Testosterone Boosters Vs Estrogen Blockers


There’s no doubt that testosterone is the king of male hormones. It’s the key to gaining muscle and supporting your sexual health as you age.

However, a common perception is that estrogen is the enemy of testosterone and your fitness goals. But this isn’t true.

In fact, too much or too little of either hormone is bad – and this is true whether you’re male or female.

Like every hormone in your body, you need to keep a healthy balance of both. But if you’re a man, too much estrogen is more likely to cause chronic health conditions than if you’re a woman.

With all of this mind, do you need a testosterone booster, estrogen blocker – or both?

What Are Testosterone Boosters?

Testosterone boosters are dietary supplements designed to help your body increase its T-levels.

Low testosterone can reduce your sex drive, make you feel tired, cause insomnia and depression. It can also lower your muscle mass and ruin your ability to gain muscle.

Lots of things get better with age – wine, jeans and musical instruments, to name just a few.

Unfortunately, the human body is different.

After age 30, the male body’s testosterone levels reduce by 1% each year [1]. This in turn can increase your risk of the symptoms mentioned above. But men of all ages can suffer from the effects of low testosterone.

The best testosterone boosters can:

  • Boost your sex drive – Natural T-boosters can boost your sexual appetite, help you maintain an erection and even improve sperm production.
  • Ramp up your energy levels – Take a T-booster to help you keep up with the demands of daily life – from college, to work, or family life.
  • Grow your muscle mass — Studies show men with muscles have more sexual partners. T-boosters make it easier to build strength and brawn.
  • Improve your mood – Research proves the link between low T-levels and depression [2]. Use a natural T-booster and say goodbye to the black dog on your shoulder.
  • Sleep better – Boosting your testosterone levels helps keep insomnia at bay and ensures you wake up feeling refreshed and full of energy.

What Are Estrogen Blockers?

Estrogen blockers reduce levels of estrogen. In men, too much estrogen can cause the following symptoms:

  • Swollen breasts (man boobs)
  • Lower libido
  • Enlargements of the prostate
  • Headaches
  • Mood swings
  • Weight gain
  • Hair loss
  • Insomnia

There are two main types of estrogen blocker: medical and natural.

While medical estrogen blockers can be very effective in treating the symptoms listed above, the side effects are too great for most people. These include increased risk of hot flashes, blood clots and back or joint pain.

Natural estrogen blockers are usually made from herbal blends, the purpose of which is to stop your body converting testosterone into estrogen. They also reduce your risk of the health issues listed above (compared to their medical alternatives).

Can I Stack a T-Booster with an Estrogen Blocker?

Men also need a small amount of estrogen for a healthy heart, to support healthy brain function and bones. It also helps prevent Alzheimer’s Disease.

As a result, it’s important to reach a healthy hormonal balance. You can stack an estrogen blocker and a T-booster. But it isn’t necessary…

I Just Want One Supp – Is an Estrogen Blocker or T-Booster Best?

Natural testosterone boosters are safe. They raise your T-levels enough to help you build muscle, increase energy and improve sleep.

Besides, the best T-boosters use nutrients like Vitamin B6 and Zinc to help keep your estrogen levels in check. As a result, a T-booster is all you need.

Why T-Boosters Are Better Than Steroids

If you’re using steroids – which we don’t advise – then you may need an estrogen blocker to keep the effects of steroids in check.

Steroids work by flooding your bloodstream with high – and often dangerous – levels of synthesized testosterone. Steroids are created in a lab, where scientists make a fake, modified version of the male hormone.

While steroids can blow your T-levels through the roof, they also increase the need for estrogen blockers.


Answer: Because with too much of the male hormone flowing through it, your body scrambles to convert T into estrogen, which helps balance your hormones and keep your health in check.

Side effects of steroids

Steroids can also increase your risk of the following symptoms:

  • Heart attacks and heart enlargement
  • Liver cancer, cysts and tumors
  • Baldness
  • Acne
  • ‘Roid rage’ – extreme anger and manic episodes

Steroids are also illegal. If you use them in competition, you run the risk of being banned for life. And you don’t want to called a cheat for the rest of your life – do you?

Unlike steroids, natural supps are just that – natural. The best ones use just the right amounts of natural (and safe) ingredients to help you get the results you want.

And unlike steroids, T-boosters don’t raise your testosterone enough to warrant the use of estrogen blockers.

What to Look for in a Testosterone Booster


Every supplement has different ingredients and doses. This means some are more effective and help avoid nasty side effects.

