do with TestoFuel. But we had a look on their website for you (where we bought TestoFuel from) and we found the answer you’re looking for.


      “Due to customs restrictions or for other reasons, we do not ship to certain countries.

      The country list includes: Afghanistan, Algeria, Cuba, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Kuwait, Mauritius, Morocco, Mozambique, North Korea, Palestinian Territories, Russia, South Africa, Sudan, Syria, Turkey.”

  3. Have you done a study on what the long term usage of these supplements do to your body? It is my understanding from many studies that you have to cycle these or you can damage your liver.

    • Hi Curtis,

      You don’t need to cycle natural testosterone boosters. These are not toxic to your body in any way, with the ingredients in this particular product being beneficial for your health through long-term usage (due to containing nutrients like vitamin d3).

      Of course this isn’t medical advice, and if you’re concerned about your own health, then please visit your doctor.

  4. Hello, I really want to start training again, and I’m looking for testo boost, I was looking at prime male, as you said its high recommended and obviously good, my questions is, is there anything else which I can take as well, like protein or amino, well I’m noob at supplements so I need some advice. And if yes when and how to take them in a day :). Thanks


    Rating: 5
    • Hi Samuil. That all depends on your goals. Do you want to bulk up? Then use a protein powder (especially if you don’t get enough already). Do you want to cut fat? We recommend the Instant Knockout fat burner. Or do you want more energy and power in the gym? If so, a pre-workout like 4 Gauge would be your answer. I hope that helps.

  5. What would be an exemplary routine to make with consuming both Prime Male and Testofuel?
    Can I take one of each four times a day or take one first, then after awhile take the next?
    I’m a bicycle courier. Would this effect my body irregulary because i perform alot of cardio?

    • Hi Luiz. While both products are safe, we recommend you only take ONE at a time. As TestoFuel is an all-round testosterone booster, that should be the only one you need.


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