#Shatter SX-7 Black Onyx Ripped Review


#Shatter SX-7 Black Onyx Ripped is perhaps the weirdest-sounding product in MuscleTech’s huge range. But is it any good?

This product claims to give you:

  • Sustained energy for better workouts
  • “Precise doses of powerful pre-workout ingredients”
  • “Best-in-class taste”
  • A “pre-workout/weight-loss formula hybrid”
  • “More explosive energy and focus”

There are quite a few #Shatter SX-7 Black Oynx Ripped reviews online – and many of them say good things. Plus, the combination of pre-workout and weight-loss is intriguing. Let’s take a closer look…

About the Company

MuscleTech is a well-known supplement brand owned by Lovate Health Sciences Inc.

Lovate sells a wide range of products under the MuscleTech brand all over the world. These include everything from protein powders to vitamins, BCAA’s and post-/pre-workouts.

The brand website claims to make “clinically dosed, fully disclosed formulas you can trust.”

Brand “athletes” include men’s physique competitor Abel Albonetti and “YouTube superstars” B.U.F.F. Dudes.

The Ingredients and How They Work

Right away, it’s clear this product contains two or three good ingredients, but quite a few more we’d rather not see in a pre-workout.

See for yourself:

#Shatter SX-7 Black Oynx Ripped ingredients


Beta-Alanine can provide a small boost in muscular endurance and reduce fatigue, while some research suggests it could also affect fat loss.

And to that end, it seems to make sense to include it in this pre-workout/weight-loss hybrid.

That said, Beta-Alanine is on our list of pre-workout ingredients to avoid.

This is because this amino acid can cause itching/tingling sensations that many lifters and athletes find unpleasant – often to point that it ruins their workouts.


L-Citrulline derives from watermelons and we’re always pleased to see it (or a version of it) in a pre-workout.

This dietary amino acid increases nitric oxide levels in the blood to help send important nutrients to your muscles. This not only gives you great muscle pumps, but also reduces fatigue and muscle soreness.

Despite all this, it’s disappointing to see L-Citrulline in this supp…

Modern research shows that L-Citrulline DL-Malate is a much more potent form of this amino acid. In fact Citrulline Malate is L-Citrulline with added Malic Acid.

Malic Acid reduces ammonia in your muscles to reduce soreness even more effectively. It baffles us why more brands still use plain old L-Citrulline when the simple addition of Malic Acid could make it so much better.

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate

L-Carnitine helps your body metabolize energy. It’s shown to reduce fatigue and raise muscular endurance. Paired with exercise, L-Carnitine also suppresses the build-up of creatine kinase to make your muscles less sore.

But while we love this ingredient, we prefer it in the form of Acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALCAR). This more soluble form of the compound helps you focus better in the weight room, while its higher absorption rate means you get the benefits quicker, just in time for your workout.


Taurine is yet another ingredient we’re surprised to find in this pre-workout.

Mistakenly thought to be a stimulant due to its presence in energy drinks, Taurine is actually an anti-cramping agent. In energy drinks and many pre-workouts, it’s job is to reduce cramping caused by high amounts of Caffeine.

But as this supp contains just 150mg, it seems silly to include Taurine here.

And while Taurine appears to improve walking capacity in those with heart conditions, there’s no proof it can help otherwise healthy people boost their performance.

Rosehip Extract

Rosehip is usually used to alleviate the effects of arthritis. Some claim it can induce fat loss, although there isn’t enough research to prove this one way or another.

One study also suggests Rosehip reduces levels of Creatinine, one of the signs of muscle damage. However further research needs to take place to justify using the fruit in this supp.

C. Canephora Robusta Extract (Bean)

C. Canephora Robusta Extract is also known as Green Coffee Bean Extract. These beans are just like normal coffee beans – they’re just unroasted.

Rich in chlorogenic acid, Green Coffee Bean Extract helps cut the amount of glucose stored in your liver, so that your body must use other sources of energy – namely fat – to help you lose weight.

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Caffeine Anhydrous

Caffeine is our favorite stimulant – and as we often say, it’s the only one you need in a pre-workout. It works by inhibiting the adenosine receptors to make you feel more alert and focused.