Meanwhile, others don’t work (at best) and cause you to become ill (at worst).

Look for a T-booster with the following ingredients:

Vitamin D3

As the most potent D vitamin, D3 is a key nutrient in the best T-boosters.

Your skin naturally takes the vitamin from sunlight and uses it to replenish 2000 cells in your body. It’s technically a hormone and is clinically proven to support muscle growth, boost testosterone, and raise your energy levels at around 5000IU.

D-Aspartic Acid (D-AA) 

As an amino acid, D-Aspartic Acid also boosts your T-count and strength. In fact D-AA is so important that we wouldn’t touch any testosterone booster without it.

It works by help your brain produce the Luteinzing Hormone, a precursor to testosterone and growth-hormone production.

Go for doses between 1600mg to 2300mg (but the higher the dose within this range, the better).

Asian Red Panax Ginseng 

Asian Red Panax Ginseng not only boosts T-levels, but works as an aphrodisiac, and increases blood circulation for better muscle pumps.

Studies show that it can also lift your mood. This is great for bodybuilding as higher levels of feel-good chemicals make muscle growth easier.

The optimal dose of Asian Red Panax Ginseng is between 100mg and 120mg.


At around 100mg, Fenugreek raises T-levels and works as a libido enhancer. It also lowers insulin levels in your body, which in turn allows testosterone to freely flow around your body.

The vital compound in Fenugreek, 4-hydroxyisoleucine (4-HL), helps balance your metabolism, maintain blood sugar levels and keep your T-levels in check.

If you’re looking to boost your T-levels quickly, Fenugreek may be the answer.

Vitamin B6 and Zinc

Lots of studies show vitamin B6 helps your body produce androgens, which help balance the levels of testosterone and estrogen in your body. Look for a supp containing 5-30mg of B6.

Zinc inhibits the aromatase enzyme which converts excess testosterone into estrogen.

This stops estrogen levels in your body from getting too high, which in turn prevents low  sex drive, excess abdominal fat, and loss of muscle mass. The best T-boosters contain 10-30mg of Zinc.

No proprietary blends

As we say time and time again on this site, we don’t like proprietary blends.

(Recap: proprietary blends are lists of ingredients that don’t specify the amount of each component.)

While brands want you to believe they keep these blends secret to stop other from stealing their ‘revolutionary’ formula – this is just a hollow marketing trick.

Proprietary blends offer you no way to see whether a formula uses effective amounts of each ingredient. And they allow manufacturers to be cagey and to offer a sub-par product that doesn’t do what you paid for.

Made under strict guidelines

We also recommend buying products made in the UK or USA.


Answer: because strict manufacturing guidelines in those countries ensure you’re getting a high-quality, safe product. Look for FDA-approved supps [3] in the US and GMP-approved products in the UK.

Our Recommended T-Booster – TestoFuel

Benefits of TestoFuel:

  • Elevate your libido
  • Gain strength and muscle mass
  • Improve mood and say good riddance to depression
  • Sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed
  • Reduce risk of chronic health issues (compared to steroids)
  • Naturally reduce estrogen levels
  • Achieve your dream physique

In all our years testing supplements, we’ve never come across a better testosterone booster than TestoFuel.

With all natural ingredients, it’s formula is scientifically-tested for both potency and safety.

It contains just the right amount of each ingredient to boost your testosterone, lower estrogen, help grow your muscles, and stay healthy.

Unlike steroids and some ‘health’ supplements, TestoFuel follows FDA rules to the letter and largely does away with the need for stacking it with an estrogen blocker.

– Visit www.testofuel.com to learn more or buy –


Both men and women need a healthy balance of testosterone and estrogen in their bodies. And some people may benefit from using an estrogen blocker.

You can even stack something like TestoFuel with an estrogen blocker if necessary – but you probably won’t need to do so…

If you’re a bodybuilder with no health issues, you don’t need an estrogen blocker unless you’re using steroids – and we don’t advise using them.

Instead, use a natural (and safe) testosterone booster.

The best ones contain healthy amounts of Vitamin B6 and Zinc, which work with the likes of D-AA, Fenugreek and Red Ginseng to boost testosterone and keep your estrogen levels in check.


[1] Stanworth, R.D. Testosterone for the aging male; current evidence and recommended practice

[2] Bing, G. et al. The correlation studies of mood disorders and testosterone deficiency in young men

[3] https://www.fda.gov/

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