BPI Sports 1.M.R Review


BPI Sports 1.M.R Review

This is BPI Sport’s pre-workout, and is designed to help you push ‘one more rep’ out in the gym – which is why it’s called “1.M.R”.

The old version was released around 2013, which we’ve reviewed here; so it’ll be interesting to see whether it’s improved on it’s return to the market.

It’s claimed to promote:

  • Strength
  • Energy
  • Focus

After looking at what BPI Sports’ 1.M.R claims to deliver, it’s missing 1 key benefit of a pre-workout – muscle pumps.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is well-known for his love of pumping his guns up, and many who go to the gym also chase this sensation; as a result, it’s a shame BPI Sports’ haven’t included ingredients such as Citrulline Malate or Beetroot Extract.

Anyway, enough talking – let’s get to the action. Take a look:

Bpi Sports logo

About The Company

Based in Florida, USA, BPI Sports have become a recognized as a reputable supplements brand since it was founded in 2009. They signed a deal with Mr. Olympia champion, Jay Cutler, and have since seen their popularity rise.

However, we can’t avoid how bad their website is – their ‘about us’ section didn’t tell us anything about their company. We actually checked an article about BPI Sports on Bodybuilding.com to read more about them. Ultimately, their website didn’t do anything apart from stroke their ego.

We’re hoping the ingredients inside 1.M.R can impress us more than their website did.

The Ingredients and How They Work

From first glance, we’re hit with a sorry sight – a proprietary blend. It’s never good seeing these blends in ingredient lists, as they increase the risk of side effects (companies don’t provide the dosage of each ingredient inside).

Anyway, we always give supplements a fair chance, so we’ll be happy to be proven wrong about BPI Sports’ 1.M.R. See for yourself:

BPI Sports 1.m.r ingredient list review


This is the only ingredient that BPI Sports has provided a dosage for (300mg). This is slightly high for a pre-workout, and those sensitive to Caffeine might experience unwanted side effects like jitters.

But those tolerant to Caffeine (who regularly drink 3-4 cups of coffee daily), will be fine with this dosage. As a general guideline, we recommend starting with a pre-workout containing Caffeine dosages of 150-200mg per serving, to see how you handle this stimulant.

When dosed sensibly, Caffeine can provide almost all the benefits we look for in a pre-workout; improved strength, endurance, and focus in the gym.


This neuroamine regulates actions in your brain tissue and is important for relaxation. We believe BPI Sports has added this to reduce jitters for those sensitive to Caffeine, but GABA isn’t the best option for this.

If you’re looking for enhance the benefits of Caffeine without increasing the dosage, consuming Caffeine with L-Theanine is your best bet; L-Theanine is a relaxing agent that does exactly this.


L-Carnitine is one of our favorite ingredients you can find in a pre-workout – it’s proven to reduce muscular fatigue while boosting your focus in the gym.

Ultimately, this will help keep you fresh for your next workout, and strengthen your ‘mind-muscle-connection’ in the gym.


Theobromine is a stimulant extracted from Cocoa Seeds, but this is a bad thing here. In a nutshell, BPI Sports already has a large dosage of Caffeine, so there’s no need to add anymore in 1.M.R.

This only increases your risk of suffering from jitters.

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There’s no need for Yohimbe to be in here. It’s shown to promote fat loss, but has been banned in the UK for causing side effects (such as anxiety).


CDP-Choline is an ingredient shown to boost your focus, but it doesn’t improve your physical performance in the gym. As a result, we think it’s better in Nootropic supplements.

Gamma-Butyrobetaine Ethyl Ester HCI 

This is more of a bonus ingredient, and is believed to enhance the benefits of L-Carnitine. However, there’s no proof that this actually works.


Taurine’s shown to reduce cramping in the gym, but doesn’t offer any other benefits. The same benefit can be achieved by keeping yourself hydrated, so it isn’t a key ingredient.


The only thing you need to know about Glycine is that it’s shown to improve sleep quality in studies – not exactly a key benefit from taking a pre workout supplement.

Aspartic Acid

We’re not sure why BPI Sports has added this into their pre workout; it’s a reliable testosterone boosting ingredient, but it won’t be effective when consumed just once per day.


This is an ‘antidepressant’ ingredient that might provide a calming effect. However, no studies have shown that it’ll provide any benefits in a pre workout supplement.

BPI Sports 1.m.r side effects review

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Pros and Cons


  • Contains Caffeine
  • L-Theanine reduces fatigue and boosts focus


  • Almost optimal Caffeine dosage
  • Yohimbe can cause harmful side effects
  • Contains more than 1 stimulant (increasing risk of side effects)
  • Contains numerous ineffective ingredients in a pre workout

Side Effects

Any supplement containing Yohimbe can cause problems. Simply put, it’s been reported to cause many side effects, which is the reason it’s been banned in the UK.

Not only that, 1.M.R contains 2 stimulants (Caffeine and Theobromine), which increases your risk of suffering from jitters; if you’ve ever had too much coffee before, then you’ll know what this feels like.

Here’s the potential side effects with 1.M.R:

  • Jitters (overdose of stimulants)
  • Energy Crash (overdose of stimulants)
  • Anxiety (Yohimbe)
  • Dizziness (Yohimbe)
  • Upset Stomach (Yohimbe)
  • Headache (Yohimbe)
  • Rapid Heartbeat (Yohimbe)

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Review Conclusion

Ultimately, things went downhill from first glance – 1.M.R contains a proprietary blend which always increases your risk of side effects. Not only that, BPI Sports has included an overload of stimulants, as well as Yohimbe, which has been banned in some countries for causing harmful side effects.

As a result, we can’t recommend anyone to try this pre workout supplement. There are many better products available, that contain better ingredients in optimal dosages – meaning you’ll get better value for money.

3 thoughts on “BPI Sports 1.M.R Review”

  1. I decided to check this article after taking this preworkout because even after 1hour of my workout I m salivating like crazy n experiencing cold sweats n today is only d second day of my using it.Ditching it today itself

    • Hello,

      The 300mg caffeine is quite high for those without a high tolerance to caffeine, so this could be why you’re experiencing jittery side effects.

      Of course if you’re worried about your health, please visit your doctor for medical advice.

    • I experienced the same thing. It’s my second day taking and I hate to waste money but I won’t be taking this again. I am salivating like crazy and the cold sweats suck. I don’t see any benefits from it like a pump or helping with fatigue. Of course I’m still sweating like crazy lol after 30 min being finished with the gym so let’s hope it’s burning fat.

      Rating: 1

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