Studies show the stimulant can also increase strength and running capacity to help you power through your workout. And it’s good to see #Shatter SX-7 Black Onyx Ripped contains 150mg of Caffeine – the optimal amount for a great workout.

But as this supp is also a weight-loss product, you’d need more Caffeine to experience the thermogenic effects (350mg would be ideal).

Myristica Fragrans Extract

MuscleTech includes Myristica Fragrans (aka Nutmeg) as part of its “Sensory Ignition Blend.” The marketing for this supplement claims Nutmeg plays a key role in giving users an “extreme sensory experience.”

However, studies suggest Nutmeg can cause anxiety and could have a sedative effect. With this in mind, we have no idea why anyone would want to include it in either a pre-workout or a weight-loss supp.

Black Currant Extract

Black Currant berries are thought to boost immune system health, but there is very little genuine proof of this claim. Although this ingredient may contain Vitamin B6 (a good weight-loss ingredient), it’s not clear how much.

Black Currant Extract is part of this product’s so-called “Sensory Ignition Blend.” And we’re scratching our heads trying to work why it’s included here. This is a pointless ingredient in either a pre-workout or a weight-loss supp.

Skullcap Extract

A traditional Chinese medicine, Skullcap is thought to improve cognitive and cardiovascular health. Some fitness brands also claim it can reduce anxiety and improve attention. But yet again, there isn’t much human evidence to back up this claim.

Satsuma Orange Concentrate

Satsumas are small, orange-like fruits high in Zinc and Vitamin C. They’re also rich in fiber, which is probably why some believe they’re good for weight loss.

However, there is no proof that the fruit has any use for this purpose.

Again, the advertising blurb for the product says it works with Nutmeg and Skullcap to offer you an “extreme sensory experience” – but apart from its general health benefits, we don’t see why the guys at MuscleTech include it here.


#Shatter SX-7 Black Oynx Ripped review - bottle

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Side Effects

The ingredients in #Shatter SX-7 Black Onyx Ripped are mostly safe.

However, Beta-Alanine may cause parathesia. This condition may cause itching and tingling – symptoms that many find uncomfortable.

Pros and Cons


  • L-Citrulline boosts energy and reduces muscle soreness
  • Perfect dose of Caffeine for a pre-workout
  • Coffee Bean Extract is a useful thermogenic weight-loss ingredient


  • L-Citrulline not as good as Citrulline Malate
  • Beta-Alanine can cause unpleasant tingling/itching sensations
  • Not enough Caffeine to induce weight loss
  • Nutmeg, Satsuma, Skullcap and Black Current all useless in this supp
  • Rosehip needs more research to warrant its use in a pre-workout
  • “Hybrid” formula weakens its use for both exercise and weight loss

Review Conclusion

The main issue with #Shatter SX-7 Black Onyx Ripped is that it’s not what sure what it is. MuscleTech markets the product as a “pre-workout/weight loss hybrid” as though this is a selling point.

It isn’t.

This supplement does contain some good ingredients – we’d have L-Citrulline (or a better version of it) and 150mg of Caffeine in our pre-workouts any day of the week. Likewise, Coffee Bean Extract is a nice ingredient to see in a weight-loss product.

This product doesn’t know what it is

There’s only so much space for all the ingredients you need for either of these types of product. They do very different jobs and they need different blends to achieve satisfactory results.

For example, while 150mg Caffeine is the perfect amount to give you the kick you need in a pre-workout, it’s not enough to help you lose weight.

That said, there are at least four useless ingredients here – Satsuma Extract, Skullcap, Black Currant and Nutmeg have no place in either a pre-workout or weight-loss supplement.

Itchy and  scratchy

We also make no secret of our dislike for Beta-Alanine – this amino acid can cause you to itch or tingle in ways that may distract you and ruin your workout.

So we don’t hate #Shatter SX-7 Black Onyx Ripped. But we don’t like it much either – and we can’t recommend it.

For this reason, we say you should look for a better pre-workout and/or fat burner elsewhere.

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