TestoFuel vs EVLTest Review

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These are 2 very popular ingredients in the testosterone booster market. So it’s no suprise that one of our readers requested this show down between TestoFuel vs EVLTest.

Both are claimed to promote:

  • Testosterone levels
  • Strength
  • Libido

As these are the main benefits we look for when taking natural test boosters, but one has to be better than the other.

Why? Answer: they both contain different ingredients in different dosages.

So without wasting anymore time, we’ll examine the most important factors for both supplements. This will allow you to see which product really is the best testosterone booster on the market.

Take a look:

About The Companies

Roar Ambition 

Roar Ambition are a premium supplements company that’re well-known for marketing leading products.

In fact, TestoFuel remains their best-selling supplement for one reason – it’s known to work.

We were convinced into trying this product after seeing the countless positive reviews online. And we weren’t dissapointed, after experiencing improved libido, confidence and elevated mood.

Anyway, we hadn’t had to contact Roar Ambition’s customer service team, as TestoFuel arrived on time with no problems. We liked that we were even given a tracking number to see where our product was at all times.

Evlution Nutrition

Similarly to Roar Ambition, Evlution Nutrition are another supplements company that are held in high regard.

EVLTest is probably their best selling product too, as it’s also highly rated in the testosterone booster market. We haven’t had to deal with Evlution Nutrition’s customer service team either, so we’re happy to say that there’s no problems here either.

So we’ve established that both companies behind these test boosters are reliable. So let’s see what’s inside the products themselves.

The Ingredients and How They Work

The ingredients are probably the most important factors to consider when choosing a supplement. This is because they are the things that decide how effective a product is – and how safe it is too.

As a result, we always give you a detailed breakdown of ingredients, here at SupplementTester.com.

We’re glad to say that none of these test boosters contain proprietary blends; this means you can see the exact amounts of each nutrient inside them both.

Ultimately, this allows us to really get stuck into the examination of each ingredient inside. So we’ll see which ingredients TestoFuel and EVLTest have in common first, then see which unique ingredients they contain.

See for youself:


D-Aspartic Acid

If you know about nutrients, then you’ll now that d-aspartic acid is one of the most effective t-boosting ingredients on the market.

Studies have shown that it can raise your T levels by up to 50% while taking it; this has resulted in companies making test boosters completely focused on d-aspartic acid.

The same studies show that it’s most effective in dosages between 2,000mg-3,000mg. And we’re happy to say that both TestoFuel and EVLTest contain optimal amounts here.

Round 1 Results: DRAW 

Fenugreek Seed Extract

Another key ingredient in testosterone boosters, this is also seen in both TestoFuel and EVLTest.

However, the dosages differ here; EVLTest contains a big 500mg dosage, while TestoFuel only contains 100mg.

But is this a bad thing? Answer: no, because studies have shown that fenugreek seed extract works in dosages as little as 50mg per serving.

As a result, both still contain optimal dosages, and EVLTest could have even lowered the dosage of fenugreek seed extract and lowered the cost of their product here.

However, for the sake of being ‘fair’ for the haters, we’ll hand EVLTest the victory here for containing the bigger amount.

Round 2 Results: EVLTest 


Zinc is an essential mineral and has proven to support healthy levels of testosterone. And it’s also known for decreasing fatigue levels too.

However, it’s important to know that there’s a TUL (tolerable upper limit) with zinc, which is set at 40mg daily. So it’s wise to consume under this amount, in order to stay safe from side effects such as diarrhea.

TestoFuel contains a great dosage of 10mg, as studies have shown this amount to be beneficial. However, EVLTest contains an overload at 30mg per serving, which puts you at risk from going over the 40mg safety threshold.

As a result, TestoFuel has made the comeback here.

Round 3 Results: TestoFuel 

Vitamin D3

If there was an award for the ‘best testosterone boosting nutrient’, then vitamin d3 would be crowned as the king.

In fact, doctors have been known to encourage patients to consume vitamin d3 supplements if they suffer from fatigue. And most importantly, studies have shown that it’s able to have a big effect on your test levels.

It’s important to know that the optimal dosage of this nutrient is 6,000mg per serving; Roar Ambition have clearly done their homework, as they’ve added this amount in TestoFuel.

However, EVLTest only contains 1,000mg, meaning it’s not likely to be very effective.

As a result, we believe that TestoFuel has taken the lead as a result.

Unique Ingredients

That’s where the similarity ends, and from now on, we’ll be looking at the main unique ingredients in both products.

So now, we can really see which ingredients contain the better ingredients.



Asian Red Panax Ginseng 

Known as ‘the true ginseng’ due to it’s reputation, asian red panax ginseng has shown to be able to raise your test levels and libido.

While it’s not the most effective nutrient at getting the job done, there’s no questioning it’s usefulness in a testosterone booster supplement.



Tribulus Terrestris 

Now, you might be quite surprised to hear that tribulus terrestris isn’t very effective at raising your testosterone levels. In fact, studies have shown that it doesn’t actually work.

And while it can raise your libido, it comes with the risk of a side effect – increased prostate weight.

Simply put, this can cause serious health issues in the future, which you’ll want to avoid. As a result, we always recommend you to stay away from this ingredient

Round 4 Results: TestoFuel

Pros and Cons

TestoFuel Pros: 

  • Optimal dosage of vitamin d3
  • Sensible dosage of zinc
  • All ingredients shown to be effective
  • No side effects

EVLTest Pros: 

  • Great dosage of fenugreek seed extract
  • Optimal dosage of d-aspartic acid

TestoFuel Cons: 

  • Lower fenugreek seed extract dosage than EVLTest
  • You can only buy from their official website: www.TestoFuel.com

EVLTest Cons: 

  • Lower vitamin d3 dosage than TestoFuel
  • High zinc dosage could put you at risk from side effects
  • Tribulus terrestris shown to cause prostate enlargement

Side Effects

Roar Ambition have formulated TestoFuel very well, as it doesn’t contain any nutrients that are likely to cause side effects.

However, there are a few concerns with EVLTest; tribulus terrestris is known for causing prostate enlargement, and the 30mg zinc puts you at risk from exceeding the 40mg TUL.

See the possible side effects with EVLTest:

  • Prostate enlargement
  • Diarrhea

Summary: TestoFuel vs EVLTest

You can probably see that there’s a winner here – TestoFuel.

The optimal dosage of vitamin d3 by itself is enough for this product to be worth trying out. And this is also where it really puts EVLTest to bed, as the latter doesn’t contain an effective dosage.

But saying that, EVLTest only looks slightly bad because TestoFuel is arguably the best test booster on the market. In fact, EVLTest is much better than many other products available, which puts things into perspective.

However, after comparing both products, we have no choice but to award TestoFuel as the winner in this battle.

To Buy TestoFuel
Visit: www.TestoFuel.com


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