MusclePharm Fish Oil Review


If there is absolutely one product that you must be taking as you go about your workout protocol, fish oil would be it. Fish oil is incredibly important for optimal results because it contains the omega fats that most people are not getting enough of in their diet today, but need in order to not only sustain proper performance, but overall health as well.

Simply put, if you are not taking in enough omega fats on a day to day basis through your diet and risking a deficiency, you will be noticing ill health effects.

Fish oil helps with everything including reducing inflammation, combating against illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease, along with improving your mental health and function and boosting your immune system.

And, it’ll also help you get leaner as well as it can increase insulin sensitivity, which is not only important for reducing your risk of diabetes, but ensuring that you use the carbohydrates you’re eating properly towards building muscle and sustaining energy levels, rather than converting them to body fat stores.

Muscle Pharm has developed a fish oil that helps to provide all of these benefits in the exact dosage your body needs all while providing a nice citrus flavor to the oil so that you never suffer from the typical fish oil burps that are seen.

The biggest complaint among most fish oil users is that they do experience bad tasting fish oil burps after using the supplement, so this flavor enhancement will help you avoid that.

Who This Product Is Best Suited For

This product is very well suited for anyone who is on any sort of health improvement plan. You don’t even necessarily have to be involved in an intense workout either for it to be beneficial.

As fish oil is a supplement that everyone needs – active or not, it will serve to benefit anyone.

Man, woman, young, or old, fish oil is a must and the nice flavor of this product will make it appealing to many.

The Ingredient Line-Up

This product contains one gram of fish oil total per capsule (70% Omega-3 fatty acids) and also includes 400 mg of EPA and 300 mg DHA as well.

Directions For Use

To get the best results from this product, you should be taking one soft gel three times a day with a meal. Those who are doing intense training and who many need extra support or who are using a very low fat diet may wish to increase their intake upwards to around 5-6 grams of day instead.

Pros and Cons


  • Offers a nice pleasant flavor that helps you side-step the unpleasant ‘fish oil’ burps that people commonly experience.
  • Will help to boost your immune system strength.
  • May assist with promoting a faster recovery between workouts due to improved immune function.
  • Helps promote a leaner body composition through increased insulin sensitivity.
  • Helps to fend off the common cold and flu with a better functioning immune system.
  • Assists with boosting brain and mental health – reducing the risk of depression and age related cognitive decline.
  • Decreases your risk of cardiovascular and heart disease.
  • May help to lower the risk of cancer.
  • Can be used by anyone – young or old, male or female, fit or unfit.


  • Does contain calories so they will need to get added to your total daily calorie intake.
  • Is slightly pricier than some other fish oil products on the market.

MusclePharm Fish Oil Review Conclusion

All in all, fish oil is not a supplement that you should be taking lightly or overlooking in your diet protocol. Getting enough of the omega fats on a day to day basis is going to be very essential if you hope to sustain optimal health and the better taste that this product offers can definitely help you achieve your intake needs more easily.

Fish oil is one of those supplements that doesn’t make elaborate claims about what it has to offer because it doesn’t need to – you simply need it for good health. Just like you need to eat, you also should be using fish oil so if you want to get past that fish oil aftertaste, this is a product that can definitely help.


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